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  1. AirAsia Long Haul route grabbed from their page: So they are flying to Stanstead instead of MAN
  2. Somehow I prefer RAS been taken over by Firefly. FAX has halfheartedly given services to RAS and many ppl doesnt happy with it. When Ras is under firefly, its easier to implement better connectivity with MAS, which is what the ppl there want I guess. (or at least the politicians who fly there). And Firefly can use some of the RAS planes to fly more destinations out of PEN. So win-win situation lah. (of course AK is the major winner).
  3. Of course they need to have IATA code. or else how would they name their route? by just number (eg. D7 10)
  4. Do you know that FAX never have ICAO or Callsign codes (not that I know of). Sometimes I wonder that FAX presence is not for rural air service, but more to launch long haul (aka. AirAsia X). No wonder they want to give RAS back to MAS. Zack
  5. 60 or 70 years? does it begin on 1947 or 1937? according to wiki, its 1937 History of MAS in wiki
  6. Can someone scan and put it in here, I want to see also. Nice photos taken, Levent n Rozhan.. Keep them up .. Zack
  7. Those who have flown today. Several questions that we all want to know... (well at least I want to know) Do you have assigned seats? What's the baggage weight limit? How was the flight crew? How's the flight's experience? Can the rowdy old Fokker handle it? Do you have to buy food? or no food available? Do you still wanna fly with it again? Just some questions that have been rushing to through my mind. Would love to know more about it Zack
  8. Booking thru phone and MAS offices can be made now. The online booking is the one that starts on May. So u can book now.
  9. I am so confused. Eddy Leong said it will be a "no frills" airline a.k.a low cost airlines. From http://www.nst.com.my/Current_News/nst/Sun...icle/index_html
  10. 4.3 Government Taxes, Charges and Insurance Surcharge: Any taxes, charges or insurance surcharge imposed on air travel by the Government, relevant authority or the airport operator (in whichever country or locality) in respect of Passenger�s use of any of our services or facilities will be in addition to our fares, administration fees and charges and shall be borne by Passenger, That quote is from Firefly T&C. I guess Insurance Surcharge is compulsory. What to do?
  11. So the Taxes for Firefly mounts to RM 43.40 for domestic flights (Airasia RM40) and RM 173.40 for international flights (AirAsia RM106 or RM120 depending on destinations) Now we know how they can make more money, right?
  12. You mean KLIA Main Terminal Building? Along with Malaysia Airlines domestic? Anyone to verify this though? I wonder how about immigration procedures? ZACK!
  13. I checked the Malaysia Airlines booking website again. For 2 adults and 1 child, the price of return flights (travelling in May 2007) from KUL to EWR will be RM 13,257.00 in total for the lowest price. Please check again. ZACK!
  14. Not will be in Melbourne... I am in Melbourne... so yeah, anytime mate! ZACK!
  15. A more valid reason why Jetstar doesnt fly to the Budget airport in Changi is because they want to offer a better connectivity to their Qantas flights in T1. In KUL, there is no Qantas flying there, so therefore they do not have the same hurdle to go to KUL MTB/Sattelite or LCCT. Therefore, in that sense, they may prefer going to LCCT as it is cheaper and connect to another low cost carrier (aka AirAsia). We'll see how it goes. Yes I will be in Melbourne! Make sure I don't have to drive you all the way from Avalon. DAMN FAR! ZACK
  16. I posted some pix on the other thread. My post with pix Yeah, it is a shed. But with this talk, they might open up a new international terminal with a better facility i hope? Yea, its damn far from Melbourne. 2 hrs by SunBus... further than our LCCT. But at least it is reachable to Melbourne city. So not so bad loh. ZACK!
  17. How clever! Jetstar's Avalon Airport is currently not catered for international destinations as there is no immigration facility. But with Jetstar's flying out from it, they will for sure upgrade the terminal with immigration facility later. And therefore, AirAsia X can fly directly from KUL. TF is genius! ZACK!
  18. The problem with Avalon Airport is, it has a very small terminal building with no immigration at all! Basically it is a purely domestic airport. It can't handle international arrivals. So unless Australian government is willing to fork out some few thousands aussie dollars for expansion and facilities for international flights, then we can be sure that AirAsia X can operate to avalon. I read somewhere that Malaysian government have approved a few cities and Melbourne is one of the cities that have been approved. If it is the case, what is AirAsia X real plan? Could it be that AirAsia X will make a stop over at one of the cities elsewhere just to differentiate with MAS route and then fly to Melbourne Airport? Interesting to see when all these to be unveiled soon Sharing some of the pictures of Avalon Airport taken on the 5th of January 2007 This is the arrivals entrance for Avalon terminal building. Basically it is only one building. Look how shabby it is. You should be grateful how pretty our LCCT if compared to this. Basically there is no separation between the baggace claim and the arrival, so it is all open. Look how small the terminal is. Can you expect the building to handle international pax?
  19. Jetstar will not allow that easily. Jetstar plans to become a sole user of Avalon Airport. But we'll see what will happen. Tony Fernandes gets whatever he wants.
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