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  1. The problem is the mode s displayed 7502D3 indeed belongs to Firefly AT76 9M-FIE. Mode S is used to determine all aircraft information. Somehow 9M-FIE and 9M-WAQ has the same mode s. Westland Augusta W319 9M-WAQ airframe database has no mode s. so... not sure how to notify FR24 about this error. At the FR24 database 9M-FIE and 9M-WAQ share the same aircraft information. If we can find 9M-WAQ real mode s then we could resolve the error.
  2. MAB launching BKI and KCH direct flights to PEN Penang, 4x weekly as advertised on local newspaper. Seems to commence on 18/11 but I might be wrong? Promo price as Low as RM169 from BKI RM129 from KCH. BKI PEN 1540/1830 KCH PEN 0930/1130 PEN BKI 1205/1505 PEN KCH 1200/1500
  3. 3 unknown military jets were flying in formation for a low pass at BKI this evening around 5pm ish. Long shot for any spotters... maybe only passengers at T1 had a chance to see it.
  4. must be a very good feeling seeing the Korean Air 773 !
  5. I was also listening on 8/9 evening and it was interesting but didn't continue as it was getting late for me. Mr Director and the team at kinabalu ATC sure had a busy shift that night. Though the worse I think was in October 2014? Just before the Donggongon flood, it rained most of the time for 8 continuous days and the heaviest on the last. I can just hear the fatigue and frustration from the ATC crews, as planes do another go around thinking the rain has stopped but it didn't. Even the pilots were also saying it's been a bad week if i recall correctly.
  6. Equipment upgrade, MAS2662 operated by A333 9M-MTI 30 mins to touch down. Furthermore, an A319 (blocked) departed from Kuatan now descending to WBKK about 10-15mins to touch down,
  7. fabulous catch! Thanks for sharing
  8. cool indeed, albeit only from 20/7/16 to 28/8/16.Demand so good? Summer peak travelling time I presume. Though obviously not ideal timing for spotters.
  9. good to have an update! it's been so quiet here.
  10. Seems that the flight diversions due to the bad weather yesterday made into the news. Some might be quite surprised that Malindo diverted to KCH when MYY, SDK and TWU could be alternatives. I believe Labuan was full. Anyway it was nice to listen to the ATC. Stress level definitely is up when weather is bad. I am sure the controller was getting his hands fulls with so many requests and queries coming in.
  11. This is the second time this has occurred. It is known that somehow Malindo prefers to divert to an airport it has scheduled flights to. The situation yesterday was Malindo MXD1004 9M-LNG made 2 attempts to land at BKI but aborted. At the first attempt the plane in front, AXM6354 landed. At the 2nd attempt, landing was aborted due to unstabilized descend around 500ft. After the pilots commenced go around they decided to divert to KCH (due to low fuel). BKI ATC (director) did advise Miri is available (Labuan should be full) and the pilots requested for weather at both MYY and KCH. After that they decided to go to Kuching at FL320. I guess it's company's policy to divert to somewhere Malindo has ground staffs? Anyway another flight, AXM5346 from KBR did report landing was at absolute minimum during their attempt. I heard 300ft. You can see playback at: https://www.flightradar24.com/2016-06-04/07:28/12x/AXM6354/9eae504
  12. Agreed. Most unlikely. Will be narrow body planes for chartered flights. Think that is MAB's intention of using narrowbody for flights to China from BKI. BKI isn't such an attractive place that needs the A380 (yet). Previous CAPA report did state about MAB using B738 for charter flights to China.
  13. How ready an airport is for an A380 depends on a couple of factors, one of these are runway length, taxiway width, apron size, aerobridge, fire fighthing capabilities and ground handling. Runway wise at BKI TORA is 3780x45meters (12402x148ft), that is ok. Taxiway width according to ICAO document (2004) states 23meters code E taxiway is safe for A380, BKI's taxiway width is 23m. Not sure about taxiway signages at BKI whether they are compliant for A380. As for terminal I am not so sure whether we have the double aerobridge required at the designated apron for A380 ( bay 1?). All in all BKI would be able to handle an A380 it seems for diversion etc, but for scheduled and regular flights might still require some upgrading of facilities (aerobridge?) at the terminal side if they want smooth and efficient operations. I might be wrong of course.
  14. It's in the news so you are right. http://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2016/05/17/rmaf-plane-crashes-in-paddy-field/
  15. CEO missed DCA inquiry due to fainting as blood pressure high. Banyak excuse? http://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2016/05/12/rayani-air-ceo-faints/
  16. Update: Debris believed to be from missing helicopter found. http://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2016/05/06/missing-copter-debris/
  17. Wow... BKI mentioned by in demand spokesperson! Good advertisement!
  18. Air Asia Indonesia will terminate DPS-BKI route effective 23/6/2016. source: http://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2016/05/04/airasia-indonesia-to-end-bali-kota-kinabalu-services/
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