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  1. Thanks for the info. Some people are still in denial and think they’re doing ok. There’re at least 10 European carriers operate into SIN/BKK/HKG. Vietnam and surrounding countries like Cambodia and Laos are also booming which some refuse to acknowledge. Or Malaysia is happy with hosting Middle East and neighbouring countries only in fear of unhealthy culture being brought in by westerner? Just wondering. So you reckon Malaysian and Singaporean made up half of Thailand’s tourist arrival? Even if it does, good on them coz half of that figure is still much higher than our half and hence more revenue for them.
  2. I’m interested to know the percentage of Singaporean, Indon and mainland Chinese out of that 25.8m. If they consist more than 70%, I don’t think the tourism board is doing enough to attract others.
  3. 1.Bali is popular whether you like it or not. So many shortcomings but still popular even among the elites. Period. 2. Cambodia and Laos. Purely western tourist and some Chinese. I wonder if the number of arrival in Malaysia is skewed mainly because majority are from Singapore and Jakarta? The Brits will always speak well of Malaysia since it’s commonwealth. 3. Yes you can get a bargain fare to KCH if you book early but if you notice the pax profile they’re 99% Malaysian. If the budget is the same going to say Krabi and KCH, which one will you choose? 4. Phuket has rainy season but always crowded as if it doesn’t bother them. 5. BKK is also good bargain. And it caters to different categories of tourist. 6. Sabah is successful in drawing tourist from China and Korea. 7. SIN is a mega transit hub in Asia. The airport itself is already a destination. 8. Perhentian is nice but getting there is a hassle. I for one prefer direct routing. Sometimes I wonder what we’re well known of. If we’re shopping haven, so are our neighbours. Food? It’s subjective. Twin tower is just a building.
  4. You don’t need to abuse elephant. No matter how blessed we’re to have unspoiled beaches etc, if there’s no marketing and promotion it’s not gonna work. We also lack business traveller, unlike Singapore and Bangkok. 2. Way cheaper doesn’t mean interesting. Heck, even Bali is a better choice than us. Sex tourist is nothing to be proud of but there’re more backpackers in Thailand, Cambodia and even Laos. 3. Sabah & Sarawak. Bad location, way too far. Even catching a domestic flight from KUL costs more than some intl flights. There’re some direct flights from BKI but only limited to China and Korea. Insignificant amount of flight to Japan and Australia. Terengganu? Seasonal destination and too restrictive? Langkawi? Nothing special really. I once saw a tourist asks another tourist how he feels about KL and he said so-so.
  5. The three biggest advantages Thailand have over us are: 1. Massive population 2. Massive tourism, not just from China and Middle East but all over the world. Scandinavia, US, Europe and even Russia. 3. Massive tourist spots all over Thailand. There are at least 10. KL lacks identity and cultural experience.
  6. Or without it, the full service cannot limit the low-cost’s threat?
  7. Clearly you haven’t been following the news. It’s known fact that the MAX has design error. Don’t get me started on the MCAS. The FAA was so dysfunctional that they allow Boeing to do whatever they want, literally no choice. Ever since the second crash, the government stepped in and sacked the FAA director and replaced it with a retired Delta pilot. Was the FAA or the government being dysfunctional?
  8. If it’s indeed safe it would have been operational by now. If you’ve not already known, Boeing’s ceo said they’re humbled by the crash and will continue to learn from their mistakes.
  9. Are you hoping that they don’t do well to justify the rest of the low standard airports in the country? Just saying.
  10. Interesting. Coz some people mentioned earlier on passenger will be angry with the inconvenience and shoddy facilities.
  11. Well, those pro Boeing guys will always downplay this incident.
  12. Not LCC but a stepchild of CX which operates into secondary destinations like KUL.
  13. You know they say your attitude determines your altitude. When you keep saying it’s too hard and we’ve done the best we could, it’s impossible, it takes time, effort etc, you’re not gonna achieve anything at the end of day. The credential of those running the airport is also questionable. It’s no wonder all airports are in sorry state, klia1 included. It’s not run down, just not well maintained and worn out.
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