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  1. New baggage policy for AirAsia Monday, 12 January 2009 AirAsia will change its baggage policy from 13 January to reduce risk of double billing. Dubbed “Supersize”, customers will be able to choose from three tiers of baggage sizes when purchasing their flight seats online. For domestic flights, guests can choose from Supersize Regular for up to 15kg of baggage and pay a nominal sum of RM5, Supersize Medium for up to 20kg at RM43 or Supersize Large for up to 25kg at only RM80. For international sectors, charges are RM5, RM55 and RM105 for Supersize Regular, Supersize Medium and Supersize Large respectively. “With the implementation of Supersize, customers now no longer have to pay the checked-in baggage handling fee of RM5 per piece of luggage. This means passengers who opt for Supersize Regular can check-in more than 1 piece of luggage but only pay RM5 as long as the total weight does not exceed 15kg,” explained Kathleen Tan, AirAsia regional head of commercial. “Previously, customers who booked online had to pay RM5 for every piece of checked-in luggage, subject to the 15kg allocation. They had to pay double the charges i.e. RM10 per piece over the counter if they did not book online. This is on top of excess baggage charges for checked-in baggage that is more than 15kg,” added Tan. A similar baggage policy has previously been implemented for AirAsia X flights with rate revisions for its Supersize implementation. Effective 13 January, Supersize Regular (up to 15kg) for AirAsia X remains at the previous rate of RM20, while Supersize Medium (up to 20kg) and Supersize Large (up to 25kg) now cost RM5 more than previously. Supersize Medium for AirAsia X now costs RM55 (RM50 previously) while Supersize Large is RM105 (RM100 previously). Over-the-counter excess baggage fees remain at RM15 per kg for domestic flights and RM20 per kg for international sectors. There is also no change to AirAsia X excess baggage charges of RM20 per kg on all its international sectors, except for London Stansted that charges RM50 per kg. http://www.impactpub.com.au/micebtn/index....7&Itemid=50 This is good news as 10KG extra for international flight can cost you RM200 under the old system(half the price of the new upsize luggage policy). ALSO, from the latest AirAsia's Travel 3Sixty, they will be implementing allocated seating for ALL AirAsia flights and those who wish to preselect seats will pay extra, ala AirAsia X style. No implementation date given. Bravo for listening to the customers.
  2. Can airasia do that? It is in MAHB's site and airasia cannot meddle with MAHB's operation. They can advise MAHB to enhance the connectivity but they can't certainly deal it with their own hand.
  3. Sorry for stupid questions below: So is this MAHB's fault? and as far as i'm concerned, all the bags are electronically tag (with a number), so what has possibly gone wrong? (apart from the scam).
  4. I believe, the ATC for the proposed KLIA East will be done by the KLIA itself. 10 KM difference does not need another ATC. Avalon Airport here in Victoria is controlled by Melbourne Airport ATC which is situated 60 KM away. It can be done.
  5. Yes seriously. It's 20km by road, because of the runway.
  6. Sorry Nabiel, the article does not provide any new information that warrant a new thread. The "KLIA East@Labu" is already sufficient. I suggest continuing the discussion in that thread.
  7. The war with MAHB is on! So the proposed MAHB LCCT will be in between 2nd and the new 3rd runway. Interesting. Now we can sorta estimate where the new LCCT will be.
  8. It's not just a new building, but there will be a new runway as well, and possibly a new ATC. That's what we call WASTING RESOURCES.
  9. from an interview with Tony Fernandes on a new Interline service in the new wing in LCCT: R.C: So you can interline? T.F: We don’t actually practice the interlining policy; we have all the advantages without the costs… R.C. Interlining is costly? T.F: Correct. We’re like EasyJet; if you want to fly on you, have to have a separate ticket. We make it easy. For example, in our new terminal were building in KL, we have for the first time put in a transfer desk; and people coming off Azran’s planes can go to this desk and recheck in for their next flight. We will make it a form of interlining, but we’ll make it self-liquidating; i.e. if you say I don’t want to deal with my bags, can you put them on the next flight? then we will charge you for that service. So it’s still a menu of services, that are priced, so that you can virtually get a full service product. But you pay for it. Looking forward to this service in LCCT. read the rest of the interview in : http://articles.rogerandrandy.com/blogs/20...tony-fernandes/
  10. Korean Air does not serve Buenos Aires.
  11. without having to create a thread, I just want to share the Welcome video for Xcite, the IFE for AirAsia X: http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=OOP2BtKc-GU&fmt=18
  12. Nabiel, dah ada forum thread pasal ni dah... kat sini (Nabiel, we already have the forum thread on this lah..) http://www.malaysianwings.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=9006 A340 is a lease plane from Air Canada. Edit: OOPS, 3 posts in the span of 2 minutes
  13. I think the reason why the fare advertised FROM UK is cheaper than fare from KL, is to entice the Britons to try AirAsia X. This is similar when they launch Gold Coast-KL, only $99 dollars from Australia-KL, (cheaper than flying KL-Australia at that time), and we have not seen this price ever since.
  14. i've posted a reply here : http://www.malaysianwings.com/forum/index....st&p=202093
  15. Azri M.

