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  1. LOL, enough oredi lor, he completed MYY, BTU, KCH and recently BKI-T2. A good clean few millions of ringgits of net profit. Ok what? Luckily BKI-T1 not awarded to him.
  2. Already started? Actually almost completed. I've been to the current "crowded" airport twice to pick up a friend of mine. They should begin the exterior painting soon. And it's designed by Raja Bahrin btw (yay!), since I'm quite bored with the copycat design of KLIA in MYY, KCH, BTU, etc.
  3. Anyway, anyone knows what island is in this photo? http://www.sabahair.com.my/images/galleries/12.jpg Been seeing this image all over the net (and being typified as a "Malaysia island"). Maybe any Sabahans can let me know?
  4. That's nice. I always wanted to go to Kudat. But I don't think I use the flight (frequency + waiting time + have to rent a car in Kudat). Better off rent a car in Kota Kinabalu. Anyway, the flight looks good for golfers or business trips. Just board off the plane, take a cab to the destination and that's it. For sightseeing, probably not too suitable.
  5. He's kidding right? High and low are relative, but the current surcharge was based on higher fuel prices back in mid-2006. People can give excuses whatever when trying to justify. Another typical Malaysian answer. We are always the lowest here and there. Tolls, electricity, etc. I guess they do their math in British Pound Sterling, that's why it seems the "lowest" compared to Zimbabwe or Congo. *sigh*
  6. Yes, AK responded with 99% discount. God knows what that means. I'll buy AK fares if the 99% discount is for fuel surcharge, LOL. MH is no better. Taxes and surcharges and what-nots are just plain exorbitant. So misleading. Oil price is only $50 per barrel, meaning jet fuel is probably $65-$70 which is still a far cry from the previous spike. MH is probably trying to extort as much money as possible before they decide to lower the fuel surcharge. Afterall, they just announced a profit and surely wanted to keep the momentum going.
  7. Here's a tip to get better access to the website. By default, all URL addresses will begin with www.airasia.com/bla/blah/skylights.cgi/blah - should you encounter problem, just change the address to either: 1 - www2.airasia.com/bla.../bla.. 2 - www.airasia.com.my/bla/bla Just add either of these pre/suffixes when you encounter odd errors like "You seemed to be logged out" when it was clearly you have logged in oredi. Good luck!
  8. I actually flew on AK to Surabaya when they did RM0.00 fare promo last year. Yes, pretty much nothing in Surabaya. When we arrived there, we went straight to Tosari for Bromo-Semeru National Park (about 2-3 hour land transfer). For more info, check out http://java.uluwatu.org Have fun!
  9. Clever AirAsia, clever! Apr to Oct, that's 7 months of travelling period, literally THOUSANDS of seats being booked within one week of January 2007. Processing fees + fuel surcharge start at RM80 per way (yes, despite RM0.00 "ticket price"). Fuel surcharge for international price can be a lot more. And oil price has gone down from USD78 to USD53 at the time of writing. There is no indication AK is removing the fuel surcharge. Maybe they will, BUT after all the Apr-Oct flights are booked :-) Don't get me wrong. I managed to get tickets myself. It is still better than being slapped with certain fares PLUS processing fees + fuel surcharge.
  10. Roszaimy


    Can't use the Skybus during my upcoming Tawau trip because 23rd March, AK will still operate from MTB. So I will have to use the 'certain rail operator' this one. BUT, this surely keeps my option open for my future trips on AK!
  11. I wish I'm on that AK5257 flight from Miri. I would sit in front near the cockpit, and when arriving, rush like a kiasu to become the 1st passenger arriving at new LCCT. Woohoo! For this honor, AK will give me complimentary voucher to any destinations in AK route, and I'll appear on newspaper taking picture with Tony Fernandez.
  12. Finally! I found the link from AK website itself. Kudos to them! If want to depend on MAB website, maybe next year baru update: http://www.airasia.com/lcct/main.htm Quite informative. So for my 23rd March morning flight, I'll still depart from KLIA MTB, but returning from TWU on 25th March, will be using LCC terminal. And here's a map too!
  13. I need to know if this is confirmed also. Why? Because I do have an AK flight to catch on 23rd March to Tawau! And the flight is in the early morning, so I need to double-confirm a few days in advance regarding the new terminal opening, otherwise I may miss my flight.
  14. A flying free buffet to Toronto also? Wait a minute, MH doesn't fly to Toronto, so MM can't get his free ride. Sadly, he *may* have to pay for this trip.
  15. No surprise there. I've walked on the tarmac and took photos on the way to the airplanes when I was in TWU and LGK airports. And yes, they also have front and back door opened for entry or disembarking. The only drawback is when it is raining! But I recalled in LKW, the airport (MAB? AK?) had tonnes of umbrellas for embarking passengers.
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