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  1. Oh yes...the problem is..airlines dont realize the potential of KUL just yet...wait till VS tries..next you know...BA and many more might start as well...but MAB has always been saying that by the end of this year there will be a MAJOR AIRLINE which they have been in talks with for a long time to strt flying into KUL..who could that be...and anyone ever wondered why isnt BA flying into KUL..MH's UK runs are always full! and 3 flights a day to LHR ..and not a single flight by BA? isnt tht a lil...misjudging of the route potential?
  2. Oh yes!! You read my mind...i think KUL being a point for VS would be really good...i mean the load factor KUL-SYD flights has always been great..theres great potential in the route...i mean..flying LHR-HKG-SYD...doesnt sound too good....competition is high..and the route seems a lil....wierd..haha...i dont know..but i think a KUL stop would be nice..think about all those europe-asia demand..and then the asia-aust demand..and then also the europe--aust demand...its a good load factor..and less competition...
  3. According to sources...the pilots passed out when the F-16 jets were already escorting them for having no contact with the control tower. While escorting, they noticed one pilot hunched onto the controls and the plane juz kept descending flying on its own before crashing. People speculate that there was a decompression and that the pilots were too slow to get their oxygen masks. It also says the same plane has been involved in a decompression problem before...
  4. Thanx a lot Gavin...well i did go to the petronas station once...and saw the observation hill...but it looked absolutely off limits...i mean...how do we get up to the hill from the road? i thought i saw some fencing around the area....and if the police actually spot us...do they juz ask us to leave..or..would they do something more than that?
  5. thanx a lot..thts some new info for me..i had always overlooked that!..thts y its good to.."Fly MalaysianWings..."
  6. Hey everyone ..u ppl are juz superb lar....the shots you guys can come up with..some can even reach as far (as high) as the KUL tower too...u guys are amazing...seriously...all i get when i go spotting is....park my car at RNW 32L approach..and some planes flying over me into landing. i need help..anyone can precisely tell me where do u guys go spotting exactly....how to get there....and some advise like that...i really need you guy's help in this..PLEASE..offer some help..i'll appreciate them a lot!! Thanx in advance!
  7. WOW...fantastic shots...thts amazing....hey...arent u thinking of uploading them in airliners...i am sure it'll do great...or..perhaps..thinking of making it ..a MalaysianWings special only..??
  8. MH Special..RR version?? whats the normal engines for the 773 then?
  9. Bored??...haha..lets juz say...he has some extra time to himself...
  10. That looks good....only if it was for real..i never knew the 345 in MH colours would look good..but then again..doesnt it look like an A330..lol..
  11. SQ does have a Learjet...is this true..or someone tryin to pull my legs?? lol! i havent seen any of those for sure!
  12. definitely the 777-300 and 777-200LR...and..of coz..787..and A340-600...wow..doesnt the list juz go on...
  13. Didnt see that one...thanx for the info mate...but isnt it wierd how they arent making money if the load is really good..could it be the short distance...a lot of cost involved..or is this another case..of management probz? and yeah..if the load is good...wouldnt AirAsia be plying to fly the route too?
  14. I thought we already have a double daily into PER..one in the morning using 744 and one in the evening using 772 ? Robin Hood Airport..tht sounds good..but as we all know..many things involved in gettin the rights to land into an airport..but shldnt be a problem if they try doin it..maybe Malaysian Wings should organise a live video conference with our MD...tht way we can all give our suggestions...
  15. Well...according to MH..both Boeing and Airbus has submitted a proposal and the BOD of MAS would be making a decision in SEPT...i did not hear anything bout KUA being a money losing route..any idea where the info came from?
  16. Theres been a press release saying that MH will decide on the replacement model of the 734...as we know they operate 39 at the moment...would it be good for MH to contiunue their money losing domestic routes as it is and order 39 new a/cs or would it be better for them to trim down on domestic ops...work with AirAsia...and order a smaller fleet..?
