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  1. Someone said there was a handphone being used?? Can anyone confirm that..i am sure thats gonna be made a major issue if it is true, pax never learn the danger of handphones on board..so this might be a good publicity of the danger of handphones. Well yeah..good job to the flight crew..everyone on board. My dad was called in to conduct CISM on the crew today (CRITICAL INCIDENT STRESS MANAGEMENT) but they rescheduled it for tomorrow because the captain had to attend some inquiry. I am sure when he speaks to them tomorrow there will be a lot more info i will be able to obtain, so i will keep u guyz updated then k!...The media..well..they can never stop..dumbness..and exaggeration..as usual..i am thinking of calling up The Star and complaining bout it...but lets just see how it goes...
  2. Hey guys..well everyone is excited bout the introduction of MH's A380 next yr..(thats if Airbus doesnt delay it anymore!!)...well we can be expecting the plane to touch down in MH's colors at KUL around Nov 2006. So, in aniticipation of that, MAS has started and i think almost completed the plans for the aircraft like the interior layout, the number of crew, no. of pax, routes and sectors, services on board, entertainment and etc.....So far, according to my dad, he has been told that there would be 26 cabin crew on board the plane, 4 tech crew as and when needed, 4 cabin classes (FC, GCC, Premium EY & EY). We obviously also know the routes would be kangaroo routes, a couple of EU destinations and so on. Now, I was just wondering, does anyone here have any other information bout how our very own A380 would be like? Any info is very much appreciated and i am sure we can all benefit from knowing it as all of us are anxiously waiting for the grand arrival of the aircraft. Thanx guys!
  3. Hey Key Earn..yes i am too...and i do not deny the fact that having an insider would help...thats a fact of life..its the same everywhere but of cause..if the person is not one who meets the characteristics and charisma of a pilot, there is no point getting in with 'contacts' because eventually, you might get bored. Its not as easy and fun as many people think it is. I just hope those who get in are not doing so for the income this job brings. Thanx for the wishes..and the same goes to you..in the name of aviation..all da best!
  4. Hey guys again..its me..again about the new first and business class..gosh i think i have an obsession for it..ok anyway.. i heard rumours that the next retrofiiting of MH planes will not be done in SZB hangar anymore like b4...not sure whether its 744 or 772 or both of it..and reason given was because the aircraft is having too many problems in the interior after completing the retrofit. Is this true and if it is...what do you guys think bout it..and yeah..where would they send it? I hv my guess on Germany..Hamburg maybe?
  5. CX A333- Anyone at the airport at that time get the shot of it, would love to see it too. By the way, Pieter we would love to know bout ur trip on CX enroute to KUL..make sure you have the trip report filled out when you get here!
  6. Great shots both you guys, must be preety nice getting some shots at FRA, TK...always liked that airport for the busy ramps!
  7. Great to know that, but i was wondering, how is the load factor for the KUL-KTM-KUL sector that a 2nd airline is now servicing it?
  8. Hey everyone, found this preety interesting. Well the problem i see here is many ppl tend to blame the airline especially MH when they dont get into the cadet training. Lets be frank, everyone says there is corruption and racism involved. But how often have we actually took a step back, stopped and understood that it takes more than we think to be a pilot. Many youngsters just want to join it for the glamour, many for the cash involved, many for the lifestyle, and some even for the fun of it. You see, in order to be selected to be a cadet pilot, you got to have the passion and spirit of flying. The best person who would fit that is someone who has the passion of being a pilot from a very tender age. Someone who has lived all his young yearsflying simulators and trying to get to know anything and everything about the aviation industry as a whole and not just flying. This are the ppl who grow up to be a very matured individual in terms of having the characteristics to fly. Then, we must also understand, many people who go for the interviews might be students with flying colours yet, very often they fail in the interviews. Thats because malaysians in general lack the ability to communicate spontaneously well. They cant speak themselves out and convince others. They lack the ability to speak out. There are however some who are able to do it well. Now, you shld know that being a pilot requires you to be an almost perfect individual in terms of carrying out yr duties. You need to be extremely serious in carrying out yr responsiblities well and ensure the econmics of the airline, the safety of the pax and etc. and yet you have to be a tender, cool, and relaxed individual when it comes to dealing with situations or even public relationship with pax. In my view, ifone wants to be a pilot, he has to fit 3 different criterias, 1stly...dont join piloting for the glamour, cash or leisure...you have got the job description totally wrong...2ndly, you NEED to have the passion to fly, the obsession with the aviation world, and the IN DEPTH knowledge bout anything and everything in the aviation industry, and 3rdly...the character of a pilot..the personality that shines you from the rest. Now, if you think you really want to be a pilot, go for it...and never give up. But plz, do not say that piloting is your choice of carreer if you do not fit all the above. And sorry to say, but a person who asks if there is a shortcut to being a cadet,would not really be the choice of selectors and even some of the senior pilots here. It is pure disappointment to know that people look for shortcuts to achieving something in this industry and your question would certainly bring lots of disappointment to many ppl here..because these people here have the passion and love for aviation. They love what they do, and its more than life to them just like its to me. By the way, i must admit, that i am too a 17yr old boy sitting for spm. I am working as hard as i can to achieve my 12 yr long carreer dream of being a pilot. And throughout the 12 yrs that i spent in seeking info bout this job and flying simulators every other day, reading aviation news everyday and many other things, i have learnt many things. Many pilots whom i have met and spoke to bout it. My dad works with MH and fly often with him, so i get the oppurtunity to have a look at the inside life of the tech crew and cabin crew and because of thay i have developed a bond and respect for this people. They are amazing. The airline is a great airline and it has potential to be better. Many ppl disappoint me when they say that in MH its not what you know, but who you know. However i dont ever let those words deter me from achieving my lifelong dream. And I believe that someday, i would be able to do so though success doesnt come easily, i am prepared to learn, to persevere, to go through everything i need to to do so...just for my passion of flying...! By the way..thanx guys for setting up this site...its really amazing...i am proud to be a part of it!...
  9. thanx there...so azardhan it is...is it true we can count on him for some inside pics?? If thts d case we need to get him a treat if he does . Anyone knows how to contact him plz?
  10. Hey guys...how are you doin..and by the way, TK, great job on being cool with the aborted take off MH 005. I was just wondering, lately we have seen the 2nd MH 744 with special colours, and i have heard a rumour from our friends at SZB hangar that a 772 is being repainted in a blue AN EXPERIENCE REDIFINED livery and it seems it looks great. Anyone here knows whats the registration of thr 772?
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