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  1. Mmm... are these not seasonal? A busy airport for a month or two... and then back to the usual small operation. How can this make TGG a HUB?
  2. zaki


    Wow, nice approach. Never been to TGG before. I would love to be on that beach watching planes landing and taking off (well.. I wish the airport has a lot of them).
  3. Well... I always thought KBR would be a better hub in the east coast. Many people travel through KBR on their way to the islands (e.g. Perhentian). Kota Bharu itself has a lot to offer; batik & silverware shopping, museums, natural attractions and of course food! Plus, Kelantaneses are well-spread all over Malaysia and they have strong roots too (Bro Ewan and Uncle Naim come to mind).
  4. Nice! Too bad firefly.com.my had already been taken. So they had to resort to www.fireflyz.com.my
  5. Here's mine: Malaysia: SZB = pre-KLIA; many times when I was little... just to send off family members : KLIA (KUL) Kuching (KCH) Sibu (SBW) ASEAN: Bangkok Don Muang = Transit only Middle East: Abu Dhabi (AUH) = Transit only Bahrain (BAH) = Transit only Europe: London Heathrow (LHR) London Luton (LTN) London Stansted (STN) Istanbul Ataturk (IST), Turkey Rome Ciampino (CIA), Italy Treviso (TSF), Italy Almeria (LEI), Spain Granada (GRX), Spain = arrived into Malaga (AGP), Spain = departed from Valladolid (VLL), Spain Budapest (BUD), Hungary Prague (PRG), Czech Republic Berlin Tegel (TXL), Germany = arrived into Stuttgart (STR), Germany = departed from Vienna (VIE), Austria
  6. From: The Star Never mind the fuel price hike, it seems like now is a good time to fly...
  7. Found a pic of the C class bright red seats. If you think the smarties-coloured seats in Y are horrible, this is even worse... and it makes Y class looks better. credit to http://www.flydamnit.com/
  8. For some reasons, personally, I do like it. Something new and different! But I don't think I can stand it for longer than... let's say an hour?. It can easily turn into an eyesore. I think if I am flying away for a holiday, this bright smarties-coloured seat can simply set the mood. So ceria, especially if you are travelling with kids. The kids will definitely love it. I know MAS does this to mask the fact that these planes are old, hence they try to give them a cosmetic uplift with a fresh look. Very brave but I don't think they have done the job well. Since this is a trial, are they running any survey/questionnaire through which we can give our feedbacks?
  9. Thanks guys... A case of a little too late huh I thought MAS is on the right track to join the alliance with recent developments in codesharing partnership (China Southern, Alitalia etc.). Looks like no one really wants them. That's just sad. Try harder MAS!!!
  10. Forgive my ignorance, as I have never really followed this issue seriously. Anyone care to explain as to why is AF reluctant to accept MH in the alliance?
  11. Definitely an improvement. Nice and professional but nothing special. Looks like a bunch of corporate guys in the office.
  12. Sad news really. All these talks and hopes about the possibility of KUL being Jetstar's hub (which I doubt anyway) have gone down the drain. Sigh. Well, want to fly cheap to Australia? Fly with AK X lah! I'm sure TF is smiling.
  13. Agreed... e.g.: "Senarai 10 Teratas Syarikat Penerbangan" --> That's very long and not catchy at all. Nop.. no mistake. As a phrase, it just sounds better without it... and shorter too.
  14. Well done for the effort bro! Sorry to be a nit-picker here... Nothing major but the word "Top" is not a Malay word so it's wrong to use the phrases "top 10 lapangan terbang/syarikat penerbangan" etc. The Malay translation would be something like "Senarai 10 teratas". "Peta disediakan dengan kerjasama daripada Koordinaten.net" --> As a phrase on its own (not a full sentence), it is better without the word "daripada". Just some suggestions. You've done a very good job indeed!
  15. That's very interesting. I wonder if they'll make us pay to use the IFE.
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