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  1. Have to agree with you. Aesthetically it is just too hefty and nothing in terms of beauty to speak of. The 747 is another case, the nose is just sexy and iconic. The command centre of the 747 is high above the ground and most importantly the nose will pop open when it is intended to be a freighter for an alternative usage, which Boeing had planned since day 1. I think Airbus needs to revamp their marketing strategies - they seemed to have the markets wrong most the time in recent time. A340 = failed, A350 = too late to the party, A380 = failed. Boeing has hit most of the nails in comparison. The 747-8 will stay on as a freighter as originally intended to be. It managed to kill the A380F before it becomes a real plane.
  2. Apparently just happened over the weekend. Not sure if it was to do with NZ government's decision not to use Huawei's 5G network..... Flight NZ289 AKL to PVG did not have the permission to land in PVG... So they flight had to do a U-ie. https://www.stuff.co.nz/travel/travel-troubles/106529769/air-new-zealand-flight-to-shanghai-returns-to-auckland https://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/news/article.cfm?c_id=3&objectid=12202728
  3. Thanks, Francis. What's with those PW Geared Turbo Fans? Seems problematic.
  4. Cathay Pacific must have nicked BOAC's livery.... Funny to see a B747-400 adorning the BOAC livery with the good old -100/200/300 P&W engines in their rendering. Wonder if the Landor livery is in the cards. The Landor livery looks great!
  5. That's what happened if you are a Chinese citizen or Chinese business. Government intervention and you cannot thrive as an individual - The Chinese Government come and meddle with your business, you have no say in what-so-ever..... if your business grow large enough, government will come knocking on your door and ask you to share and redistribute your wealth for the "poor". Or if the government policy changed - sorry, you will have to derail your original plan and work according to the new government policy. Sorry, it's socialism we are talking about. Another thing is that the Chinese were too quick on buying up assets previously, even those who may not be making profit or economic sense. I believe it was also a government policy to acquire "foreign expertise" through purchasing of foreign business hoping for technological transfer. Now that the government policy has changed, many are forced to sell out or liquidate their assets. If I am a Taiwanese, I am really in no hurry to "return to the motherland"....
  6. Aha, didn't know they are building a new airport
  7. Wonderful pics, what's the story about Istanbul airport becoming Wastanbul Airport?
  8. However direct it may be the 717 to the 737 as a competitor. The 717 was demoted to a regional airliner, which is a far cry from her more capable siblings - the MD80 and MD90s. Boeing is now struggling in the regional airliner sector to counteract with Airbus' A220.
  9. Ex-Qantas 767-200ER apparently! VH-EAQ. Didn't know QF has had a few PW powered 767s before. Thought they were all GE or RR powered
  10. Didn't they say that the practice at Lion Air is questionable? Especially the way they handle the defective item and allow it to fly soon after replacement being fitted onto the aircraft?
  11. They are acting like Samsung trying to demonise Apple product. If they want to be the King of the jungle, they should stop that because Airbus isn't a personal consumer product. Even after years of trying, Samsung is still unable to dethrone Apple as the market trend setter. Whether you like it or not, Apple is the market lead and trend setter in the mobile phone sector. Airbus' statements are often short-sighted and won't hold water through time. Only companies with inferiority complex will make such silly comments by defaming others. I don't see company B defaming company A in similar fashion. Am I the only one in thinking Company B actually produce better planes than Company A? Company B is the trend setter and their B787 forced company A to come up with the A350. The A330 NEO would have been the A350 if it wasn't due to the protest of Qatar Airways forcing them to come up with a whole new design to match the B787. I don't hate Airbus, but I do think they produce boring looking planes that doesn't produce any chemistry to cause the heart to excel. A380, A320 and A350.... for example.
  12. Airbus just love to talk loud but their marketing studies seems like they often tried to match or out do Boeing.... Look at what happened to: 1. The A340 programme - thought they can out do the 777s. 2. The A380 programme - thought they can sell more than 500 of them. It's too early to say whether the A330 NEO is successful and also the A350... Airbus should have learnt their lesson to shut their pie hole....... as situation can change and often move quickly.
  13. Didn't they just have another minor accident? One of their B737-900ER had just had its Winglet scraped through a lamp post?
  14. I hope their management and operations have nothing to do with Malindo?
  15. "Ït's real... no BS!!" Actually Jin in Korean really means "real".
