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  1. Hi everyone. Here are a selection of shots I took on 2 separate days from the Runway Visitor park at Manchester Airport. Not a very fancy setup, merely a kit lens, as well as the typical inconsistency of British weather as demonstrated. 20/4/2018 CS-TTS, Air Portugal CS-TTS by Jonathan Fong, on Flickr D-AIAH, Condor Flugdienst, now sporting standard Thomas Cook Group livery D-AIAH-4 by Jonathan Fong, on Flickr An alternate angle: D-AIAH-6 by Jonathan Fong, on Flickr Followed by Lufthansa's D-AIUA D-AIUA-2 by Jonathan Fong, on Flickr EI-DLC, One of many Ryanair 738s EI-DLC-3 by Jonathan Fong, on Flickr An attempted close-crop EI-DLC-4 by Jonathan Fong, on Flickr EI-GJM, yet another Ryanair 738 EI-GJM-4 by Jonathan Fong, on Flickr Flybe Dash 8 Q400 in old livery G-ECOF-2 by Jonathan Fong, on Flickr Another Flybe Q400, except G-ECOI formerly flew for Brussels Airlines, hence the colour scheme. G-ECOI by Jonathan Fong, on Flickr G-KKEV in Flybe's new livery G-KKEV-2 by Jonathan Fong, on Flickr And the highlight of the day for me personally, TUI's G-OOBN making the turn off Runway 23R G-OOBN-2 by Jonathan Fong, on Flickr G-OOBN-4 by Jonathan Fong, on Flickr Thomas Cook A321 G-TCDB-3 by Jonathan Fong, on Flickr Helvetic Airways Fokker 100. Spot the captain waving. HB-JVH-3 by Jonathan Fong, on Flickr Finnair E190LR OH-LKO by Jonathan Fong, on Flickr Another rarity: a Dornier Do-328JET OY-JJG by Jonathan Fong, on Flickr Closing off with a Dutch baby Boeing. PH-BGH-2 by Jonathan Fong, on Flickr --- 22/4/2018 Lighting wasn't that great after the sun a few days before, but the proximity makes up for it. OE-LDC, Austrian Airlines A319 OE-LDC by Jonathan Fong, on Flickr Here's a rare one. An ERJ-145LR owned by Pan Européene Air Service. I'm assuming its for corporate charters. F-HBPE by Jonathan Fong, on Flickr The highlight of the day slowing down on Runway 23R. PIA's AP-BGJ, B777-200ER AP-BGJ by Jonathan Fong, on Flickr While the B777 takes an exit further down the runway, Easyjet's OE-IJA manages to slow down in time for the high-speed turn off nearer to the viewing spots. OE-IJA-2 by Jonathan Fong, on Flickr While the PIA B777 lumbers along slowly AP-BGJ-2 by Jonathan Fong, on Flickr Mum and son AP-BGJ-4 by Jonathan Fong, on Flickr Jet2's G-JZHP. Jet2 was apparently ranked as the best airline in the UK early in April. A bit mind boggling to be honest... G-JZHP by Jonathan Fong, on Flickr Easyjet's G-EZRI eyeing a departing Lufthansa Airbus sibling. G-EZRI-3 by Jonathan Fong, on Flickr And a non-sharklet A320 G-EZDA by Jonathan Fong, on Flickr The sole Speedbird I spotted that day. G-EUPL by Jonathan Fong, on Flickr A new one for me: B738 with split-scimitar winglets. G-TAWM by Jonathan Fong, on Flickr Close up of the scimitars. G-TAWM-3 by Jonathan Fong, on Flickr Compared with the traditional B737NG winglets. G-JZHB-3 by Jonathan Fong, on Flickr --- That's all folks! Thanks for viewing!
  2. Hi all. Here are some pictures from when I dropped by Berlin Tegel Airport for some spotting during my summer vacation in 2017. Real life and all intervened and I've only got round to editing the pictures I took. It was my first time doing proper spotting with a kit lens setup, and the lighting was mostly favourable. The most prominent airline seen here, however, is no more. The album can be found here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/127562257@N05/sets/72157690786734261 Turns out I can't embed flickr images here. Sorry about that!
  3. I've flown BA on the morning LHR > Belfast City and LHR > MAN sectors. I noticed that for some reason on the MAN sector they didn't serve food, whereas on the Belfast sector they served breakfast for the morning runs, while at other times they served snacks only. Not quite sure why there's a difference in service, but on one of the Belfast runs I heard the Captain refer to the flight as a "Shuttle" service which is relatively old, so maybe there's that.
  4. ^^ I did a quick google on 9M-XAD and turns out its been returned to Aer Lingus. I was previously under the impression it was new or something.
  5. ^^ If we ever had plans for a nice transport/aviation museum, T1's original plans would make for a nice exhibition centre
  6. No not him. The current CEO of MRT Corp is DS Sharil Mokhtar. The guy who quit was the previous CEO before him Datuk Azhar Abdul Hamid. Tbh, MRT Corp isn't a train operating company but merely handling its construction, so I don't see what experiences he can bring in. Its different if they appointed someone from ERL, which is what KTM did for the ETS.
  7. Ahh I think I did link these pictures in skyscrapercity from the NST archive. I wasn't born yet at that time too so I'll just make a guess: The 3 1994 pictures (blue columns and stuff) were probably the pickup areas And the final 1995 and 1993 pictures is probably in one of the 2 wings with aerobidge gates that was added in the 1983 renovation. Oh and I think the 1989 picture of the conveyor belt is of Terminal 2
  8. ^^ No wonder Pelangi had Dorniers. I remember flying Pelangi F50s from Kerteh when I was a kid, and there was a framed picture of a Pelangi Dornier in an office in the terminal. I always thought Pelangi was a separate company leasing MH F50s O.O But their financial performance was extremely bad apparently.
  9. The formatting in the "Notes" portion for the 737-800 has an error in it..bad editing probably points to..yea probably a joke
  10. In September last year I flew a BA 772ER to LHR..Aircraft was full: Economy full of students, Premium Economy onwards was full of Brits hehe. But we got the old cabin interior.
  11. Sharing my KUL-Belfast City transfer experience. The first time I flew I got randomly stopped by a very free customs officer and had my bags checked. The second time I flew I just walked straight through since there were no customs counter and officers.
  12. I've experienced something similar too. We arrived on a flight from BKI at night on time, but there was nobody to open the gate doors or something, at least that's what they told us.
  13. Shame indeed. I wish they could have an added an option to activate it (per seat) in the IFE for those who wish to view it. For my earlier flight I actually shied away from selecting a bulkhead seat because I was hoping to see the camera *shakes head*
  14. I flew MH1 2 weeks ago and about to fly MH2 in 2 days time. They also pushed forward the departure time of both flights by about 30mins, so on MH1 we were scheduled to depart at 930pm instead of the original 10pm, but due to a delay we left at 10 anyway. AFAIK that's the only timing update we got. Also, do MH 380 flights still switch on the tail cameras now? The cam wasn't on for takeoff and landing for MH 1.
  15. I'm about to find out how its like to transfer from a BA domestic flight to an MH flight soon enough, though transferring from a BA international flight to a domestic flight was bad enough. (Long time lurker here)
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