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    I thought I would see this in roads only hmmm... can even see it in Airports tarmac... lol truly amazing. But the funny thing AK always parks near the aerobridges am I not right even in KCH they will park at the aerobridge... am I not correct Captain? But sometimes they will park at the Remote stand in KCH, again am I right captain?. Dunno why like this...
  2. Stupid him... but MH can refurbished the cabin wa....... example? so far i heard they are more expensive
  3. All I know is that most of my friends who are going 2 OZ and NZ to study the opted for SQ because it is a loot cheaper... MH is famous for being expensive. But I like SQ better I think.... so much for patriotism I like the A330/332 of MH... if I don not remember wrongly the A330 does have individual IFE right used it from KCH-KUL-KCH was very fun!!!! But sighs no movies or games onboard for short/domestic flights bugger.....
  4. I think they can thrive better if they join star alliance... am I right?
  5. thanks Fairul... Oh back to...... Old planes
  6. Beautiful Bird of Steel!! Thanks Khor, Jian and Raj for teh pics
  7. Pardon me... But I am not very good with all these aircraft name... 73A and 73Z means that it is 737-800??
  8. But I thought the runway in MYY and BTU has already been completed? Which leaves KCH runway still in progress. Btw.... you mean right now there is no ILS for the KCH runway? is it because of the construction going on?
  9. frankly I read in Business traveller mag there was a lot of complaints on Suvarnabhumi (phew~ a hard name to pronounce)
  10. So if MH is using NB to serve Asian routes...could this mean that they won't be using WB to serve domestic routes.... meaning that no more A330/B772 serving Kuching anymore...... if that is true that would be sad and unfair!!
  11. But I thought MH owns the B734s? I hope they will lease the 738 hehehe... or maybe A320 and wonder what would A320 in MH livery look like
  12. But that did not happened in Indon... it is a diff rite?
  13. hmmmm.... they put it on low-peak days.....
  14. Oh dear... in just a matter of a short period so many air crashes in Indon... i wonder wat is happening.... scary
  15. wow...yeah I hope they will lanch KCH-CGK soon and KCH-BKK. I thought there are still direct flights from BKI-TPE and KHH?? by MH right?
  16. wow a lot of happenings in KLIA eh... thanks for the pics
  17. Damn I didn't get the one in KCH too buhuhuhuhu
  18. So how many routes of of Malaysia to SIN is considered lucrative? KUL-SIN (vv) PEN-SIN (vv) is KCH-SIN (vv) lucrative how about BKI-SIN (vv) I think the KCH-SIN(vv) is more lucrative right?
  19. How come A330 parking is cheaper? Can anyone explain to me please....
  20. Well the results are not out yet so we shall see if ak is able to serve the route or not
  21. There won't be a Left or right because there is only a single runway... if u check the KCH runway there is also no Right or Left because there is only a single runway. Unlike KL where there are 2 runways thus runway are being designated with R and L... Correct me if i am wrong guys
  22. btw just now i passed by the airport and I saw Amazing in Kuching... later when I was on the way back saw Amazing departing to domestic service...maybe sbw
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