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  1. Yeah.. I do agree with you. I heard from my friends same like your opinions
  2. Your replies much appreciated! Thanks
  3. Because my parents did not permitt me there
  4. why AK transfered this bird to QZ?
  5. Thats mean all overal cost will higher? But,from I heard,Australia is approve by DCA..
  6. Hey guys! I want to know about the flying academy in Malaysia and Australia as well. As I know,GGIFA is the cheapest among all Malaysia's flying academy. GGIFA,overall cost is around RM199k meanwhile APFT,MFA,HMA,overall cost is around +- RM230k. I heard about Australia's flying academy but I have no info about this. My questions are : 1. Between Malaysia and Australia Academy,which one is the lowest fees ? 2. Australia academy get the DCA approval or not ? Thanks for your kindly reply
  7. Oh. They just help us to get the loan right? So,thats mean,after we grad,we are directly be a AK pilot?
  8. Aiman, what type of academic requirement that they use? SPM? STPM? Diploma?
  9. Make sure,who will fly with D7 soon record this safety video.. hahaha
  10. So MH also did the same way right? I thought, for the loan,they just support us half of it. lets say,RM200k,so they just pay for the loan at RM100k only,then another RM100k we need to pay by ourself. Am I right?
  11. Hey guys! For KUL-LBU flight,I got a chance to enter the cockpit. At the same time,I asked the F/O about AirAsia Cadet Intake. That F/O said, " If you are interested in cadet,please buy newspaper especially The Star after SPM result announce,but now,AirAsia not support 100% fees.You need to add your money a bit" "If you have any cable here,lagi bagus! " hehe.. Any comments?
  12. wow Khaled! best beb!.... i look foward to wait for your next pictures
  13. KOTA BHARU: Masalah teknikal dihadapi sebuah jentera bomba ketika melakukan pemeriksaan landasan di Lapangan Terbang Sultan Ismail Petra (LTSIP), Pengkalan Chepa, di sini, menyebabkan operasi penerbangan di lapangan terbang itu tergendala selama sejam. Difahamkan, pihak pengurusan terpaksa mengalihkan jentera terbabit supaya operasi dapat diteruskan selepas terkandas di hujung landasan. Akibat kejadian itu, penerbangan awal pagi ke Kota Bharu membabitkan pesawat Firefly dari Lapangan Terbang Subang dan pesawat AirAsia dari Terminal Penerbangan Tambang Murah (LCCT) terpaksa ditunda dan berpatah balik. Pengurus Besar Kanan (Operasi), Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad (MAHB), Datuk Azmi Murad, berkata kejadian berlaku jam 6.10 pagi ketika sebuah jentera bomba lapangan terbang itu sedang membuat ujian biasa di landasan terbabit. TRANSLATION : At 6.10am,fire trucks did their routines to check the runaway but the technical errors made them stuck at the edge of the runaway. All the airport operations shut down approximately 1 hour.Airport management said,2 flights from SZB-KBR ( fireflyz ) and AirAsia ( KUL-KBR ) has been cancelled.
  14. This is one way to get cash to buy new LCCT For allocated seats,AirAsia did something good because no more rushing to aircraft.. Then,for sure Xpress boarding will cut off and the price to select the seat will same as xpress boarding..
  15. Good Ashmil! We are waiting your reply soon. Thanks btw!
  16. Khaled, After you start your class for Airbus. Please send us your pictures around simulator and related places. hehe.
  17. They also can use cargo ramp I think.
  18. Good Luck Khaled.. And Once again,THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
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