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  1. i think u have a 'chance' to make a call inflight, use ur mobile phone i mean.a MAS pilot/FO in flydamnit storied that her aircraft's attitude indicator, GS n LOC other indicators came crazy when a few pax make a cal to their loved ones while they approaching WMKB. The pax made a phone cal to tell their loved ones that they will be landed in few minutes. the capt asked cabin crew leader to check the cause of situation 1stly. n finally she found that there were 3/4 pax were talkng by their mobile phone.at last, cockpit officers turned off the autopilot n flew manually. After the capt set the parking brake, he made an announcement with quite a tough tone n remind the pax to make sure they switched off their phone b4 make a walk into aircraft. ambillah iktibar dan pengajaran drpd kisah ini..
  2. hi n salam, dis is a quest for muslim pilots, how do you all manage prayer (solat) time? do you all practising jama' n qasar? or if you done a prayer in aircraft, how do you all fix the qiblat?
  3. xcuse me gentlemen, what is da callsign 4 helicopters?
  4. emm guys..what is da callsign for AK?
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