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  1. Thanks for the link Naim, this is very useful!!! I like that the deals are quoted in Ringgit and/or Singapore Dollars.
  2. Thanks for the info. Is it just me or the info on the Enrich site is all over the place or doesn't exist?!
  3. Does anyone know that whether transferring the points from credit card to an enrich account gives you any 'elite miles'? I guess not? I couldn't find any information on the enrich website. Also how many miles does one really need to achieve gold status from blue? Is it 50,000 elite miles or 75,000 elite miles?
  4. MH operated flights are now redeemable online via BA exec club. Rates start from 4,500 avios one way before taxes. Not bad huh! The taxes and surcharges seem to be quite high though, I was looking at HKG-BKI, both KA and MH flights are priced at 7,500 avios one way but MH surcharges are almost twice as high as that of KA.
  5. And there are still a lot of people who think Heathrow does not need a new runway... honestly... !!! I bet you were sitting comfortably in J, or F, or R
  6. I just had a play with the TK booking engine. Apparently the flights are now bookable. If you do a straighforward search (e.g. return) only the TK flights show up. However by doing multiple destinations search you'll see the code share flight operated by MH too!!! ex-London Gatwick fares are attractively priced - around £530 (approx RM2550). A stopover in IST outbound brings the fare down further to £470 (RM2250). Bargain no? They also used to do pretty nice J fare ex-Europe a while ago. Unfortunately I can't see them anymore...
  7. Great new indeed. I hope they are doing some introductory offer on KUL - Turkey/Europe. Shame they use the A343 ... it would have been even better if they use the new A333!
  8. Haha, the KFC in the UK is by far the worst I've ever come across. I still go there from time to time though. Amsterdam gets my vote for the best KFC in Europe... its probably because I'm a Hot & Spicy fan and they know how to do it properly over there.
  9. Thanks for the detail info MAR! RM1300+ in taxes and charges for a roundtrip redemption is a lot of money, unfortunately this seems to be the norm nowadays.
  10. I've heard that air tickets issued in NZ are YQ free (like Brazil). Does that mean you if you book the return trip as two one ways, you could avoid paying the YQ for the return sector? Not sure if this applies to Enrich redemption - worth checking as YQ is RM550 each way!
  11. Thanks for the advice guys. Booked the flight, will keep my fingers crossed!
  12. Thanks flee. Yes I won't hesitate a bit if I were doing KCH-KUL. The problem is I need to be in SIN first then Melaka...
  13. Hi all I am planning a family trip to Singapore and Melaka, travelling in early January. I wonder if you guys can help with the following: 1) Does AirAsia use aerobridge in Kuching for their Singapore bound flight? I've heard from friends that they do, but I'm not sure if this is always the case or just on an ad hoc basis. 2) How reliable is their schedule? Currently AirAsia booking system is showing 2 flights per day (mid morning and late afternoon ex-KCH). I know they are not good in keeping to their schedule and have the tendency of "combining" flights due to operational/commercial reasons. Does anyone here has any statistic (or personal experience) to share? I know Q.2 is a little odd... I could have just booked MAS but their fare is so much more expensive than AK. I would love to fly Silkair but their schedule is just... haih... Many Thanks in advance
  14. Have a look at Jetstar. They do have direct Singapore - Auckland service. Prices aren't too bad on the days you want to travel, about RM 5k even when you include the add-ons such as meals and check in luggage. I'm not a LCC fan myself, but I do have friends who are willing to pay a bit more just to travel direct even with a LCC. It may be worth checking how it's like flying with infant on Jetstar. e.g. can you get a bulkhead seat with infant bassinet. You don't really want your baby to sit on your lap for 11+ hours....
  15. If you don't mind a transit, Etihad seems to be offering some attractive fares ex-SIN. S$855 (roughly RM2100) for adult and S$70 (roughly RM180) infant. The routing will be Singapore - Brisbane with Etihad, and Brisbane - Auckland with Air New Zealand. They even do open jaw for the same price (e.g. SIN-Auckland, Christchurch-SIN). Booking class is U, non-refundable ticket but change of date is allowed for S$50. Luggage allowance is 30kg! The fare rule does allow free stopover in Brisbane but their website doesn't seem to let you do this. Etihad has many airline partners including MH, American Airlines, Bangkok Airways so its worth finding out which frequent flyer programme you should bank your miles to...
  16. If you are flying British Airways in Economy you are allowed 1 piece of cabin bag plus a small brief case or laptop bag. It has been like this for a while, so I don't think its LHR fault... With Easyjet your hand carry can be as heavy as you like, as long as you can store it on the overhead bins without any help. They are strict with size but not the weight.
  17. Haha, Europe is one step of Asia, in fact we are now on the next phase of hand luggage evolution. Wizzair, one of the largest LCC that serves Eastern Europe, has already come up with a brilliant idea of charging passengers hand carry that doesn't fit into the space under the seat in front of you. Where is the romance of travel?!!
  18. Oh dear, that's pretty poor customer service! I wouldn't mind if they upgrade the booking engine to make it better. Unfortunately this is not always the case. It's not just MH, it happens to other websites too. You know I still find the old CheckMyTrip so much more user friendly than the new one. Thankfully the classic version is still there.
  19. Don't like the 3-3-3 but 34" pitch looks promising!
  20. Oh dear, I was thinking about doing SIN-BNE with QF, maybe it's not a good idea?! SQ booking engine may be ok now but it is nowhere as user friendly as the older version! The website is very temperamental - I had 2 future bookings(not booked directly with SQ), was able to access my bookings to select seats, view and book stopover package etc. but since their last upgrade a few months ago they were no longer retrievable. I had to go to the Lufthansa website to view the booking and change my seats, haha!
  21. I hope this is not as bad as SQ, they have been trying to fix their website for more than a year now. That is shocking! KCH is getting more international flights!
  22. Good thinking! Does anyone know roughly when MH flights will become bookable via Oneworld partners, hopefully well before 1 Feb 2013? With BMI gone and MH joining Oneworld soon, I think its time take my AAdvantage miles a bit more seriously... I really hope that they are not following SQ footsteps by blocking their new products from partners redemption.
  23. Oh no! I was so looking forward to seeing the current livery on their B787.... Strange that they use RB on the tail, it could mean a lot of things... rock bottom, rich b*****d. It's really boring.
  24. The direct KCH-SIN flight has disappeared! I did a search and was only offered flights via KUL. The direct SIN-KCH is still there though.
  25. Very nice livery indeed! Those business class seats does look quite similar to SQ's new regional business class.
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