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  1. Yes the 777-9. There is quite a bit of gap between the A350-1000 and the A380-800. Has SQ ordered the A350-1000 too?
  2. So SQ is intending to use the 787-10 on regional routes? Thought the 787-10 can fly further than regional?
  3. One of them flew into the bush and crashed during test flight? The A320-100 was wearing Air France livery.........
  4. SQ had just taken delivery of their B787-10. http://australianaviation.com.au/2018/03/singapore-airlines-takes-delivery-of-first-boeing-787-10/ Looks like a replacement for A330-300 and B777-200ER
  5. FINALLY, AN AIRCRAFT – THE 797 – THAT ALL PASSENGERS WILL LOVEhttps://www.airlineratings.com/news/finally-aircraft-797-passengers-will-love/ Looks like they will have to get the cross section profile right first!
  6. Okay but just curious why they are not going back to the 787 windows.... Secondly are the cockpit windows the same for 757, 767, 777? The shape looks the same but are they essentially the same parts?
  7. B757,767 and 777 stye cockpit windows.... they may as well call it B757MAX! B757-8 and B757-9!!
  8. https://www.instagram.com/p/BgCPCtOHPVU/?taken-by=benyaminismail
  9. A fresh coat of paint will definitely help the appearance
  10. Those are the domestic configured 332 previously with Jetstar correct? QF used to send some long haul 332 on the SYD-AKL-LAX route. Not sure if they still do that.
  11. Nope, I wont be flying into woop woop. Domestic flight are okay but still a bit far. As far as public transport is concerned, Avalon is pretty horrible. Looks like they will only be able to capture patronage from West and South West of Melbourne. For North, East and South East, Tullamarine is more accessible.
  12. I think Condor's livery is a tad better! This LH livery is awful!!
  13. Just curious. why isn't there a Boeing 787 Freighter version to replace the 767-300 Freighter market?
  14. Similarly I don't think CX's HKG-ADL-MEL leg would allow any domestic Australian travel...
  15. Is Lion Air currently using their 744 for pilgrim flights?
  16. Wonder if we are allowed to use their Sydney to Canberra service Am glad they didn't cancel the route altogether!
  17. Imagine the amount of time it will require to unload and load all pax and baggage..... So the early 5 birds acquired by SQ was a bit of a black sheep of the herd.... wonder if they are upgradable to become the later versions? In total how many of these black sheeps were built out of the totality of A380 production?
  18. Thats because the Japanese airlines did not order the 747-8D.... hence a non-starter. What actually replaced the 747-400D in Japan? 777-300 is getting a bit too old and 777-300ER is a bit too heavy and wasteful right?
  19. Thanks Hon Kit! All contemporary airliners since the 1960s are literally tin cans, except for the 787s, made of composites Can the A380-800 fit 700+, I read somewhere that the max was around 550 pax?
  20. CZ utilises their A380s on domestic runs as well, between the big three class 1 cities - Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. I really think China needs widebodies on their domestic runs... SQ is just renewing their fleet, not ditching the entire fleet of A380s. MH is probably the first to get rid of the entire A380 fleet altogether if the sale was successful.
  21. Oh gosh... will this be another topic that is slated for lock up too? Can moderators please do something about the source of trouble? Thanks.
  22. Well those 2x742 (9M-MHI and 9M-MHJ specifically) before the 743 (9M-MHK) belonged to British Airways and it was NTU. So the engine choice was pre-determined by BA, hence BA customer code on the B747-236B. Do you know the political reasons behind the ditching of the RR, Mushrif?
  23. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-hna-group-debt/hnas-problems-mount-as-airlines-delay-payments-bank-sets-up-team-to-handle-debt-sources-idUSKBN1F40M5?il=0
  24. So this kind of sway or award vs. punishment is actually not unique to China then. Through the media, you can only hear the Chinese government would punish the US or Europe by purchasing either Boeing or Airbus, depending on political interests, but not other governments.
  25. If the A380s were the 747-8i... thing would have been a lot easier. They could convert them into 747-8i BCF/ BDSF and whatever (converted freighters) and sell it to the freight operators or transfer it to MASKargo. Should have ordered the 747-8i instead. **face palm!
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