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  1. I read somewhere (could not recall it) that Garuda will invest and install lie flat seats on its 737. And some of its domestic routes like Jakarta to Jayapura is actually about 6 hours of flying time, and it is non-stop!!
  2. Any particular reasons for the equipment upgrade? From 738 to 333?
  3. Look at 2.03 to 2.07. Please observe the window panels. Is the Suite or R Class on the upper deck? Same with the New J? This must be the new seating arrangement.
  4. Zarif, I was on this flight from BKK to KUL March 14 TG417. Going back to BKK again next week. Sat on aisle F. Thank you for the photo
  5. SQ operates with 5th freedom right between IST/ATH. I just read a trip report in A.Net moments ago!
  6. It has to be secured against the back of the front seat. Otherwise, quite troublesome to watch movie or play games whilst having meals
  7. Yeah only to train the cabin crew, just what MH did for Etihad and Emirates in their early years CMIIW
  8. The Old and Not Frail Doctor is still around
  9. I bet AK/D7 will take over JNB and CPT
  10. Capt, you are not disguised, yet you are vocal. How bout goin 'incognito'?
  11. You have sardine class with 11 abreast and cattle class with 10 abreast, located at main deck and eco with 9 abreast upper-deck. Voila 850 paxs!!
  12. Cikgu, TAHNIAH Would you be Ms Yvonne Quek travelling partner to Korea? And if yes, please don't be naughty with her
  13. We need another alternative and wish Lion/Berjaya the best
  14. Don't lose hope yet, in year 2015, all ASEAN carriers can fly freely within ASEAN; BWN to KUL to BKK and return with full fifth freedom in KUL, or BWN to CGK via KUL or via SIN. You can take RBA from KUL to CGK/BKK or fly with TG from KUL to MNL. A small player like RBA would be able to find its own niche market. With right pricing, we dun need LCCs
  15. Can always go to Melaka, Sabah, Penang to study, no need to go so far!! Or go to Thailand, they have everything, from sea, cultures, tribes, river and can introduce boys/shemales/girls aka Patpong too in Kuching or Miri. How about Mardi Gras parade in Kuching ?
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