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  1. Thanks for reminding me! How could I have forgotten that! Phoned up the Singapore call centre, was put on hold for almost 20 minutes but managed to get my flights re-booked to Monday 19th and waitlist on Sunday 18th. Now I just need to sit back, relax and keep my fingers crossed.
  2. (1) On my last attempt, I was put on hold for 60 minutes. I finally gave up and sent them a feedback form via their website. This is becoming a joke. I can understand that BA is overstretched because all their network are affected, but for SQ, come on... (2) Touchwood! As far as the forecast goes, its going to be sunny with a high of 17C.
  3. Yes, I am not going anywhere. SQ flights have been cancelled, or delayed indefinitely as they called them. Received a text alert asking me to phone the SQ call centre to have my flight rebooked. Tried about 5 times calling them, was put on hold for 20 minutes+ on each ocassion and still couldn't get through to a representative! Oh well, at least the weather is going to be nice this weekend.
  4. They also have some attractive introductory offer ex-London too. Return LHR-KUL via MCT all in for £408 (RM2,000), with good connections and all sectors operated by A333/A332's. Not insanely cheap but it offers probably the best hard products one can get for travelling between UK and Malaysia - new planes, slimline seat with 34" pitch, 10.4" PTV and mood lighting.
  5. I think BI operates a mixture of A320/B763 on this route.
  6. I just found out indirectly that deal has fallen through ... boo! The B777-300ER's are going to Thai Airways instead.
  7. Yeah, when you arrive from KK, clear the immigration, grab your stuff at baggage reclaim and take the Skytrain to Terminal 3 if you want to check in early. I don't know which date you are travelling, are you sure your flight is still scheduled to arrive SIN at 8.20pm?
  8. You won't be able to check through your luggage from BKI to HKG. Since you are flying SQ on SIN - HKG, you should be able to check in your luggage in SIN up to 48hrs before flight departure. You can either get a hotel room in the city or proceed to the immigration if you wish to stay at the transit hotel (the transit hotel is located at the airside). Suggest taking the transit hotel located at Terminal 3, as this is where the HKG flights are departing from. Also both Terminals 1 & 2 always have ongoing renovation works - the noises from these works can be very unpleasant. Btw, AK flight from BKI arrive in SIN at 8.30pm?!
  9. Which airline you are flying with on BKI - SIN?
  10. Hmm, interesting. Could this be the reason why Emirates have been reducing its A380 services to Heathrow? At the moment there is only one daily flight operated by the A380 (EK001/002), the remaining four are still operated by the B777-300/B777-300ER Btw, I have finally made my first A380 flight! Flying Emirates on LHR - DXB last month, that's two and a half years after it went into commercial service...
  11. We are in the same boat... I was planning a trip for my parents to Brisbane, until few weeks ago BI seem to have decent fare and schedule for KCH-BNE via BWN. Now I only get an error message saying there are no flights available such route.
  12. Interesting article! I really hope that the lease will materialise... Looks like BI is getting ambitious again - leasing more planes and opening up new routes! OTOH, it puzzles me why they are not improving the frequency of some existing routes (BWN-KCH for example) but still bother to keep them by offering a mere 2x per week schedule. Kenneth, I just found out that BI has changed the schedule for BWN-KCH and will carry on offering just 2x per week from April!
  13. What a shame, some of these routes don't even last for a year. I feel sorry for the people who are affected by the flight suspension, imagine having to go through the hassle of changing travel plans, rebook flights etc. I also see that D7/AK are not offering the option of transfering affected passengers to another airlines operating the same route. Oh well, they are LCC's after all. Any insiders know which route will be axed next? KCH - SIN? I was thinking about flying them on SIN-KCH in Apr, but I am not too sure now.
  14. Hmm... for me 'superb' would have been an overstatement. I have flown with Emirates several times, although only on the 772, 77W and 332. Each time the overall experience is far from superb - slightly above average at best. Yes Emirates may have cutting edge IFE, fancy mood lighting and sometimes excellent catering in Y, these are however let down by their below average seating (10 abreast seating in 777's Y, 7 abreast in 332/343s' J) and a hit and miss cabin crew service. These are the two areas where MAS is doing a much, much better job than Emirates.
  15. BI does offer direct flights between BWN and LHR, although there is a stop in Dubai both ways. Hopefully with the introduction of the B77W, they are able to offer non-stop service between LHR and BWN. BI may take away some MH market shares at BKI... As for KCH I am not sure how they can get things worked by just offering 2x per week. Sometimes I feel that their management is running the airline as if we are still in the 80's.
