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  1. i'll find out the culprit! thanks arthur for pointing out. btw, dont be surprise if u see our 737-400 operating the SBW flt. just in case our 737-800 AOG
  2. are you referring to me? well, lets hear my story hehehe i arrived KLIA around 6.15am. just noticed that we changed our check in counters to the other side. the new check in counters are for the passangers, while the previous one will only be used for special occasions. it is dedicated to VIP, media & staffs. FY COO and KUL station manager were there to ensure smooth operations. i waited for the DCA personnel, then we checked in together. around 7.05 we boarded. DCA went to the cockpit occupying the jumpseat to conduct audit. There was suppose to be another DCA personnel to inspect cabin but she opted evening flt to SBW. touched down, DCA conducted debriefing, disembarked, greeted by FY and MW station managers, then went straight to hotel. thats all for today. tomorrow: SBW station audit
  3. flee, documentation problem solved. FFF departed seattle and arrives KUL as per scheduled. 1st July 2011 ETA 2pm LT. how i wish i could be there... whoaaaa your air zimbabwe is soooo big my laptop screen cant fit! thanks for the photos! Hope to see u again!
  4. since the arrival date of FFF is uncertain, i think i maintain my original flt. the inaugural one. see u!
  5. flee, its KUL. i heard it'd be delayed for another 1 or 2 days due to documentation problem.
  6. tamizi, i feel like rescheduling my flt to SBW bcos i want to watch the arival of FFF. this morning i heard FFF arrives on the 1st pulak ETA 2pm. see how it goes. see u at SBW!
  7. im going to sibu this friday. but it seems like no Otter flying to/from Sibu. next month im going to Miri. plenty of Otter flights!!!! so maybe im gonna jump on any flt ex MYY. if my PR is good then most probably i get it for free if not, i dont mind paying. still get discounted rate maaa
  8. he left his key inside? what happened then? managed to open?
  9. had good times meeting MWingers. some of them for the first time too bad had to leave early...
  10. tamizi, ceremony takes place at SBW only for the first flight.
  11. 1) Uncle Pieter 2) Loc (VNAS) 3) Nguyen (VNAS) 4) Son (VNAS) 5) Ramani 6) Keisuke 7) Li Ren 8 ) Keith Ng 9) Wai Ping 10) Simon 11) Walter 12) Wilson 13) Sheng 14) Jessnor 15) saadiah (be there till noon) walter, i wont be parking mine as well. so its the last gate of the departure hall right? what car are you driving? mine is black persona plat number 'SAA xxxx' i never had the chance to spot before. this would be the first. cant wait!
  12. oh, i wanted to share with you why, but im afraid i cant. sorry... yes, its sofia! but there are 3 pilots for that flt. im not sure whether sofia will be operating it on that day. cool link bro! if there's anymore pls let me now yep, insyaAllah
  13. They choose JHB bcos they see the potentialmarket over there. You know the Iskandar Project etc... Besiedes, they want to capture market from SIN tamizi, i dont know much about this. so far no changes to the schedule. btw, i'll be on the 1st flt to SBW and SDK anyway, any spotters at KUL during 9M-FFF arrival? Please spot the FO. its a lady!
  14. the FY team to Seattle departed today. latest i heard its arrival KUL/SZB is deferred to 3rd July. i dont think it will be used to SBW. how i wish it'd be FFF...
  15. just a humble contribution from me this is from the cockpit of FY ATR72 SZB-LGK Capt Vinod and his co-pilot. i forgot his name http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v701/kapten/1.jpg overhead panel oxygen mask n goggle if u look up, u'll find this and this is FY frequent jumpseater http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v701/kapten/10.jpg approach taxi n park more to come
  16. aiyooooo cannot tahan la like this anyone going to spot this weekend?
  17. Taufan Ganas? whoa what a name! will be there!!!
  18. thanks capt nik for organizing! and thanks to u guys for being there and made this event so meaningful many thanks also go to our dedicated photgraphers who done a great job i truly had a GOOD day
  19. KC sim, nice one dude! seems like a380 has a new handsome face
  20. if yours not enough, u can have mine
  21. i'll try my best to come but not for flying la of course just wanna meet my fellow MWers
  22. hahahaha dont be like that la bro thats the fun of flying u've gotta go tru if flying aircraft is just like driving car then this must be a boring world to live in seriously i wanna join u guys at showru as well as t3 but things didnt happen the way i planned so i think i hv to delay my flight p/s: i dropped my camera twice during the spin so please take care of your loose belongings
  23. u mean the spin thingy? i experienced that too of course with capt joe! that spin rocks man! i almost puke
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