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  1. Imagined if Temasek group is one of them.... though very controversial and highly unlikely...
  2. There are some news circulating that 4 parties are interested in buying MAS. Qatar is one of them.... Is this for real? But there is a saying due to geopolitics in the middle east, Qatar might lose their bid....
  3. Wow, it's about effing time! They have done this in Australia and New Zealand since 2002! 17 years ago!!
  4. If they need a good name and brand... they would not pick Malaysia...
  5. So, it means SIA won't get the 737-800 at all since they will all be transferred to Scoot. Looks like SIA will get the 737 Max instead...?
  6. Featuring PW engines from the and cockpit windows from the B747-400........
  7. This two accidents will make life harder for aircraft manufacturers from now on. It will not be as simple as making subsequent variations of an existing model and bypassing all the normal requirements of producing a whole new model. The 737 Max is flawed by its design and weight distribution. Had the gotten things right, MCAS should not be required at all.
  8. If the 737Max was designed correctly with correct weight distribution from the beginning, then there wouldn't be a need for the MCAS.
  9. What was the cost involved? If it cost too much especially with Taxi and ferry, many would simply not bother. The ferry is considered expensive at HKD $175 per way, compared to the Airport bus $42 per way. Unless the airfare is super cheap, perhaps for the budget conscious group, it might work. Then again, CX had just bought HK Express, so Air Asia will face stiffer competition compared to when HK Express was managed by the ailing Hong Kong Airlines/ Hainan Airlines Group. Most people do not live close to the Ferry, nor have quick access to the Airbus bus that will make a stop at the HK Border Crossing after the airport, so that will add more time to it. As for mainland Chinese, I don't think anyone is in a hurry to go to Macau just to catch a flight. SZX is cheap enough, Guangzhou is a bit too far. Perhaps they can attract people from Zhuhai, then again, it will be a hassle to cross the Border at Zhuhai as well. Sorry I don't really see how MFM will work out especially when China had tighten the outflow of money from within their border. The gold old days of big spenders at Macau Casinos are gone... I hope TF had done his feasibility studies.
  10. Not really a good link from HK - it is too much of a hassle to go to Macau airport to catch a flight. It takes near 2-3.5 hrs per way, 2 hrs is considered quick... One can probably do it within two hours, but you need an HK ID card / smart gate option for both HK and MO side. It would also help once the monorail starts operating, connecting the Cotai ferry with the airport. I am going to fly from MFM to BKI next month and we shall see...
  11. I have seen this ad before in New Zealand, when BA still flies to Auckland in the early 90's with the 747-400... in Landor livery that is. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5WKYhEPzCmU
  12. I have seen both Landor livery in KUL and SIN during the 1990s. I saw the Negus livery in HKG, KUL and SIN in the 1980s. Landor livery is definitely one of the best livery of BA.
  13. I believe I have used that last year at London Gatwick (LGW) with Easyjet A319.
  14. MH370 threats: Plane fragments 'linked' to murder of official as MH370 hunter forced into hiding https://www.nzherald.co.nz/world/news/article.cfm?c_id=2&objectid=12212838
  15. It is suppose to be Geelong's Airport and not Melbourne's Airport lol.
  16. Haha especially when Ethiopian decided to send the Blackbox to BEA in France instead!
  17. Could have been an 8 pretending to be a 9. lol
  18. 'Please take me seriously': Boy, 10, writes adorable letter to the CEO of Qantas asking him for advice on how to run his airline 'Oceania Express' – and gets an EPIC response back Read more: https://www.msn.com/en-au/news/australia/please-take-me-seriously-boy-10-writes-adorable-letter-to-the-ceo-of-qantas-asking-him-for-advice-on-how-to-run-his-airline-oceania-express-%E2%80%93-and-gets-an-epic-response-back/ar-BBUBpmz?fullscreen=true#image=3
  19. Luckily not even one of the many 787s had fallen from the sky.... Then again, Airbus is no angel.
  20. I thought Cathay is running red too... how can they afford to go on a shopping spree to buy HK Express and HK Airlines?
  21. Very true, but that has culminated the beginning and became a reference of the copycat culture lol....
  22. Copycat culture is pretty much alive and kicking in China. The new Lucky Air livery appears to be Boeing factory dreamliner livery at the front combined with British Airways logo at the tail. It seems their design is just about copying and adopting others' idea. Cathay Pacific's old livery too - it is so BOAC at the cheatline level. By the way, I wonder how much it would cost to hire a Weststar 727?
  23. Forced to turn back to Hamburg as she is not allowed to fly over Iran. http://newsinflight.com/2019/02/20/no-clearance-to-fly-over-iran-air-new-zealand-a321-flight-was-forced-to-turn-back-to-germany/
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