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  1. I dont think there's anything wrong with stopping an unprofitable route. Thats good business sense, thats how one makes money. I commend AK/D7 for being proactive in their business decisions based on commercial viability unlike MH when they were slow to react in the past.


    But blaming it on a congested terminal? If its true PEN is too congested for them to continue a daily PEN-MAA vv flight on a A320, CX should cancel their PEN-HKG flights as well. After all, they are carrying a lot more passengers than a fully loaded A320.


    The blame game should stop. Its becoming a culture here to blame some other party, some other department, some other organization for ones own failures. Thats not the way it should be. If it isn't profitable, its fine to say so. At least everyone knows it then. But apparently blaming, and pointing fingers is a norm now as a more 'prestigious' way of getting out of a failure. If i recall correctly, when the KUL-ARN-EWR service was terminated, it was on the front page of The Star newspaper in which MH said the yields were simply too low for them to continue.


    AK/D7 has done so much for not just the Malaysian aviation scene but also for the regional aviation industry. They have made a difference, they have brought progress and they have made MH a stronger and better organization today. For all they have done, they deserve a pat on the back. Sadly though, when something doesnt work out their way, the manner in which they handle it seems unacceptable to me. (Thinking of FAX & competition with TR in Thailand as just one of the few)

  2. Hi there Prestley, before I can share anything with you, I need to clarify something. Do you plan to pursue Aircraft Maintenance Engineering together with CPL or just either one? By the way, are you referring to Malaysian Flying Academy (MFA) when you mentioned MAS Academy? MAS does not run its own flying academy. Ab-initio training of its cadet pilots is outsourced to local flying schools, and at the moment thats only APFT.

  3. Low Cost Terminal in LGK?? Has TF ever visited LGK to see what the place is like? Aircrafts are parked at open bays, there are no aerobridge to be used for any flight, baggage delivery system is at its simplest form, access from arrival and access to departure is only a short walk away, its everything he wants in a LCC terminal, so whats the point of building a dedicated LCC terminal in LGK?

  4. Just wondering, is the config really 1-2-1? With such a seating layout, its wonderful that everyone has direct access to the isle but how would it be for couples travelling together. The Cant really see the window seats in the pictures, but if it is as it seems, couples or even business partners would not be able to talk to each other very well, right?

  5. Hey Mokhzani & Tamizi, it is indeed me. It was fun sharing the insights of our life with the media during the interview. The media people were also thrilled to try landing a B777 in the simulator. Everyone had a great time and we were glad to be able to talk to them. Thanks for reading, guys.

  6. Along with this 'shocking' A380 probable cancellation news, the MH Rumour Department also leaks the followings:

    • B77W is being considered if A380 is cancelled, but it may be a candidate even if A380 is not cancelled (I predict it is now highly likely that MH will acquire some B77Ws).
    • B748 is NOT being considered.
    • MH will consider possible B77W order together with B787, A350 as a whole.
    • MH will look at merits of A350 but "not necessarily as part of A380 (cancellation) package" - guess he means that they will not be pressured to take A350 just because they're cancelling the A380.
    • Planning "partnership" (likely codeshares) with RJ and WY (Expected! KUL-AMM and KUL-MCT are in store for us).
    • Kiosk check-in to be introduced "very soon" at KCH, BKI!

    I must say it was a very sensational AGM. Congrats MH!



    Add to the above the introduction of :


    Ipad check in kiosks at KUL (MH customers will be amongst the first in the world to be able to check in using an Ipad) AND


    Webchat, SMS and more channels of customer service to enhance the call center



    Looks like its going to be a busy couple of years ahead for MH.

  7. OT : Been trying to make a booking on Air Asia's website using the On Time Guarantee voucher and it has not been functional since 13th June although the website says upgrading works are scheduled from 15-29 June. When i called up their 'fantastic' call center (which charges RM 1.95/min) i was told that i am making a last minute booking and their server is overloading. The second and third time i called them up, i was told there's nothing wrong with their server. The fourth call got a response of "I'll get a manager to call you in an hour".. and now its been 2 days, nobody has called me.


