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  1. A real lie flat..oh ok..didnt know tht..but i thought so...it would be something like that..thanx fendy!
  2. Imran..thats really outdated bro....no more smoking in flights!
  3. Exactly guys..especially for an airline of EK standards...now..what do u guys thiink of the mini bar..i hate the idea..it looks so..cheap case
  4. They only operate 737-200 right? or is there any other AC in their fleet?
  5. My Webpage Juz came across this brand new FC seats in Emirates 777....now i am wondering....whats so great bout those seats..i mean..they dont look that comfortable to me....its not Flat Beds...and this is first class? And besides that....a mini bar at ur seat..doesnt tht look preety messy ...and un-luxurious especially for an airline like EK.....do u guys think this is a good product anyway?? i would prefer to fly MH....even the GCCL would be great especially in the new beautiful livery 772....
  6. Well..here it is...the 333 and 332 has 11 FAs....the 772 with new configuration has 12...not 13...anyway...bout them having 17 on the 744...one thing you have to know..why do u think MH and TG..and some of the asian airlines have great cabin service records ....thts coz pax have good and fast efficient delivery.....and the FAs attend to them well and they are seen in the cabin often....thats what makes them different cutting it down ro 14 or 13 would be bad for pax...one of the reason ppl choose to fly with MH is mainly because of the cabin crew...they are known to be the best of the best in the world....anyway..let me juz give u some info i know of....whenever theres a short of crew in a flight....the IFS has to personally work as a steward in the galley...which is of coz..something hard coz he has many other matters to handle in front..especially documentation..the crew find it hard sometimes...if they have to or want to cut down on amount of FAs in the flight..then a new service procedure must be made..coz currently the division of work duties in the flight has been laid out for the amount of FA currently...and yet the crew find it really tiring after the flight..u shld see the way they look when they reach the hotel..its exhausting....i think cutting down on FAs would mean a slight decline in inflight services..idont think pax would be too happy bout tht....and we must take into count flights like ARL-EWR...where its only 7 hrs flight..with TWO main meal services...thats hectic...when i flew the sector...i saw the crew having no time to talk to me at all...sitting in FC..i realised it was as difficult for them too....they had to work really hard...and remember FC and GCCL services are LONG...many courses....so...taking into consideration the preparation for the services..heating up the meals..they table layout..tray setting...trolley setting..with the current service..a reduction of FA's would be impossible.....they have to compromise on services if they want to cut down on FAs might be a good way to save money...but wouldnt help much..coz pax would realize it really fast...would be a decline in MH's great image of wonderful cabin crew....as for the F50...i was juz wondering..is it a DCA ruling that there muz be at least 2 FA's in the plane..coz remember FA's are not only cabin crews...they are the safety experts and marshalls in the cabin shld something go wrong...would one FA be enough to carry out emergency evacuation...or calm down the cabin in case of panic??
  7. I think i would have preferred the blue to be of a darker shade...the plane looks good..but not as stunning as MPD and MPB..they look better..and the back part...it shldnt have been left with so much of white...
  8. Agreed..on most of it..especially the choice of aircraft and the seats of the 333...well....some destinations MAS juz seems to be using the wrong type of AC...anyway....reduce the amount of flight attendants?? Thats not possible....you should know that even now there are many flights with a short of crew...and it makes it really hard for the rest of the cabin crew..especially with the new service procedures (an experience redefined).....the crew need to work harder...so tht part of it isnt possible..anyway...bout the ground staff....yeah....too many of them..not at the airport....but in the office..especially higher up the ladder....when a foreign consultant was called in to check out on MAS....they said that MAS office bearers are 35% more than amount needed...imagine tht
  9. Hmmm..a person without the Dato' title..tht gives me some hope...coz normally the ones with the titles..dont really do a good job...
  10. Most likely there are gonna be 2 of it painted as well....not only because of popularity...but as a great way of promoting the services....thanx for the pics azahan..it looks awesome!
  11. Yes....badly needed..if they didnt do it..they would lose wayyyy more money...too!
  12. MERDEKA ! MERDEKA! MERDEKA! MERDEKA! MERDEKA! MERDEKA! MERDEKA!...tht makes it the traditional 7 times...
  13. We can forget bout tht..MH has pride too..they are not gonna buy some 2nd hand 744 from SQ of all the people...lol....well...MasCargo is receiving their 2 brand new 747-400 beginning of next yr...i would personally find it ....a bad idea to retire the 744 of SQ so early...
  14. MAS can afford them if they want to......when u are paid so highly...the expectations are amazingly high too.....i wouldnt speculate on this topic..coz wht goes on inside there..is preety hard for anyone of us to know...anyway..lets juz hope for the best... JUz a lil sidetracking...i wonder..what would possibly be like if Tony Fernandes was the CEO of MAS?
  15. The ad together with the likes of Petronas is certainly the best....everyone is talking bout it...its amazing how MAS keeps coming up with amazing ads...even in the newspaper...tv..radio...juz great..they may be in the red...but they certainly make me proud to be a MALAYSIAN..to call MALAYSIA my home..and to be proud of Malaysia Airlines as our national carrier...A PAT ON THE BACK for A JOB WELL DONE MAS! Thanx for the link...any idea how to save the clip in the comp?
  16. Consider the amount of flights a day...times by the amount of days in a month...u know this lil sum..makes a big amount in the end..MH is a big airline...there are plenty of flights..and eventually it makes a diff in terms of cost of printing..and fuel consumed...
  17. Wow...thanx TK....now..i would be able to get some good shots...ok..so who's voluntaring to do for KLIA ?? LOL..:-)
  18. Just got information that in order to save cost..and reduce A/C weight..MH would be not giving out Menu Cards for EY pax....2ndly....if the load on a 747 FC is 1-6 pax...only 50% of the equipment will be loaded..i think these are two smart moves..firstly..how many pax in EY actually need the menu card...you only have 2 selections..2ndly ....why the need to carry lots of equipment if theres only 1-6 pax in FC..this is something they shld have implemented long ago...but its good tht they are moving towards goodness again..
  19. I think its a good idea...at least till some ppl in MAS can learn how to handle the airline PROPERLY....otherwise...get someone like Tony Fernandez..but then again..how many Tony Fernandez can we find tht easily??
  20. thanx for the pics...post the newer ones if theres any to!
  21. Haha..this time i wouldnt mind preparing the letter...with love..and COMPLIMENTs for MW.com..and its founder of coz..gavin..so what would we have after that...MAHB and MAS teams up to sue MW.com founder Gavin for being a smart ass in the headlines?? LOL!
  22. Sleek..but doesnt it look a lil small...is that a prototype of..part of the actual first plane?
  23. You can also refer to MAS Timetable Book..its preety handy!
  24. MH should do something uniquely different...red has always resembled us well....and there shld be a dominance of red...yet introduction of a major part of blue..maybe a lil black..and GOLD..we havent seen MH in gold cs yet...tht would look great..
  25. Nice job with the calculations..now i wonder if anyone is gonna prepare a letter to the STAR or NST regarding this matter too??
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