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  1. Mushrif, not sure entirely if the route has been suspended. I went to Eva Air's website and I can't seemed to get Penang on their timetable. Perhaps you can try as well. I may be wrong.......
  2. According to Eva Air route map, they fly to both Penang and Kuala Lumpur But seems like TPE-PEN-TPE had been temporarily suspended. http://www.evaair.com/html/b2c/Chinese/eva.../Flight_routes/ TPE-KUL BR0227 Mon, Thu, Fri, Sat, 09:40 - 14:10 Equipment: 763 KUL-TPE BR0228 Mon, Thu, Fri, Sat, 15:20 - 20:05 Equipment: 763
  3. Not a new colour scheme, but probably a temporary c/s to celebrate the launching of the 777-300ER
  4. Well with their tough screening and moderation, I can see a lot of members not feeling comfortable about it. There is a bit of a hypocracy amongst the administrators where by they launch personal attacks to members - watch the 2nd moderator proposal thread and just check their posts at A.net. I have also noticed that, good news is kept to themselves most of the time and I don't see many news being shared to other members. I certainly think it was a bit of an insult when they pull out that April fool's joke. The administrator is the PM and the other the deputy PM and they have their own vision 2020 as well. By then AeroMalaysian should have achieve such and such skyrocketed status. Although it is meant to be a joke, but they meant it. I personally do not find it funny, as I can feel the fish bone underneath the skin and meat. I am sure many members felt it but just didn't want to say anything causing their dislikes. I appreciate their effort, but sorry, their attitude is not quite right. I would rather be in a forum which has no such politics and stress.
  5. Very nice forum and website I must say...... having advanced controls too I love it!! Keep up with the good work Effendy and Gavin! Also nice to see some familiar members here
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