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  1. do not speculate. it isnt right for someone to say something like that until the findings are out. Professionalism is a must in handling such issues as speculation would only fan unnecessary fire.
  2. Happy Air has services to LGK at the moment
  3. Not immune of such, but Airbus has a tendency to have 'bugs' in their new aircraft designs, only to be ironed out a little later in the production period.
  4. and people wonder why not go for the A350 rather than A330E... This probably reiterates the point that sometimes, certain airlines just aren't in a position to take such risks with new aircraft types
  5. Dont be fooled by dates of when MoU or LoI are inked and publicized through the media. Many of these deals are done way before it is made known to the public.
  6. KK, just curious.. what do you mean by 'Price Transfer from the airline' which contributed to the losses of MasKargo?
  7. Firefly does, but I am not sure about MASWings
  8. Wonder if the same bashing should apply to SQ, CX, BA etc as they are all reporting an operating loss at this juncture. Hmm.. oh no wait, "Malaysians are the best critics of themselves" . Maybe one should consider poor yields as experienced by almost every major airline in the world in the current economic climate. Try researching on double digit drop in yields reported by airlines worldwide and the great fall of JAL to improve understanding on Revenue Management. Sometimes things go a lot deeper than whats known to us. Full aircraft does not equal to a profitable route. Network management, revenue control, cost structures... they are all complex issues faced by airlines and i believe every airline works towards improving themselves in these areas. However, at times, when matters are beyond your control, you have to revert to damage control. Only those involved in these areas would understand the pain such a situation brings and it would be unfair to pass plain undue judgements. Just my two cents. Cheers!
  9. Without substance makes one look like a rambling man, but with ignorance at presumably an adult age, makes on look like a fool. When an organisation is climbing to the top, stop trying to pull them down, especially so when they originate from your own country. It makes no sense at all to boycott Malaysia to get the message to AK. If you dont like something, take it up the right way, dont grumble and grunt over it with reference to links which are questionable in nature. Be an adult if you'd like to be treated like one. Giving you the benefit of a newbie however, it would be nicer of you to post your 'views' in a more pleasant manner.
  10. Doesnt make much sense either, AK's KUL-STN is not flying at 100% load either from what i have gathered.
  11. No seat on Airasia for its CEO? Haha does he think Twitter is for kids?
  12. I am sorry, Foo but i think you may have not been following the updates on the incident and the causes of it all along.. Maybe a little bit more resources on the matter would assist you in picking your choice.
  13. Was on MH last night, KUL-TGG, noticed that they in addition to the new sweet and spicy peanuts, they are also serving EY pax Loacker Vanilla and Chocolate sandwiches. Crew were also generous enough to make a second round of offering..
  14. Handcuffs are available for a reason. Though, they're only used when the need actually arises, and at the discretion of the Commander with the advise of the Inflight Supervisor.
  15. Very true. Many would be surprised if they were to hear the 'rationale' reasons that many pax would give just to get an upgrade. There's something I am curious about though. I wonder how did she "Check with other MAJOR airlines" on how they would deal with the issue...I dont suppose that it is something you can find out by giving the airline a call. Nevertheless, there COULD have been a better way to handle the matter especially on ground. We have only ONE SIDE of the story though, and conclusions or blames cant be hurled at anyone involved, pax 1, pax 2, or crew members.
  16. VHF frequencies as used in ATC communications utilize are of 'line of sight' hence they generally range to approximately 50-60 nm or much more if you are at a high altitude. The higher you are, the further its range basically..
  17. sounds more like Union vs Govt Intereference
  18. Going for Cadet Pilot interview, Min Chun??
  19. I am STILL a MAS cadet in HM..with 42 hrs in my log, and about to commence the CPL phase in 2 weeks
  20. Amin, could you please check out for me the number of hours I'd be required to fly DUAL to gain my rating. Thinking of hiring this aircraft in Feb by the way.
  21. Thanks for the clarification, Khaled. Had always been a little confused with that area of the MCAR.
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