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  1. If there is a PPL holder who does not have a rating on this aircraft type, what would the procedures be like?
  2. LGK is an island airport, and right from the time you step out of the aircraft, you get that free, easy going island atmosphere. Hence not having the aerobridge actually contributes to it. Its a very common sight to see the pax (especially foreigners) posing with the aircraft for a piece of memory. It gets better when MH sends in the once weekly A330. You can hear the camera's clicking away...
  3. Superb, Hakan. Nice of you to talk about self-confidence as well. From your narration of the simulator experience, you seem to be to have quite an impressive amount of knowledge on instrument departures and arrivals. Thanks for sharing again, and glad you made full use of this rare opportunity.
  4. Tried SQ's booking engine today, and found their booking page not too practical or to my liking.. lots of scrolling to do and unevenly arranged. The new AK and MH booking pages are good though..convenient and quick for comparison
  5. Its always fun not knowing what to expect each day. LGK is now known for its strange visitors. We had the Antonov here about 10 days ago, an ATR 42 a few days back, 3 Piper Warriors from Singapore Youth Flying Club last week, not to mention the low overshoots and circuits by F111 two days back . Brennan has more, and i'm sure they're on the way..
  6. Wonder how does it matter..but thanks for sharing!
  7. Look at those finely dressed gentlemen. Beautiful pictures, uncle. My memory of SZB goes just as far as the early 90s. Maybe about 1994, and yet i got a very nostalgic feeling in me when i went through this thread. It was here that my dream to be an airline pilot was initiated..i'm glad i pursued it.
  8. OT: Just came across an interesting video on YouTube. New hardware is attractive, but a great software never fails to impress. Living Malaysian Hospitality
  9. Yes, its perfectly as per DCA's requirements. In fact, DCA recommends the integrated system although non-integrated was allowed too.
  10. Fantastic Khaled. I totally agree with you, and you've worded that superbly. Like a true officer and gentleman. I have an experience which relates very well with your advice. At HMA, a junior batch of ours had started out their flying phase ahead of my batch due to the changeover back to the 'intergrated' training syllabus by the management. Although we are 3 batches senior to this batch of cadets, and we have completed our ground training right up to the ATPL stage, we constantly seek the advice and tips on flying from our juniors. At least I've learned that what makes you good in what you do, especially in the aviation line, is your ability to position yourself well within your means, to learn from everyone and everything available around you, every bit of information helps to put together a better flight and make you a better pilot.
  11. So happy for you, Adrian! Well done.. Your perseverance has paid off!
  12. " DONT RIDE THE BRAKES..IDLE POWER AND THEN BRAKE! " The very first thing my instructor told me during my very first flight in training..
  13. I think such information is not usually made available to just about anyone. Due to security reasons, they're kept pretty confidential.
  14. Great stuff Capt Nik. Doesnt fail to impress just like always. This could be a great addition to our vast options for the archive anyway. How you doing, sir? Must be pretty busy with all this going on...
  15. Kian Hong, superb contribution to this thread..i loved it, so when are you expected to graduate? Training here at LGK is nothing like that in terms of traffic movements, but we get those gorgeous scenic views of the mystical 99 islands from 3000 ft AMSL. Anyway, back-seating night sorties are always fun arent they.. good luck with ur training, sandeep, not heard from you for some time too...hope you're doing great there!
  16. Great stuff Vivek. BOM seems to be getting a lot busier than the last time i made a trip there in 2003. Where in India are you based anyway?
  17. Guys its stated somewhere that its an Employee Blog which is open to the public as well
  18. When it is a bomb threat I dont think they're gonna bother fuel jettisoning procedures. As a pilot the consequences of your decision has to be weighed, and you've got to make the best choice between the available options.
  19. Welcome Fashni, nice to read your opinions on the matter. Well worded..and thoughtful.
  20. Politicians....Dewan Rakyat...they'll just never ever get their facts right especially when it comes to matters about airlines..
  21. My dad just operated home on MLE/CMB/KUL sector with the new seat covers fitted. Surprisingly, MOST pax, when asked about their opinion on the new seat covers said that they like it. According to them, its something different and brightens up the dull cabin interior of the old A330. Pax load was approximately 90%. However, there were a few comments about the Y class seat covers. They said a toned down version would be more pleasant although they didnt seem to mind the random arrangement of the colors. In C class, pax were happy to see something they termed as "lively".. Just sharing with you guys the feedback from passengers as gathered by the Inflight Supervisor. A frequent flier in C class also commented that while he likes the new seat covers in the A330, it doesn't really go well in the B734, while another pax said that its fine on the A330 as the A/C operates to destinations where most pax in MH are leisure based, hence they would like it as it gives them a cheerful mood. All that said and done, there were also a few pax who said it isn't really to their taste. I guess "taste is unique to every man"...
  22. Aikz, SQ.. MH's Inflight Supervisor's uniform is almost identical to this. Navy blue suit, with sky blue shirt and red tie. (Implemented Jan 2008)
  23. Heard the A330 has received new seat covers, but no indication of it being multi-colored.
  24. MH 674 flies 3x weekly from SIN to LGK operated by MH and 4x weekly on a codesharing basis with Silkair. So on certain days, we have 2 flights a day from SIN and i've always noticed a heavy load on the sector, cant really think of reason why any non-stop flights or direct flights from LGK to other international destinations is needed at this moment
  25. In their ad in The Star today, it was written in bold : "Our Brand New Airbus A330" Are they getting any brand new A330s by Nov or is this a case of another misleading ad?
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