  17. I think they would be..though i would say that flights to Birmingham would be more profitable...as we know...when has it been that MH's flights to England are not profitable...the ppl love MH..and MH loves them..as simple as that!
  18. B777 and B747......772 bcoz of the sleek looking design..and the wonderful engine thrust feeling...B747..coz of the majestic feeling flying in them...
  19. Lots had been said by the media regarding MH 124's incident and the AF 340 incident in Toronto. Yet a major part of it had been fictional and not facts. For instance, they reported that a member of the cabin crew on board MH 124 had prayed and crawled on his knees. And then Malay Mail drew sketches of oxygen masks hanging over the cabin to create a visual chaos situation. What can we do bout it as this kind of reports tarnishes the airline's good name...as aviation enthusiasists...its really disheartening to read reports which are false...how can we help?
  20. So guys here are the updates, ok not much to talk about the incident but a lot to talk about the media. The clarifications had been made with the crew involved and here are the results : 1. There were no crew who crawled back to their seats like reported in the media. 2. NONE of the crew prayed on board the flight when the incident took place. 3. When the plane lost altitude the effects on the people in the aircraft was just like how it is when the A/C goes through a really bad weather. 4. Malay Mail had artist impressions of oxygen masks hanging in the cabin, NOTHING whatsoever had happened! 5. Yes, the FO was a chinese guy... 6. Upon landing, the plane was checked and there were NO symptoms of malfunction with the systems..which brings high chances the disturbance to the instruments were caused by an electronic device on board. 7. 9M-MRG flew back safely yesterday morning ferrying all crew involved. 8. When the problem occured, it was said that the throttle arm was adjusting by itself by increasing and decreasing, so the tech crew had to hold it with their hands and manually fly the A/C. Thats it for now..more to come soon!!
  21. CISM session has been on going since this morning....details will be out tonight....watch out for it guys!!
  22. Not too sure bout that capt radzi..well as u know i am not flying yet..so..it seems from what i heard it was about the fuel pumps being affected by what happened..or something like that..it was a little more complicated then juz the shut down of a generator but i dont have the complete details..
  23. Something new guys!! Well after asking my dad some questions i found some answers. The handphones dont have coverage above 25,000 ft. By the way, according to him also, on his flight CDG-KUL this morning, the aircraft lost altitude over Iran totalling to almost a few hundred feet due to the shut down of one of the generators on board. However thats nothing serious as the plane still flies with one generator functioning well. On the other hand, it comes to my realisation, if MH 124's incident actually occured and yet the plane continued its journey and landed safely at KUL...would anyone actually make a big thing bout it? i mean the media might not even know bout it..or might not know how to make a big deal out of it since it completed its journey as usual. Wierd isnt it the human insticts. Well, like i said before..this type of incidents has happened b4..many times..pax using their hp during an ILS approach..and autopilot gets disenggaged..and aircraft swerves...and yet not a single one reported in media juz because everything went on as usual after that. Anyway, lets wait for the CISM session to be completed ..and i will be back with more stories from the captain, FO, and rest of the crew..!!...this time...since its from them..it'll be the truth..and nothing but the truth..lol..
  24. Probably the guy who was asked to make way for the VIP was on staff travel..did u check that out?
  25. Yup, dont worry bout that. Apparently they are going to conduct the CISM session tomorrow..not too sure yet though. About the handphones, well it is a very likely cause of the incident, and ATSB have even confirmed that based on what happened, an electronic device could be the cause. As said before, lets hope those responsible would actually be brought to the face of justice. And by the way,, my dad told me, that there was once when they were making an ILS approach into Colombo, and the A330-300 suddenly took a left turn about 90 seconds from touchdown. The F/A caught a guy trying to make a call. See..thts..juz how it could be..anyway everyone here..plzzzzz switch ur phone off next time..they dont have the advise just for the sake of it right..
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