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  1. Might not exactly translate to a faster graduation. But at least you understand what you're learning. It's much easier when you've experienced some flying.
  2. no probs with a new airport.... but more ppl coming will mean they have to set aside a bigger budget for maintenance, which being malaysia...u can forget about it! so hurrah for the destruction of another beautiful island. Perhentian looks way cleaner, but thats from the air... though nothing beats the filth of Pangkor!
  3. Yes, still in training, though long "overdue" No news yet, graduation should be around January. Most prolly 737 fleet!
  4. hmmm, any news if MAS cadets in training could get sent to MASWings, would be an interesting experience!
  5. hehe, once heard on RT firefly to lgkw with POB 2. thought it was a training flight, turned out it was a scheduled flight with no passengers. lol!
  6. how's the debate like now > more passengers per a/c vs more a/c in the skies??
  7. Raveen


    how bout the ATRs??
  8. "superpig, superpig, flies whenever a thruth is told......." (adapted and modified to fit the local scene from The Simpson's Movie)
  9. Hi, i am new to the aviation line. i'd like to know why MQJ and MQM are no more in MH? tx
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