    Total call charges to AK's call center : RM 65


    Very disappointing experience with a carrier which shouts World's Best LCC. The call center staff are helpless, dont blame them though because one guy actually told me "Our system is unable to rectify such problems". I think the charges for a call made to an organization's Customer Service Center should be minimal or FOC. It is ridiculous and to a certain extent, irresponsible, to make money out of a customer who has a problem and wants to lodge a complain. But at least now I know why their ancillary income is on the rise year after year.

  8. AirAsia posts RM224.1m net profit in 1Q

    Written by Joseph Chin

    Monday, 31 May 2010 17:47





    KUALA LUMPUR: AirAsia Bhd posted net profit of RM224.11 million for the first quarter ended March 31, 2010, up 10% from RM203.15 million a year ago, also boosted by foreign exchange translation gain as the ringgit strengthened against the US dollar.


    The low-cost carrier said on Monday, May 31 that revenue rose to RM878.04 million from RM797.13 million while earnings per share were 9.1 sen versus 8.6 sen.


    "The revenue growth was supported by 17% growth in passenger volumes and average fare that was 13% lower at RM173 as compared to RM198 achieved in 1Q09. Seat load factor was 4 percentage points higher at 74% compared to 70% in the same period last year," it said.


    AirAsia said the group’s core operating profit for the period was RM111 million. This is a 33% decline from the core operating profit achieved in 1Q09. The core operating profit margin for the period was at 12.7%, this is lower than the 20.8% core operating profit margin achieved in 1Q09.


    "The Malaysian Ringgit has strengthened against the US Dollar and this has resulted in a translation gain of RM166 million during the quarter," it said



    Operating profits declined 33% as compared to Q109 when global economy was going down in a free fall. A reason to be concerned there. Gains from FOREX helped buoy profits though and its nice to see ancillary income really picking up in strength.

  9. How is it that they are not bothered about the bigger guys eg SQ/CX? Ever wondered why SQ created the Silkair brand to fly into smaller regional airports rather than just purchasing the narrowbody fleet and operating it under the SQ brand? The Asia Pacific region is poised for a dramatic growth in passenger numbers. Most of which would come from the smaller regional airports rather than the more mature 'main' airports of a particular country. Using FY to serve such regional airports would be wise if it is used to tap into the growth, giving pax the convenience of boarding the flight from an airport closer to home, bringing them to KUL to board a MH aircraft and fly out of the region. This makes sense and is obviously not possible using an ATR with its range constraints. I believe FY can maintain their SZB hub for turboprop ops, and a KUL hub for regional flights.

  10. Thats very true, Syukri and Faizal. I agree with you both that when frustration builds up, and often because the welfare of cadets are ignored, it could just come bursting out at the trigger of an incident of such. Sometimes balancing professionalism and human emotions can be pretty tricky and it may tip off to either side of the scale.


    A suggestion though would be that the management team of these flying schools should listen out more to their cadets' opinions/voices (using some colleges and universities as a good example). That way at least the students would be able to express and vent out their frustrations or critics in a constructive manner which would help to further improve the academy and in the long run, its business.

  11. Very true Sanjay. Well put.


    But; HM Aerospace seems to have more than a few incidents since they were formed. Whatever the reasons, mechanical or otherwise, there will be a certain element of Hufac involved....


    I was in a flying school in the Philippines 30 years ago, and we had 15 C152, 15 Tomahawk, 4 Senecas, one Baron and a King Air 90. There were two crashes, one due to an exuberant cadet who went wheelwashing and accidently landed in the water, rescued unhurt by a fisherman. Another was due to wake turbulance from an F14 which caused structural failure, killing the instructor and the cadet.


    Airplanes were flying plenty of hours daily.


    Statistically speaking, whatever reasons notwithstanding, HM Aerospace safety record seems to be less than desirable.



    Certainly agreed, Capt. When such incidents (and an accident in the past) recurs, its probably time to take a closer look at whats going on and fix it. I hope they're fixing the problem rather than fixing the blame.



    agreed! but where is the professionalism amongst the cadets then? :pardon:


    Precisely thats what i meant, Sri. It is not right for the cadet(s) to say anything of such. Professionalism lacks in some of the younger minds. They should and from what i have experienced in the past, HAVE been told to not speculate especially when something like this happens. It is important to uphold a sense of responsibility towards the organization of which you are a part of and as a matter of respect to the trainee/trainer and engineering staff. Yet some choose to let their words out unfiltered =)

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