  16. What does the lapse of MOU involved? Forfeiture of bond or deposit?
  17. Had this same issue with my recent flights with MH. Seats were blocked or shown occupied during seat selection when you check-in online. When you turned up for the flight, many surrounding seats are unoccupied. I think this is a tactic to get you to pay for the seats. You are only allowed to a handful of seat choices during online check-in. I get this with my recent flights with Qantas as well, they purposely block out many seats which are found to be unoccupied once you are in the aircraft. I really dislike those laggy IFE on the B737-800s. They are so laggy that it is becoming a waste of time. May be thats the way ancient IFE used to be, but since then the competitors have upped their game.... There is so many aircraft sitting on the tarmac too... two A380s doing nothing in KUL. The recently leased in A330-200s too........ do not seemed to be doing much. Our aircraft, 9M-MTW, was only doing KUL-HKG and HKG-KUL for the day and the next day....... Surely they can be better utilised!
  18. Just had several flights on MH B738 and once on the ex-Berlin A332... I have not been on MH international service for as long as 11 years now........ I was quite surprised that MH is lagging behind so much when compared to CX, QF and SQ. I must say I found the IFE on B737-800 pretty laggy and unresponsive...
  19. F-27 is just really raw and loud F-50 is more civilised and tame! Both equally elegant
  20. Oh i see, so I guess the hissing noise on ground as you can hear with MH's Fokker F50s were the APUs? I am sure some of us have been on the Fokker F-27s, which was my very first aircraft in life, the F-27s had to be attached to a diesel generator whenever they were on the ground. Hence you can't hear the hissing noise with the F-27s. I love the noise of the Rolls Royce Darts better!
  21. Good to see USAF P-8 Poseidon in TWU
  22. He resigned 4 years after the incident? Should have resigned much earlier!
  23. Updating: Malaysia Airlines (MH): F27, F50, B732, B734, B735, B738, B744, B77E, A300B4-200, A332, A333, DC-10-30 Air Asia (AK) - B733, A320 Singapore Airlines (SQ): A312, A313, B742, B743, B77E, B77W, B744 (-412, -4H6), B773, A388, A333, A359, B781 Cathay Pacific Airways (CX): A343, B773, A333, B744 (-412), B77W, A35K, A359 Dragonair (KA): A320, A321, A333 Korean Air (KE): A333, B743, B744, B77W, A388, B748 Philippine Airlines (PR): A300B4-200 Shenzhen Airlines (ZH): B733, B738 Xiamen Airlines (MF): B737-700, B738 Shanghai Airlines (FM): B738, B752 Qantas Airways (QF): B733, B734, B763, B744, B747-438ER, B712, A332 Qantas New Zealand (QF): BAe146 Air New Zealand (NZ): B732, B733, B762, B763, A320, ATR72-500 Ansett New Zealand (AN): BAe146 Pelita Air, Indonesia (6D): Hercules C-130 Freedomair, NZ (SJ): B733 Origin Pacific Airways, NZ (QO): DHC-8 Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF): B752, Hercules C-130 Jetstar.com (JQ): A320, A321 LAN Chile (LA): A343 Polynesian Blue (DJ): B738 Pacific Blue (DJ): B738 China Southern Airlines (CZ): ERJ145 Japan Airlines (JL): B763 Emirates Airlines (EK): A345, A388, B77W Air Pacific (FJ): B763 V Australia (VA): B77W VirginBlue (DJ): E170 Virgin Australia: B738 Tiger Airways Australia (TT): A320-200 Silk Air (MI): A320-100 China Eastern (MU): B733, A300B4-600R Royal Brunei (BI): B77E, A319 Thai Airways (TG): B772, B744, A388, B77W, A346, A333 Hainan Airlines (HU): A346, B788, B738 Vietnam Airlines (VN): A321 Air France (AF): B77W Garuda Indonesia (GA): B77W KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (KL): B77E Air China (CA): B744, A321, B77W, B748, A333 Hong Kong Airlines (HX): A320 Easy Jet (U2): A319 West Air China (PN): A320 Condor Flugdienst (DE), B753 Types: Airbus: A300B4-203, A300-600R, A310-200, A310-300, A319-100, A320-100, A320-200, A321-200, A330-200, A330-300, A340-300, A340-500, A340-600, A350-900, A350-1000, A380-800 ATR: ATR-72-500 British Aerospace: BAe-146 Boeing: B717-200, B737-200, B737-300, B737-400, B737-500, B737-700, B737-800, B747-200, B747-300, B747-400, B747-400ER, B747-8i , B757-200, B757-300, B767-200, B767-300, B777-200, B777-200ER, B777-300, B777-300ER, B787-8, B787-10 DeHavilland Canada: DHC-8-300 Embraer: ERJ-145, ERJ-170 Fokker: F-27 Friendship, F-50 Lockheed: C-130 Hercules McDonnell Douglas: DC-10-30 Quote
  24. The A318 is literally orphaned or a bastard child now
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