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  1. i am in..though its 2 weeks b4 spm..anyway....its worth it...to see you guys there...
  2. i thought the two new 744F were coming in in march next yr....
  3. hmmm i got one GOOD POINT...i've heard that on SQ's Raffles Class on the 772....the lie flat seats...the legroom is so bad that if you're seating on the window seat...and the guy beside u has extended the seats fully to sleep in a lie flat position..u have to be realllly thin to get to the aisle...or if u're a lil bigger..theres no way u can get out unless u hop over or wake him up from his slumber sleep...lol..heard this comment from a pax....not so sure how true it is..but coming from a pax...i think i believe it
  4. Fendy...where r u goin overseas lar??? u seem to be missing a lot of things..first the EAST meets WEST dinner..now 738 arrival....and Imran....suddenly coming to KUL....buat apa lar..hari raya trip ah?? Thanx Azahan for the info..anything happening at SZB we always can count on Azahan to get us the info..lol....i'll be most likely there if nothings up on tht daY!
  5. hahahah..first time my thread being listed as IMPORTANT TOPICS..lol...hey norman..what do u do actually? i mean u have in depth info on it.....are u working at KLIA or something?? 13th-14th NOV????? DONT THEY KNOW SPM STARTS ON THE 14th????? what kinda horrible timing is this for me???? arrrgghhhh......i have to plan something anyhow....and good idea to have another round like u guys did for MRD.....
  6. Hey guys...juz saw a press statement saying that the A380 will be coming to KUL after SIN next month.....surprised that no one here has said anything bout it...nothing in the media as well..isnt this a great thing??? well for spotters like us...err..not only us actually...theres gonna be many ppl at KLIA to watch this...i am sure...anyway the plane has its fame already....juz wanna know..any confirmation on the dates?? i am sure u guys muz be juz as excited as i am!
  7. Sandeep does this mean...AK pays for ur studies..or r u juz doin industrial training as part of a collaboration between AK and the University?
  8. Hey Imran...u been on EK 48 times??? Wht do u do actually travelling so much ?
  9. Hey i see u guys had a nice time..maybe not tht bz but ok lar...got some unique pics anyway.....oh yeah ..the TG looks good...nicel livery especially in a close up shot..and tht MH332 there...the co-pilot looks a lil small lar..lol..hehehe......muz be a young guy!
  10. So..if you're studying Bachelor of Engineering there....why were u picked to do the practical of air asia here...r u under AK..or ...is it juz industrial training
  11. Yes Choong..its tht same plane..Sandeep..wht exactly are u studying...in perth..and where?
  12. so..saturday mornings..is a good time..keeping tht in mind..nice shots mate!!
  13. 7000 series if i am not mistaken refers to an additional flight...as in...seasonal addition...
  14. A well anticipated increase in capacity..well done MH
  15. I was thinking bout it too...i think we can expect Finnair...in the not so near future...but it looks good!
  16. heheheh..sorry guys for the little paranoia in me..muz be influenced after my trip to NY...lol.....sorry again mates..and thanx for the confidence AZMAL..and the info too..i am giving it a try too!!....
  17. Yes...it is possible..and i really hope they would do so Pieter...but..i am wondering..with SQ holding a major stake in VS...would they want to do it?
  18. is tht a hoax quiz..it doesnt look real..beware ppl....it asks for ur IC/PASSPORT NO. ....someone plz try to ensure the genuinity first..
  19. nice to know u guys had a great time...wow..KLIA looks bz.....this morning..any reports on wht traffic u guys encountered besides these 2 ?
  20. doesnt the satelite building's interior look a lil like KLIA's concept..
  21. Anyone thought of a possibility...for VS to fly in their own AC...but at the same time...codeshare on MH flights...and MH codeshares on VS flights too..tht means more frequency...diff variety....and..a better management of resources for both the airlines...(but remember SQ owns a big part of VS) so i wonder how possible would it be..
  22. sounds awkward doesnt it....but then again..its SQ...lol!!
  23. Not too sure..but there is some timing..and routes revision as a result of the collaboration
  24. Bro..what plane is tht lar..going through some major stuff....and how on earth do u always get access there..making me damn jealous!!
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