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  1. According to KJ the uniforms are worn by the athletes. No wonder the coats look oversized. Still a surreal moment seing our flag at half mast & MH uniforms lead the contingent.
  2. TF's tweet Flew back on MAS. Paid full fare by the way. First time on the A380. Crew were fantastic. Bed most comfortable. Better than SIA.
  3. My relative working with MH was there. They were stuck there for 5 hours.
  4. LOL... I read that when he tweeted... I thought he responded to the question asking if MH is having flat bed like SQ. And did he not write @WMFIRDAUS Ours will not be d same. I think they're better!?
  5. I thought he said SQ's is better than MH's?
  6. Why is it going to FY and are they going to have the same seats as MH too?
  7. Aiyoh... How soon is soon? Still haven't book my flights for Nov holiday.
  8. I was under the impression that the Y seats are of the same colour, and I much prefer them that way, but seeing how the different colours received preferable reviews, maybe that's just the dull me talking. Looks the same, except colour schemes, and patriotism aside, I think MH's are better in both classes, especially Y. Lol...
  9. Based on these pictures alone, I kind of dig this new interior. And I like the fact that there is some kind of consistency of hardware between these new B738 and A333 aircrafts. It might not be something groundbreaking, but its an effort worth some compliments, no matter how late it is...
  10. Hahaha... Still don't do it for me. Of the three aircraft I've seen this livery on, this is the ugliest by far. Did they not try applying the livery on their current and feature fleets when they designed it (not that there was much designing done). Guess we'll have to endure this horrible livery for the next 20-odd years. ALOL!!
  11. As we speak, there are some office mates of mine trying to book tickets. Kind of funny hearing them whining about having to 'start over gain'
  12. Oh wow... Is this one of the cases where u'll appreciate something that is/will be no longer with us? I can't really make up my mind with this new livery yet, but I already feel bored with it. Those blue and red thing is just so random. Why is it there? What does it mean? It starts in the middle, and ends just like that with no continuation. And the livery does look LCC and charter-ish. I'm not really the biggest fan of the old livery, but I believe it is one of the best liveries on 744, but I don't think the same can be said on this new look. Sigh...
  13. And to that I say kudos to AK as that means their branding and promotions leave a really big impact on customers. When people are looking for them for cheap fares, that shows they did something right in convincing the customers. I cannot stress more to my families and friends to check for other airlines if they booked their tickets, especially last minute, but most of the time they go straight to AK.com. And shouldn't MH be looking for or tapping the other type of customers? But then again Malaysians always go for the cheaper option.
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