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    Me, for me it's all about the planes. My all time favorite is the Boeing 777 because of the wonderful engines and sound. =) And later, i would love to become a pilot and fly one of these babies. Anyway, i have other interests like playing videogames, hanging out with friends at the local mall and everything. <br />peace!
  1. Im a very bad sleeper in plane, I can't barely sleep in eco. But don't worry, i'll read magazines.
  2. Ok, so...... any advice to pass the time in that looong distance flight?? There's my laptop but the batteries is pure crap.... i mean it can only last 20 minutes. I have my ipod (that's a good thing) . And i'll surely going to flirt with the Thai stewardess . Any other things to do..... maybe buy alot of magazines.. Oh one more thing..... tell me there's at least a big screen for everyone? What do you mean?
  3. Hi, im back. I need some information for something. Im going to Paris Sunday 24th of June. Im going to leave KLIA at 8pm to Bangkok, then from there i'll take Thai airways international straight to Paris Charles-De-Gaulle. I know that i'll be traveling in a Boeing 747-400, in economy class. I want to know if there's some Personal TV touch screen in front of us. According to their website , their is some personal TV (http://www.thaiairwaysthailand.com/eng/TG/B748.php?mid=748#top). But while trying to be 100% sure, I checked some pics in airliners.net.... no pictures with personnal TV screens
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