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  1. KK pulls his Shallow and Lame thinking again! Well done.. Winson, i suggest you ignore such strange people who obviously have not tried to get into the cadetship or failed in doing so by their own doings. I am a MAS cadet Batch 12 and i believe its possible as long as you try hard enough and prepare well enough. Have you submitted your application? If you need any information please dont hesitate to contact me or Brennan, we are in the same batch. KK LEE
  2. EXACTLY! Agreed there! Just because theres an extra flight with a 4 digit number does not mean that he hired it. Speculations are not too good without proper hard evidence. As far as i know, MH handles a lot of charter flights. The charter division is doing quite well. Besides, our PM travels on MH's scheduled flights often. So does the King and other Sultans or head of states. They have been on my dad's flights very often.
  3. I think Idris feels he needs time at least till the current date of Open Skies implementation to shape MAS into a stronger competitor. Its not a sorry state of mentality, just a matter of one man knowing that his plans are already set for a certain time line and he wants to concentrate on that.
  4. There is a safety mechanism called a WEIGHT SWITCH. Wonder what happened there..
  5. Good move, the absence of PTV in the GCC seats is only because they dont intend to keep this aircrafts too long.
  6. A newsletter from the MD himself says that in the next two months, the method of how ESOS is allocated will be announced in full to avoid any ambiguity. This article is too shallow, no hard facts and a story line that keeps taking different directions. Of course though, "some people " who just look for an oppurtunity to belittle the national airline will be jumping with their hands high up in the sky...
  7. I thought there was a code share with Egypt Air (not too sure though)
  8. I believe the new ATRs are bought my MAS and not PMB. D. Idris believes in BUYING aircrafts now, not leasing them.
  9. Some senior pilots have always pointed out that those who starts off with turbo-props learn a lot more and gain plenty of valuable experience.
  10. You would do the same if you could get it cheaper else where..at the end of the day, best price wins. I think Mr.Jala has made a good decision.
  11. IFS has 4 stripes on their name tag and not 3 and a half stripes
  12. Sorry to say this mate, but i just think you really need to be reading more of the newspapers. Unless of course, you've been doing so but failed to notice how much things have changed in MH. By the way, being involved somewhat directly in the airline, the people in MH are really glad with the way things have been turning out and the best part is, they, like a lot more Malaysians (and airline leaders around the world) truly salute Mr. Jala and has a huge amount of confidence that MH is going to emerge a big winner in a few years. Mind you, even the IATA had requested for him to share his experience in doing such a great job. So, we (including Sandeep, cheers mate, goodr reply!) who frequently keep tab of whats going on in the airline are of the opinion that when something goes wrong, a constructive criticism is good, but when someone is doing things right, the proper thng to do is to give them a pat on the back, to support them through it, because at the end of the day, what goes around, comes around. to you too..
  13. i've been on this forum for the past 2 years..nice to see you around now. Anyway, if theres anything that comes up i'll let you know.
  14. Must be one of those rather 'low' days for everyone involved in that flight..it happens to all airlines at some time or another. Thanx for sharing. By the way, the baggage issues has nothing to do with MAS, just a point to note.
  15. Well Haansel, I dont know if your memory serves it well, but I am Sanjay, the guy from La Salle, 1 year senior to you..and my dad is also your dad's colleague if you can recall it..
  16. Just a word of advice, start off something else while waiting and trying..a pre-U course would be very useful in future. By the way, are you from Klang, haansel?
  17. Sometimes all that amazing achievers like Mr. Jala needs to successfully pilot our pride and passion, Malaysia Airlines, higher up into glorious times is unending support from us and recognition of a good work done. More over, it is our believe in a person of such attributes that really inspires them to move on. Having spoken to Mr. Jala himself about these matters, I must say that our opinion and support towards what he does and towards MAS really fuels his efforts in MAS...congratulations Mr. Jala!
  18. The cost of maintaining B747s are really high. MAS plans are to reduce SINGLE FLIGHT CAPACITIES and instead use A/Cs of lower capacity (B772) with more frequencies which would give pax a better option of flight timings. Of course this plan however does not include stations like LHR
  19. Well done Adrian! Welcome to the airline...medical shouldnt be a problem as long as you know you are fit..
  20. He is the main communication bridge between the batch and the academy, as well as with MAS. Besides that, he also submits a monthly reportt on our progress and other information pertaining the batch to MAS HR and Capt. Tony Ho.
  21. They're still in the midst of getting the whole thing fully up and running. Its just like setting up a new company, initially there'll always be hiccups and finally they would identify them from feedbacks and rectify it. I really like the new website, looks classy and vibrant at the same time. And by the way, theres absolutely no problems in my computer. As for the front page, it may be an old picture used in their promotions before, but its one heck of a good one for their front page, i think thats why they did not mind using it again. As the saying goes, old is gold sometimes..
  22. I dont think MAS has objected to Sahara or Air India Express flying into KUL..if they did want to object they would have objected to Jet, IC and AI as well..theres more to this than what is published there..
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