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  1. Capt Subramaniam got MW id or not? hehehe
  2. Subra? Who is Subra? I want to know Him. hehehe..
  3. 13th March the closing date? Oh God! I heard that,SPM result will be announced on 12th or 13th March.....
  4. please dont change the name.. Not suitable at all and more complicated. Although Dr M did a lot of developments including KLIA,but to change KLIA to Mahathir Airport is not suitable plus KLIA is worlds hub. ehehe.. just my personal opinion....
  5. How bout the course? DO i need to go for medical check before my result? how long to get the result for medical test?
  6. yup.. me too. Anyone can help us? Do i need to send DCA approval letter first and go for medical test first before apply ?
  7. Betul la! Artstream memang boleh.kena ada subject science... YES!, Art stream definitely can but science subject is compulsory
  8. pray for me.. hopefully,i can get this cadet..
  9. Others Position I need to wait for SPM result right?
  10. Guys, Requirements • Malaysian citizen, aged between 18 and 28 as at date of application. • Either: (a)Passed SPM (or its equivalent that is recognized by the Malaysian Government) with at least A2 in English and Mathematics and B3 in Physics taken at one sitting. (Those from the Arts stream should have at least an A2 in General Science); or ( Possess a Diploma/Degree in Engineering or Science-related disciplines with CGPA 3.0 and above and at SPM level scored at least a B4 in the subjects mentioned above taken in one sitting. • Good command of English and Bahasa Malaysia both written and spoken. • Must be physically and mentally fit with good eyesight (visual acuity of at least 6/36 without optical aid, correctable to 6/6 and not colour blind. Should be able to successfully pass a medical examination up to a Class 1 standard conducted by a Department of Civil Aviation Authorised Medical Examiner (DAME). • Minimum height of 163 cm (5ft 3in). • Be prepared to sign a training bond with a surety. Only shortlisted candidates will be notified. visit this wesite for more detail AirAsia Website
  11. Now,I am 18..so still can enjoy riding on ATR..
  12. another rival to airKL :D
  13. i am one of the fan of aircrash investigation. but all shows are old series..
  14. They comfirmed to codeshare with jetairways! I watched in tv3 news just now :D
  15. If MH to codeshare with Jetstar,jetstar's passengers will be lucky enough because pay at low price but get 5stars treatment
  16. Hey guys. I get this info from my friends. He told me that,we need to pay approx RM3800 for all the courses. After we finish this course,we will get the certificate that prove us to get the job in airlines. Any info and advise about this? Thanks! Inter Exel Your kindly responses are much appreciated
  17. Hopefully,they'll use A330 for more comfort and PTV
  18. KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 31 - Malaysia Airports Holdings , the country's sole airport operator, plans to build a low-cost terminal, newspapers reported on Saturday, a day after reports that budget airline AirAsia's proposal to build an airport was scrapped. ADVERTISEMENT AirAsia had planned to build and run its own airport in the central state of Negri Sembilan because in its view the budget carrier terminal at Kuala Lumpur's airport would not be able to handle future passenger growth. But the 1.6 billion ringgit project, which would be the fourth airport in the Malaysian capital, attracted criticism from various quarters, including state investment arm Khazanah and former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad. On Friday, sources told Reuters the AirAsia plan had been scrapped by the government. The New Straits Times quoted an unidentified source as saying that Malaysia Airport Holdings would instead build a budget terminal near the existing one at Kuala Lumpur airport. The company could not be immediately reached for comment. However, AirAsia's airport fees may be lowered -- something the airline had been complaining about, according to a source. AirAsia said late on Friday that a meeting chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak had been very positive but gave no details. A decision will be announced in two to three weeks, state news agency Bernama quoted Transport Minister Ong Tee Keat as saying. THE MALAY ARTICLE : NGO sokong kerajaan tolak LCCT Labu KUALA LUMPUR 31 Jan. – Pertubuhan-pertubuhan bukan kerajaan (NGO) menyokong penuh langkah kerajaan menolak cadangan pembinaan Terminal Penerbangan Tambang Murah (LCCT) di Labu, Negeri Sembilan kerana ia tidak sesuai dilaksanakan dalam situasi kegawatan ekonomi dunia sekarang. Menurut mereka, langkah kerajaan itu adalah tepat memandang Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Kuala Lumpur (KLIA) di Sepang masih mempunyai banyak ruang kosong bagi pembinaan sebuah lagi LCCT baru dengan kos pembinaan yang lebih murah. Pengarah Projek Persatuan Pengguna Islam Malaysia (PPIM), Noor Nirwandy Mat Noordin berkata, pembinaan LCCT di Labu hanya akan mewujudkan pertindihan fungsi dengan KLIA yang kini merupakan hab pengangkutan udara utama negara. Beliau berkata, dengan mengekalkan LCCT di KLIA, ia memudahkan pihak polis, imigresen dan bomba melakukan penyelarasan bagi mengawal kemudahan berkenaan tanpa perlu meletakkan anggota di dua tempat berlainan. ‘‘Saya berharap semua pihak mengikut pelan asal iaitu operasi pengangkutan udara utama negara hanya di KLIA sahaja,” katanya ketika dihubungi Mingguan Malaysia di sini hari ini. Beliau mengulas laporan akhbar hari ini bahawa kerajaan menolak cadangan AirAsia Bhd. (AirAsia) untuk membina sebuah LCCT berharga RM1.6 bilion di Labu. Sebaliknya, Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd. (MAHB) diberi tanggungjawab membina sebuah LCCT yang baru, berdekatan terminal sekarang di KLIA. Berikutan langkah itu, AirAsia berjaya mendapat jaminan mengenai caj dan cukai lapangan terbang lebih rendah yang akan dikenakan terhadapnya dan turut dibenarkan memberi input mengenai spesifikasi LCCT baru itu. Noor Nirwandy berkata, keputusan itu membuktikan kerajaan komited untuk mengambil langkah penjimatan wang dalam suasana krisis ekonomi dunia sekarang.
  19. yeah.Kick them out from LCCT.. haha.. In my personal opinion,the passengers will use firefly more than airasia. Malaysia will have a new contrast colour airlines
  20. Seems like Garuda Citylink subsidiary by Garuda Indonesia and Jetstar subsidiary by Qantas. :D Then,MH with FY! Great2 :good:
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