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  1. Or just excited to be using the aero bridge...
  2. Hopefully the roof won't collapse. Something which is not unusual in Bolehland..
  3. I'd still prefer to look at its cash flow first before jumping for joy
  4. much like the KUL-DOH flight which departs at 3.40am and arrives at around 6am, straight to work thereater...cuti2 malaysia to the max..
  5. If my memory serves me right, the 30 kg rule applies to gulf air and oman air as well. Flew QR recently, the stated allowance was 23kg.
  6. Malindo - such a horrible name, definitely one for the uninitiated. Plus the name Malindo reminds me of a textile shop somewhere along Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman in downtown KL...pretty sure I've come across it before..
  7. Then dont simply blame the demand but rather look at how the company can actually improve it's own yield.
  8. Thanks to the fact that there's no proper motorway leading up to the state and the train journey takes ages...it's always best (and more enjoyable) to fly..
  9. Nice..if only I CAN be as creative as some of you guys here...
  10. Congrats MH and AK! . Kinda makes my day, regardless how subjective this award may be..
  11. Frankly, I wouldn't mind being surrounded by these crazy, overjoy and frantic kids..(so long as they don't barf on me), it's all part of the traveling experience LCC style ..
  12. I definitely agree with your statement, purely because I find the curvaceous 748 is way more sexier than the A380, hence it's just an emotive reasoning on my part..
  13. Cheers to MH, finally get to fly their very own A380 after all these years in waiting ..better late than never eh?
  14. The wau on the tail looks very much deformed..sure it's not a bothed paintjob or something? ..the less I look at it, the better..hardly any wow factor..
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