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  1. Fairul, apologize for the late reply... I believe you are expert in this field, For your information the test will be run by utilizing the Portable Skid Resistance Tester (Pendulum Tester), to your side im very sure you have been utilizing the latest and advance tools. would like to share you more on this particular matter and i look for the opportunity of knowledge sharing with you. will PM you afterward.. thanks
  2. that sound motivating!!! :drinks: What a valuable information from you Uncle Norman, thanks...
  3. Ashmil, i guess we are in the same field, I'm doing Degree in Civil Engineering now, Subang was one of the option but would like to try for KLIA first.. Thanks..
  4. Hello Everybody... It been awhile since i joined this forum, that this was the first posting from me. I wish to ask for information here,.. I'm currently doing my feasibility study on my final year research project, in title of " The influence of texture depth on high speed skidding resistance of pavement at airport runway Kuala Lumpur International Airport". To my concern, this research requiring me to enter the runway to conduct a test at various critical zones of the runway such a touchdown zone, acceleration zone, etc. It was challenging task indeed, I'm away with the regulations and procedures that certainly strict to enter the runway and to close the runway for such purpose was impossible. To that extent, i would like to ask an opinion if there is still a possibility to enter the runway? Maintenance period? Suggestion.. Opinion... from you, much appreciated!! Thanks...
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