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  1. It is more likely that they are under the control of the lessors. Companies which manage the airports usually provide storage services but aren't the actual owners of the aircraft. No SC Chow, it is actually Victorville, in California's Desert. Best regards.
  2. Liam, thanks for clearing the status of VH-SWO up. While I read about a month ago the difficult financial situation faced by Solomon Air, I was not aware (I even hoped it would not happen, considering their beautiful livery) that it had definitively stopped operating the E170. Thanks.
  3. Dear S V Choong, Two ex-Hong Kong Express E170s went to Australian operators: Hong Kong Express B-KXA is now VH-SWO, flying for Solomon Airlines in behalf of SkyAirWorld Hong Kong Express B-KXB is now VH-ANO, flying for Airnorth The other two E170s went to Kenya Airways: Hong Kong Express B-KXC is now 5Y-KYK Hong Kong Express B-KXD is now 5Y-KYJ Hope you find it useful. You can find detailed information on Embraer jets in this Forum: http://www.embjets.net/forum/index.php
  4. Hi everyone... here's the information from Skyliner.de about this 737: Boeing 737-46J 28038 2794 9M-MQP Malaysia Airlines at ETNA 02 apr07 with titl, basic AB cs ex N380BG The plane was at Ahlhorn, Germany, at the time of the picture. Best regards.
  5. Small airline but growing fast Andrew: in its first year of operations it reportedly carried 1 million passengers (figure to be confirmed). At the end of 2006, Volaris had 6 Airbus A319 aircraft, on January 2007 it received two more and will have a total of 14 by year's end (that is, eight A319 will be delivered to this Mexican airline throughout the year). Volaris is also opening new destinations, for instance they have opened 4 new routes in 2007 and will start other five new routes during March-April. Best regards.
  6. Hey Pieter, thanks for posting Mexicana's information! Hi Tamizi! Even thought the news are excellent, the comment is still very vague. We have heard a lot of rumours and are looking forward to receiving detailed information as for type of planes and number per type. The majority of opinions here at Mexico tend to say Mexicana will continue buying Airbus aircraft for short-to-medium routes (A318, A319, A320, which it currently operates, and perhaps they will add A321), while for the long-haul fleet they are assessing the A330 and A340, but from a time on it has been said that the Boeing 777 is being considered too... go figure (Mexicana uses a pair of 767s for their longest routes, mainly to Argentina). As for the new planes, it seems at first that 14 of those 40 would be firm orders, and the remainder would be options. Please note Mexicana is not a LCC, but a legacy airline; actually, it is the oldest Mexican airline and one of the oldest in the world. As soon as more information is released I will keep you informed. Best regards.
  7. According to The Jakarta Post.com, the plane is PK-KKW: Boeing 737-4Q8 C/n 24070/1665 Ex G-BNNL, N112TR, EI-CXH, YU-AOO, N240LF, YU-AOO Delivered to Adam Air 17.12.05
  8. The Air Madrid issue turned out to be a very big problem for at least 1,200 Mexicans who already had bought their tickets, either one way or round trips. Aeromexico and Lufhtansa are offering their support to these stranded passengers, charging special, reduced fares. Air Madrid used to fly to Toluca airport; I understand they had good passenger loads, specially at the beginning, but in recent times delays were very frequent. Too bad!
  9. Hey Pieter! I'm glad to know you are eager to plan a trip to Mexico... I hope you come soon! I'm from Mexico City but currently living at Aguascalientes, a city to the west-northwest of our capital city. A flight from Aguascalientes to Mexico City takes around 45 minutes, while it takes 6 hours on bus. Please feel free to ask any questions or information you may need, I would gladly help you As I mentioned before, Mexican Aviation is entering to a very interesting stage, with lots of new competition from Low-cost carriers, the first direct trip to Asia by a Mexican Airline (Aeromexico, flying Mexico-Tijuana-Narita), and more people flying than ever before. Hope you get to see it here!
  10. Fortunately, only a "plane scare", according to CNN. The flight number was BA209 and the aircraft type a Boeing 747. It seems the plane somehow missed a turn after landing and struck runway lights, but it was pushed back into the runway, and it taxied to the gate, where passengers disembarked with no problems. Thank God, a scare only.
  11. Hello again. A friend of mine posted interesting information today in a Mexican Aviation Forum, regarding MH flights between MEX-LAX and Asia. According to his data, 183 thousand PAX were transported to/from MEX by MH between 1992 and 1996. 79% of the passengers flew the MEX-LAX-MEX route and only 21% continued to or came from Asia (TPE-KUL). Considering these figures, Mexican and American airlines complained to the government and... well, the rest is history. Good day.
  12. Hi Keith T, this action stands to reason: Star Alliance nowadays is the only major alliance with no Latin American carrier (SkyTeam has Aeromexico, LAN is member of oneworld). However, I imagine the entrance of the "new" Varig would take some time. Best regards.
  13. It is Pieter!!! Besides a lot of photos in sites such as Airliners.net or jetphotos, I recommed you to visit the photo section of the following forum: http://www.fsmex.com/fotos.php Or the ones at Aviation Photography of Mexico: http://www.apm-group.com.mx/galeria.htm Even better if you are able to travel to our country and check for yourself our air traffic Regards.
  14. Hi, I'm a relatively new member in the Forum and would like to take up this topic originally posted back in July by Pieter. VivaAerobus indeed started its operations in 2006, however the exact date wasn't October but November 30th. The airline currently flies to 10 destinations from their base at Monterrey, and expects to open 5 new routes on January 1st, 2007 (no US cities for the time being). Viva's start was not uneventful: they were supposed to have a pair of Boeing 737-300 aircraft from day one, however the second one which arrived to Mexico had all kind of customs and paperwork problems, leaving the airline with only one plane, thus forcing Viva to contract two Mexican charter airlines in order to cover all of their flights. Even this decision wasn't free of trouble: Viva's 737 jets carry 148 PAX but the plane of one of the charter airlines (Magnicharters, a 737-200) carries 109 PAX... there were a few cases -when the flights were full or almost full- in which a number of passengers were not able to board, due to the reduced capacity of the leased planes (compared to Viva's capacity). Fortunately this issue has already been solved and Viva is currently using both of their 737; according to some persons who work there, they are having an excellent holiday period and their passenger loads have been around 100% during these final weeks of the year. As a side note, at the moment we have six low-cost carriers here at Mexico: besides the above mentioned (Volaris, Click, Interjet, VivaAerobus), Aerolíneas Mesoamericanas (ALMA) and AVolar are also flying from their bases at Guadalajara and Tijuana airports, respectively. Finally, it seems the GOL Mexico project is not going to start anytime soon. Best regards from Mexico.
  15. Hey Keith T! You are quite right on your comment on Oneworld's presence in South America; let's see if Star Alliance has an answer to this new situation. The very last paragraph of the news you cited states: In parallel the alliance is exploring various options to secure a wider presence in the region. I have read about two possibilites on this issue: 1. The entrance of the "new" Varig to Star Alliance, which of course would take some time. 2. An airline such as Aerolineas Argentinas joining Star Alliance (but nothing confirmed up to now). Have a nice day.
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