    Air Asia

    Yes, they fly from Singapore to Malaysia (namely KL, Sarawak, and Sabah). If you are confused, have a look at the Route Map on the left handside corner below the booking frame. ? The booking is available for flights more than 4 hours from the time of booking until if I'm not mistaken August 2009, unless of course it is sold out. The discounted sale may be limited to a certain travel time, but you still certainly can book any other time. Try mock booking and see if you can select, if you can, then it's available then.
  16. Azri M.

    Air Asia

    Where got the download link lah.. Are you using some sort of Extension?
  17. hey, who is the flag carrier of Malaysia now?
  18. Are you sure?? A return flight for KUL-BKK-KUL costs RM146.50 inclusive tax. If that's not impressive, I don't know what to say. However, I agree, that the 0 ringgit fare is more limited than normally was.
  19. I think there is a clerical error. There is no sale for Perth to KL/any AirAsia X destination. This is purely AirAsia sale. Sorry to disappoint you. $13 is too good to be true. On the other hand, KL-Hong Kong is RM140 return. Whoa,how better can it ever be?
  20. Did you go all the way to the end.. as in already submitting your Credit Card application? Maybe you are just plain lucky.
  21. Credit card fee for TR is called Convenience fee. Airasia group doesnt implement it, JQ on the other hand implements AUD3 per sector.
  22. What I meant is, do not be a fool on this removal of surcharge, thinking that the airfare now will be cheap ALL the time. During the 0 ringgit sale, it will of course will be super duper cheap (limited). But during normal days, it will be the same as the fuel surcharge has been absorbed into the base airfare realistically. All this is a gimmick so that people will believe it has gone cheaper. So grab your free seats whenever possible!
  23. Naim, fret not, this is again another strategy. Yesterday the base airfare for the AOR-KUL route was RM9... Today the base airfare has magically increased to RM29. So it is only the so call the abolishment of the fuel surcharge because that "surcharge" is now absorbed into the airfare.
  24. Here we go again... I thought MAS has learned the lesson and from now on display fares all inclusive. However, this global online sale's fares DO NOT include tax and surcharges. 1 way economy fare from KL: London: Advertised: RM1069, Actual: RM1915 Male, Colombo - Advertised: RM429; Actual: RM903 Sydney - Advertised: RM759; Actual: RM 1520.00 Paris - Advertised: RM999; Actual: RM 1595.00 Delhi - Advertised: RM429; Actual: RM903 Amsterdam - Advertised: RM1069; Actual: RM1915 Dubai - Advertised: RM899; Actual: RM1474 This is what we call, hangat-hangat tahi ayam. http://ssroslan.com/mas-low-fares/malaysia...al-fare-part-4/
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