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  1. Anyone has any idea why FY flights to and from SZB were delayed for the last few days? my flight yesterday from AOR-SZB was supposed to depart at 2.35pm but was retimed 3 times (3.30pm, 4.30pm & 6.30pm). Later on at 6.30pm, FY staff told us flight FY2165 going to be cancelled, which angered the passengers including myself, of course. Then FY staff told us our flight will be departing at 8.20pm and it did depart. Then later this evening, my return flight SZB-AOR (FY2170) which was supposed to depart at 5.15pm was again retimed to 5.45pm and only depart at 6.40pm.


    I tried to get explaination from the ground staff but was told that there was some technical problem with the flight, which they did not specified. I checked around with other passengers and it seems that the flight delay was also affecting other destinations as well.


    “The money has been injected into MAS and we have decided that the RM6 billion must be regained. It is not a bailout. A bailout is when it cannot be regained. Khazanah will get back every sen from that RM6 billion. This is an investment. Not a bailout" - Najib Razak, 28 August 2014


    The state fund, which currently has a 69% stake in the carrier, has injected more than RM5 billion into MAS over the last 10 years.


    2 years down the road & when the dust had settle, nobody including the PM and those in Khazanah will remember about the RM6bil (or is it RM11bil) "INVESTMENT" (read as bailout) into MAS on 28/08/2014. the problem with us M'sian, especially the politicians, is that they tend to forget quite easily what they had said and done on 28/08/2014. in 2 years time, they will say that the RM6bil (or is it RM11bil, again) was actually a financial assistant to revive MAS.

    “Give a man a fish; you only fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you will feed him for a lifetime"

  3. Hello from Germany,


    on October 15th and 16th I'am planning to visit Butterworth for spotting. Would like to catch the F-5's and hopefully some MiG's as visitors.


    I have some questions, hope you'll find some answers for me!? ;-)


    Is it allowed to take pictures from military airplanes or will I get trouble with the Police?


    Are there good spotting-locations around RMAF Butterworth?


    What planes can I expect (visitors from other bases etc.)? Any exercises announced?


    Thanks for your help!





    Hello Sascha,


    To answer some of your inquiries...

    taking photos of military aircraft in Butterworth is generally safe and won't get you into trouble with the police or airforce police as long as you're taking photos from public area and not too close to the airbase perimeter fence.


    Off course, there're a few good locations for you to take photos, especially for landing or approach shots.


    the only drawback it that, nobody actually know for sure the training schedule for RMAF aircrafts stationed in Butterworth and as far as I know, there's no exercise schedule to take place in October. as for visitors from other bases, most of the time it is by chance and luck.


    hope i answer some of your question...



  4. Fantastic shots, Victor & Laurie! Is the F-22 quieter than the other jets?


    There are a few Australian Army S-70A-9 Black Hawks around, probably the C-17 that you saw earlier brought them here.

    That tanker is good catch.


    Thanks MIR.. :hi:


    The Raptors are no quieter than the others especially during takeoff roll but notice it is much quieter when doing fly-pass compared with the Eagles, the Hornets or the Fulcrum. The noisiest of the lots, I must say, goes to the Hawks... :pardon:

  5. Friday 20/06/2014

    There were no fast flying jets today as it is the last day of exercise and the closing ceremony for Ex Cope Taufan 2014 is schedule in the afternoon/evening. Not much movement in the afternoon...


    M101-01 AeroTree



    USAF KC-135



    p/s: Saw a pair of Black Hawks overflying Butterworth AFB this afternoon, sorry no photos of the pair.. :sorry:

  6. Yes, but very, very hot! Sunblock will be necessary!


    BTW, is that P3 from the USAF or the more usual seen RAAF/RNZAF aircraft?


    Sunblock is not required as you'll not be standing under the hot sun, swiftlet "hotel" provide enough shade and some more its very, very windy... B)

    The P3 belongs to the RAAF and there's a C-17 in Butterworth, most likely belongs to RAAF too.

  7. Great catch Laurie and Victor.


    Thanks Capt. Radzi...


    Whoa Victor, super catches! :)


    Which runway was operational when you caught these beauties?

    Thanks Flee. Rwy 18 was active yesterday afternoon.


    Victor A, nice shots. Must try that area some time.



    Thanks Laurie. Look for the swiflet "hotel" in the paddy field, good for afternoon shots.... :pardon:

  8. Great catch LaurieB and light was superb.. :clapping: :clapping:



    Unlike the good light and clear blue sky in the morning, it was dull and cloudy with strong wind in the afternoon. Nevertheless, it was a busy afternoon in Butterworth AFB with lots and lots of flying and here's my take of the afternoon session....


    Returning to base after completing their sorties..


















    P3 Orion abort landing...



    M45-08 Returning much earlier than schedule...



    M45-01, 03-4055/HH & 03-4045/HH..






















    That's all for today folks.... :pardon:

  9. Went to Butterworth just to try my luck today and....



    wasn't sure which runway was active, so went to runway 18 and got this. around 1.35pm, instead of landing on runway 18, the Raptor land on runway 36 while the Sukhois, I guess, went back to Gong Kedak (correct me if I'm wrong..)


    around 1.45pm saw 2 Raptors and 2 MiGs depart, so I dashed off to another location.. :p


    around 2.22pm, heard a loud roaring engine approaching and.....


    first to land... :yahoo:



    second to land...



    third to land... :yahoo:



    and the last to land...



    that's all for today folks...

  10. Victor, you are really lucky ! After a long time away from spotting and you got that Russian ! :good:

    Thanks Hon Kit...it sure is a 'long time'... :pardon:


    Thanks for sharing, Victor!




    And he says traffic was as 'usual'...

    Thanks S M Tang...traffic was as 'usual' except for the sudden appearance of the Russian... :pardon:


    Victor, you should come back KUL often to attract all the specials for us. :pardon:

    Maybe I'll come to KUL again soon...3 years later soon... :p :db:


    To continue some from Saturday (24/05/214) session...



    The last time I saw this fella, she was wearing a different color 'dress'... :db:



    The last time I saw her, she was still wearing MH uniform... :blink:


    Sunday (25/05/2014)...



    This would be my first ever catch of a B747-8... :yahoo:



    Used to catch Lufthansa coming to KUL with their B744...now, much slimmer equipment... :spiteful:


    Thats about it for 2 days of marathon... :D

  11. Where were the mangosteens originated from? Local? Transported to China from 'X' country via KUL?


    The closest incident that can be related to MH370 in recent history is surely AF447. Yet, MH370 opens up a whole new chapter in air disaster column. We never expect the aircraft to be so far off-course from its intended route, with no prior warnings, even maydays or whatever that indicate something wrong onboard. It also exposes serious issue of international passport theft & forgery, questions are raised on ability (incompetence) of national air defence system (including people manning it) to detect any unidentified and potentially threatening object in the sky.


    This is the biggest challenge yet for M'sia government in handling multinational issue, forced to ensure information or clues are credible (or not), for fear they might giving false hope to families of loved ones on board the ill-fated jet.

    mangosteens originated from indonesia. repacked in malaysia and stamp as "product of malaysia" before being exported to china, the middle east etc. m'sia aren't able to produce 4M/T of mangosteen, thus having to source it from indonesia.

  12. Was their last word "Alright"?


    That is non-standard. Capt Zaharie is an Authorized Examiner, don't think he will answer "Alright". Not with the type of flying he was doing anyway.

    I read somewhere the other day..it mention that the last conversation by the capt. was "OK, goodnight"...and in TheStar it said "Alright, goodnight"..where does both news agency got such information? didn't recall it was mentioned in the PC...hmmm...

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