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  1. P-885 is VIP configured, so it is likely that the leader is inside. The CA B747-400 is not VIP configured, so it may have been a flight to ferry the other officials, while Kim Jong Un might be inside the IL-62M. Can anyone here track the movement of Trump's Boeing VC-25 (747-200B) Air Force One?
  2. Seems that North Korean officials (possibly including Kim Jong Un) is heading to Singapore onboard Air China's B747-400 registration B-2447. B-2447 departed Beijing and headed into FNJ (Pyongyang). Now she is on her way from FNJ to SIN (routed via PEK). Check it out here https://www.flightradar24.com/CCA061/11ac2ef5
  3. What are the remaining two dugongs upto then?
  4. They better get rid of the 1 Malaysia logo... Najib isn't around as a PM, might as well just drop it.
  5. My flight on October 1st is an A332 from KUL-HKG. So HKG is a destination. So far HKG, BKK, KCH and BKI are 9M-MTU and MTV's destinations. I suspect May 05, 2018's flight to BKI (MH7042 and MH7047) were GE14 chartered flights.
  6. BKI is now the land of B737NGs and A320CEOs...
  7. SQ B737-800 teaser http://www.cardatabase.net/modifiedairlinerphotos/search/photo_search.php?id=00008315
  8. Wonder if their turquoise colour seatings will be changed to SQ seat fabric colours?
  9. Yeah you might be right, I completely forgot about this. 737-300F in SQ cargo https://www.flickr.com/photos/aero_icarus/10739383614 In terms of pax narrowbody it was definitely the 757-200 When did they phase out the 757-200 and 737-300F?
  10. Look forward to seeing B737-800 and B737-8Max in SQ colors. The last narrow body painted in SQ colours should be B757-200 of the late 1980s to 90s.
  11. Read more at https://www.thestar.com.my/news/world/2018/05/15/sichuan-airlines-pilot-was-sucked-halfway-out-of-window-captain-says/#u6XZCUqIvSVKLIyL.99
  12. Everything about BN fell apart so quickly that it is almost becoming non-existent now...
  13. I think everyone has their own reasons and agenda. Malaysia is a democratic nation and should respect each other with their choices in life.
  14. Wow, this could possibly the A300 model which I saw during my childhood in MAS office in Kota Kinabalu. There is also a cut-away model with seatings and etc. Along with a DC-10 IIRC? Just checked. 9M-MTA is flying and she is being utilised regularly.
  15. Just booked a flight with MH and MH432 KUL-HKG will be serviced by these ex-Air Berlin A330-200s during October 2018.
  16. No, they are meant to be in time for Dhaka or Chittagong ad hoc charter flights instead.....
  17. 4 of them being used for what? Pilgrim charter?
  18. Aren't they using the A332 for KUL-AKL direct? The 332 would have been perfect for this route, I would have thought!
  19. Some people just have the unbelievable sense of entitlement with them. She is lucky that she was on fairly gentle South East Asian airlines, which I think she took advantage of. Had it been a mainland carrier, she will be blacklisted from traveling for 3 years or taken away by force to a custody. It's good that a Samaritan actually stood up to the woman.
  20. There are plenty of shameless Hong Kongers actually, but in return, they call the mainlanders shameless. It's a matter of a kettle calling a kettle black...
  21. They are already using their A350-900 on the SIN-SFO direct route as SQ31/32. Are these A359 the ULR model? The SQ1/2 with a stop at HKG seems to be 77W at this stage.
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