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  1. Anyway, VietJet style is look alike AirAsia style isn't it ? VietJet look fresh! I noticed that VietJet also copy from AirAsia style where the put the Flag below the cockpit glass
  2. Read in Berita Harian FB that families and relatives of MH370 are collecting money in sum of RM16mil to launch their own searching. They will give an incentive to those who can share the informations regarding MH370
  3. Is it? So the sound from K8 was not the ghost sound but it is the sound of weak infrastucture there. I hope it won't happen as MAHB was said that klia2 was approved by ICAO standard. I came accross when travelled to KBR yesterday evening, and I saw that NO emergency light at all from K2 up to K22. The only emergency light is at the walkway to aerobridge. Only one!
  4. Heard the Latest gossip from klia2 about horror stories in Gate K/L. Few staffs which I not really sure either AirAsia, Malindo , Duty free or AVSEC personnel saw something that supposed not to see. 1) heard the strange sound at gate K8, like a sound of bell, crawling, knocking n etc 2) smell the kemboja flowers 3) got staff been poked by something when they fall asleep 4) saw the "pocong" rolling at gate till few staff ran away 5) saw the old lady 6) staff histeria Omg, these paranormal activities should be taken seriously and the authority should do something .
  5. I believed FY won't klill MH, see how SQ operates TR. At least MH group can gain profit instead of lost of million ringgit.
  6. But if FY can introduce 100% LCC then it should be okay i guess. Don't need to serve pax with complimentary drink and snack + baggage allowance . OD not operates well is just because they are not fully LCC, using the hybrid style like malindo will not good in profit. It should be better if they re-launch OD as fully low cost like lion air. No-frill is the only way to gain profit again. Only my 2 cents **
  7. I really hope that FY will reintroduce their jet services . It will be the fantastic deal, price war, more choices for customer, and more aircraft in KUL. Should be better to have 3 LCC in KUL. Haha
  8. They have a new tagline as well right ? Instead of "not just low cost" they changed to "smarter way to travel"
  9. I would rather to say yes and ask TF to reboot and relaunch a new MH with profits
  10. Ya they have. There 2 transfer desk in klia2
  11. As far as I concern, the RM3 charges imposed by AirAsia just because of the fees of using aerobridge, using SITA system, new type of boarding (thick paper), new type of paper for documentation of passengers manifest that costs more compared to previous system. SITA system also very slow because it is an intergrated system. Why AirAsia put RM3 charges in the booking status? I believed that as they are a low cost carrier with no-frills concept, so they put each of the charges inside the invoice without charge the guest in the flight fare or hidden charge if any. Why we need to argue, complaint about RM3 fee if you only pay RM3 for a better, convenience airport .
  12. The main reason of using LCC is just because guest want to pay less for their flight. Better airport with high airport tax won't work on LCC. If they have to pay more, better they take a full carrier instead.
  13. Heard from KLAS personnel (ground handler for jetstar) that 3K also will move to klia2, but not sure when it will start to fly from klia2. As for now, lion air, malindo, tigerair, cebu pacific only. 5J will be the first airlines landing in klia2 by 2am on 2nd May .
  14. Saw 9M-MPP taxiing via nearby LCCT taxiway and took off from 32R this evening.
  15. DCA Director : "5 pax offloaded due to no show" Police : "Only one pax been offloaded" MH official confirm only 4 pax been offloaded for MH370. Which is true? Or its based on how many pax checked in and how many pax purchased the ticket? Am confused, and pray hard for fast finding.
  16. Found this in yahoo! News :: UPDATE [2:24am]: Singapore's Straits Times reports that the two imposters on MH370, who were using stolen passports, bought their tickets from China Southern Airlines, which code shares the KL-Beijing route with Malaysian Airlines.
  17. It might be a bomb on board carried by the pax holding stolen italian passport ? Pray for the best and wait for the official findings.
  18. Now open for booking for KCH-KBR-KCH ! The first and the only airlines flies from/to kota bharu from/to kuching and kota kinabalu . AK5507 - KCH/KBR - 0700/0855 AK5508 - KBR/KCH - 0920/1120 DAY : Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday Travel period : 22nd Mar 2014 - 31st Jan 2015
  19. I flew with SL8201 KUL-DMK on 29th Dec 2013. It was awesome with light passengers load only. Thai Lion is a true low-cost with narrow leg room similar to AirAsia A320. First time riding the 739, with all blue seats and sky interior . The tix price also cheap, only cost me RM132/Way
  20. HAHA ! Because I just heard about this from internal bulletin. Later on passenger can purchase ticket from AirAsia to use jetstar or vice versa. Oh God, shame on me ! After a few years, I didn't follow MW, but when I post something, it was a fairytale story! Sorry guys ! Keep hibernating ^.^
  21. Become the worlds first low cost alliance ! Here are the details regarding this exciting news . There will be more destinations, more choices, more convinient with one focus to be the worlds lowest low cost airlines ! Good job! Mr Tony ~ Here the link , http://airlineworld.wordpress.com/2010/01/08/air-asia-and-jetstar-form-new-alliance/
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