  16. A$594 is a bargain, that is just over RM1,800. I hope that EK will come up with similar promotional fare ex-KUL soon. Also worth mentioning is Emirates' frequent flyer programme - Skywards.Despite its recent 'enhancement', it is still one of the more generous programme around. Even with the heavily discounted fare (A$594) one still get 10,000 Skyward miles. MH promotional fare only gives 30% of actual miles flown, thats roughly 2,400 Enrich miles for a KUL-MEL roundtrip. Emirates is also one of thefew airlines that does not impose fuel surcharge on tickets. Therefore when redeeming the miles, one just pays the airport taxes and security charges :good:MH fuel surcharge on KUL-MEL currently stands at US$100 each way, that means an Enrich member has to fork out RM680 on fuel surcharge when redeeming his 'free' flights on KUL-MEL-KUL. Those who based in Australia may find it more attractive as Skywards miles can also be used on Virgin Blue flights. A roundtrip KUL-MEL will clock up enough miles for a free one way flights such as MEL-ADL, MEL-SYD, MEL-HBA, SYD-HBA or SYD-BNE with Virgin Blue. And two roundtrips will give you a freereturn SIN-HKG with United.
  17. This is good news indeed! I am not keen on flying their B777's but with this new daily flight now I have the opportunity to avoid them altogether, i.e. A380 on LHR - DXB and then A345 on DXB - KUL. My doubt is how long they are going to keep the A345 servicing this route, as it can be easily replaced by the 777's...
  18. I think the number of days on the banner refers to the total time one spent on the plane. Yes the filter statistic is interesting, and it reveals a lot more information than Flight Memory too... maybe a bit too much info for some.
  19. I just copied all my flight segments from Flight Memory (FM) to OpenFlights.org (OF). The data transfer isn't as tedious as I thought, but it is not too straightforward either. There is a step by step guide on how to do the transfer on the OF site. It took me less than 30 minutes from signing up to completing all the data transfer (I have 215 segments in FM). However I need to do some tidying up later because OF does not recognise some airports and airlines. This is mostly due to the fact that I entered the incorrect information on FM. The main reason I am doing this is because OF offers a better and more user friendly map which can be zoomed in and out. It also has some statistics not offered by FM, as mentioned by Azizul previously. One of the tools I like is that the viewer can filter the route map by airlines and year. For example, I can ask the map to show me the flights I have taken with AirAsia: I am not abandoning FM (I still like them - except the map!) and will be updating my future flights on both sites - should not be a problem since I am not a frequent flyer.
  20. I guess this means Business class passengers travelling on the morning flight to PEN will be using the SATS Premium Lounge instead of the Silver Kris Lounge... Also Star Alliance redemption flight into or out of PEN will have to be routed via BKK on Thai Airways Int'l. Anyone knows if they are keeping the Silver Kris Lounge in PEN?
  21. Yeah, used to be just in Harrords, now they're everywhere! IIRC there is one at Stansted airport too. How much does a Krispy Kreme cost in Msia? I guess its cheaper than the UK - a single glazed ring doughnut is £1.10 (RM6) over here.
  22. Hmm... I am pretty sure. But that was back in early 1997, just before the Asian Financial Crisis. I remember reading the T&C's of YEE30 saying that BKI/KCH-KUL are not applicable on flights via SIN or BWN. Maybe this has been relaxed since then?! I do have some timetables, I started collecting them in 1993 and stopped in early 00's. I also had two timetables dated 1989 and 1990. I will dig them out when I go home next time. It will be interesting how the routings / frequencies changed over the time. IIRC there were very few non-stop flights between BKI and KUL back then, except a daily YN and a handful of mixed/international flights that carry on to MNL/NRT/SEL/TPE. Most domestic flights to BKI had stops in JHB, SIN, KCH, MYY or LBU. I still remember the crazy MH2610 that did PEN-KUL-KCH-MYY-LBU-BKI. Wow... that's probably why when I flew Royal Brunei on this route couple of years ago, drinks were served before pushback and the crew only handed out sweets during the flight KCH-BWN took almost 2hrs with the F50, there is no need to rush Wish I could take this flight, I don't think it lasted very long...
  23. You just brought back my childhood memory! I missed the 80's and 90's (especially the HK movies!) ... but I never recall MH did SIN-KCH-BKI with the A300-B4 back then. I do remember they had the twice weekly MH60 doing KUL-KCH-BKI-HKG & vv. I was on the KUL-KCH leg a few times. I loved this flight, it gave domestic passengers a flavour of how it was like travelling internationally (being on a widebody + experience Subang T1). Best part of it was the flight left KUL just before 7am, hence the night tourist fare applied (thats about 30% off normal Y fare). Back then they still gave out menu for Y class passengers - I even took one home with me. Maybe I should dig it out and see what they serve on the KCH-BKI leg back then Oh, so domestic passengers travelling on this route are OK to leave the plane in SIN, wandering at the departure hall without a passport? I always thought how it was like travelling on this flight. I almost took MH641 (KCH-SIN-KUL) once but my mum changed the flight to a non-stop one at the last minute so that she could save RM100 (the YEE30 fare doesn't applied to flights via SIN).
  24. Sorry, the second ad didn't load up when I posted the reply above. I like the first ad but the second one - oh dear!
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