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  1. Hi.. I already post a topic about flight deck visit... In this time,i want to ask you all especially captains.. Let say i give a permission to enter the flight deck ,what I should i bring onboard? A notebooks to write whats capt going to say? huhuhu.... lastly,what capt going to ask me in cockpit??
  2. but i want to try go to HK.. how much average to go there? about rm1500? if i go to indon i will go to 2 destinations...CGK and DPS.. huhu.. xtually,i dont want to go for shopping.. but just want to holiday,spotting aircraft...hahaha
  3. thanks for everythings... hope ill go there after my spm.. my parent already give a green light to me.. hehe
  4. yeah.. this my 1st plan.. i also want to try HK Macau... huhu.... indonesia maybe same like malaysia.. huhu
  5. extra money? hahaha... no money lol.. thats why i search for a cheapest flight......... and i want to try fly with MD90.. xtually,what trip do u prefer? HK/Macau or Jakarta/Bali? after SPM we MUST go holiday lol... take a rest there...
  6. is it? i saw on emirates websites,its cheaper than MAS lor.. huhu... but i dont know what airlines i should opt.. huhu.......
  7. ok..but just the average for that trip..huhu..good luck bro!!become a pilot one day ok..hehe ooo..yeah..i want to follow my idol..( Dr M )he always look foward..hahahha..buy a single ticket because i want to try many airlines..ehehhehehe
  8. Hi Everyone, I planned to make a trip with my friends to Macau & Hong Kong or Jakarta&Bali after my SPM next year.. thats mean my trip will on 2009 ( 2years more ) so,if you have any info and suggestion,please leave a comment here... based on your experienced,can u tell me about : - flight ticket? - hotel? - budget? - what airlines do u prefer? from my planned,if I go to Macau I will fly by AK and from Macau use ferry to HK in the other hand,if I go to Jakarta,I will take Emirates from KL to Jakarta.From Jakarta I will use Lion/Wings to Denpasar. and from Denpasar,i fly back to KL with Qatar. Actually I choosed Lion because i want to try fly with MD90/MD80.. hehehe... thanks for your comments... -nabielhaniff- -sorry for broken english-
  9. sekarang ni saya rasa... write a note and kasi kat diaorang time in flight... ok x cadangan tu? which one better?be a last pax on give a note inflight?
  10. thanks for everythings.. ill try my best and ask them politely and with a big smile if i can enter the flight deck,i will take a picture and show it MW ok..
  11. huh... ok.. but if u have friends who handle the flight on that day tell them lol.. huhu
  12. you are lucky.. hehe.. i will share the photoshot if i can enter the cockpit.. hehe
  13. bro... i really hope i can enter the cockpit lor... any help? any tips?
  14. hehe.. thanks ya.. wanna to ask u all.. i will fly to KL on 28/11 from KBR... so,i want to request to enter the flight deck..... hehe... so if u have a friends or yourself fly from kbr on that day... its easy to me to enter the cockpit..... hehehhee.......
  15. hi... if u are AK capt or first officer... or whatever carrier in AK...leave the comment here ok.... i have a question to ask.. thanks!
  16. thanks for your info!!!! really appreciate!
  17. ooo... when it end their passenger flight ? late 1990s?
  18. hi... wanna to ask u all about transmile service.. long time ago Transmile operate as a passenger flight right? if yes,why it now become a cargo flight? thanks!
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