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  1. Hey guys grammar mistake lar...LOL!!!...hahah..never realized it till today..gosh...my debate team and teacher would definitely be mad at me if they read this....thanx for the correction anyway..and by the way...the FO was, is and will always be a chinese..hahha..
  2. I dont think tht is 100% true...coz...the crew transport is now being outsourced and they are using new Kia Pregio vans...i wonder how is tht helping cut costs...but anyhow..new BMWs are definitely psychotic..
  3. Yeah yeah...he forgot to mention that he is also thankful to the airline..for the BMW cars...the...100,000 us dollars lavish party he hosted in stockholm..and...God knows how much more benefits....by the way we would like to thank him for bringing the airline back into the red since MD NOR took it back to the green....i wished MD NOOR was still there...the airline would have achieved greater heights...
  4. NOw...the red mark on their report reminds me of something.... i remember getting some info last year about all the directors of MAS who were previously given PERDANA V6 company cars..which were only 1-2 yrs old...yes the facelift model.....having the board's approval to change all the cars to BMWs......now..thts a major..major waste of money..and if you make a visit to the TRANSPORT workshop at SZB...you can see the perdanas parked there...collecting dust on it.and it juz looks perfect to me..why did they have to change it??? And even some AUDI cars are there...these cars were replaced with brand new BMWs....how would u expect them to record profits?? Now we know what the chairman, MUNIR meant when he said...the loss is not only attributed to high fuel prices...QF and SQ could do well..why couldnt we..yeah because QF and SQ directors dont change their cars every year..especially when they are trying to make profits...the earlier profits MH had..wasnt operational profits..they were due to the WAU exercise...so why waste money for no reason...i dont understand them sometimes..
  5. Its juz so....complete..amazingly done sandeep...but i will still crack my mind and think if theres anyway we can add anything...making it better...we are to succeed with this one i am sure...great job!
  6. SQ never does anything without a reason behind its back....they really want the transpacific routes via Australia...but i think it would only come through the merging of SQ and QF...not otherwise
  7. Analysts say tht in the Q2 and Q3 there would be green figures rather than red....thts great news...and MAS has always been famous for doin so..any opinion why?
  8. Oh yes..not too sure bout the reg number..the plane shld be out in 2 weeks...its completed almost...and...apparently it looks really really beautiful...!
  9. NO probz sandeep...but...are we only sending it to the editorial or are we planning to also co-op with a major newspaper company to do continuous coverage and highlight KLIA's problems?
  10. Just wondering..whats the updates on this matter..has anything been done yet?
  11. SIA owns 49% of VS??? ...my goodness i never knew that....thats horrible..those SQ guys are juz trying to dominate the aviation world..thts if they havent already done it...
  12. Happened before...and then there would be pax coming on board and shouting their heads off..saying they were cheated..and stuff like that...when are they gonna learn that the cabin crew and tech crew cant do anything bout tht...? hmm....but..cant blame them too much..MH shld try avoiding this kinda incidents as much as possible..
  13. Thanx for the support and info bout HARRODS , SING YEW...how could i have mistaken the location of HARRODS...oh yeah..its not at domestic terminal..its at the aerotrain area..true!! thanx man!
  14. And MAS management still says..its ok..we are doing fine??? LOL>....how many Airbus flights at MH had been cancelled..or retimed because of this....
  15. Me too....FS for plenty of years..and lots of flights..and i never thought of that!! ...thanx TEOH!
  16. What other airlines would be have a great potential and yield to fly to KUL....besides BA, QA, VS...
  17. Another thing...i am all in for this idea...so if you guys need a translator for ENG-BM...i dont mind stepping in for it....my BM is preety alright..i guess..lol..seriously..if there is anything needs to be done..juz let me know..i would be more than happy to be of assistance...
  18. I think its a wonderful idea to send it to STAR and NST. Based on my knowledge theres 2 ways to go around getting this problem solved. Firstly..send it to all major newspapers, NST, STAR, MALAY MAIL, BERITA HARIAN etc......and let the media highlight it and we might get some good attention..the other way is to call up ONE newspaper company, for example the STAR and talk to them bout this problem and ask them if they would mind to collaborate with MalaysianWings to highlight this matter. This way, we would get headlines attention instead of our letter juz being under the OPINIONS section or LETTERS TO THE EDITOR. Personally, considering the fact that our community at MalaysianWings is kinda moderately sized and we are passionate ppl bout this problem, i would find the 2nd method more viable. Juz like the Bukit Cheraka problem, the matter was highlighted by the STAR before any other newspapers because the STAR was directly involved with the residents to bring the matter to national attention and yup..it caught our PM's attention..bcoz it was on the FRONT PAGE. thats what we need..front page attention...its important to make sure our letter doesnt end up in the OPINIONS section....and yes....i muz say..locating HARRODS at the main terminal is a dumb idea...how many people using domestic services would go to HARRODS..there are even some travellers who think they might find HARRODS again at the SATELITE TERMINAL..so they get on the train...reach the satelite terminal..and find..NO HARRODS...so..its kinda..bad management...i totally agree...MAHB and KLIAB are horrible in managing KLIA and personally i would say if managing KLIA was left to a foreign company or even MALAYSIANWINGS...we the proper resources and knowledge we would do a better job..and KLIA has the potential to be the world's best.....LETS DO SOMETHING BOUT THIS...and DO IT FAST.....as we know..ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS....and lets join forces to make a difference to KLIA everyone!!
  19. Why wouldnt the government do anything bout the LIMOS?? i mean..dont they see it.......they have eyes dont they?
  20. Hey people....going through the PERTH LIVE ACARS site..its juz amazing to get to know bout flights goin in and out of PER...i was juz wondering if anyone knows other airport ACARS sites....plz let me know...it would be great to track MH flights around the world...thanx!
  21. I guess they need to lease some new a/c....hmm 777-300 maybe anyone?? we would like it..
  22. Thats great idea by MH..i think pax are gonna choose to fly on an A380 which truly redefines air travel therefore they have to make sure our 380 is the best of the best if they wanna get a good chunk of the market..any idea what would the cabin be like?>
  23. Whats happening...this isnt good at all...
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