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  1. Congrats Kenneth! I have the same 'problem' with an upcoming flight with Turkish Airlines too... Booked into W class, should have been economy restricted but the return sector is shown as "First Class" on the Turkish Airlines mobile app
  2. Yes I agree that the UK air passenger duty is a PITA... but dont think this is ther reason why D7 is having the disadvantage over the middle eastern carriers. If one is doing London - Dubai - KL with Emirates, the amount of UK APD imposed on the ticket is still the same as the a nonstop London - KL flight. The APD only drops if you break the journey at the transit point for more than 24hrs... Middle eastern airlines are just too big to compete for a relatively small airline like D7. Those big 3 fly to almost every major cities in Europe these days...
  3. Very strange... when I click on the link you provided I got directed to WOR Aug-Oct 2013!
  4. That's great! I've flown both TK 77W and CA A332 before and I do like the J seats... especially the TK ones. Does anyone know what's the legroom in Y? 32" I guess? Looking forward to seeing trip reports in both J and Y !
  5. I always have a soft spot for BI so I wouldn't mind giving up A380 for B787. To be honest it's a pain on the backside to get on and off the plane as big as an A380... It's a shame that I still couldn't find a way to book LHR-BWN-KCH, despite the fact that BI is now codesharing with MAswing on the KCH-BWN sector. I just hope that the 9 abreast seating isn't as bad as 10-abreast on a 777...
  6. Hi Kelson I've seen some open jaws too on Ebookers.com Etihad Airways KUL-AUH-IST on 27/9, IST-AUH-SIN on 6/10. £435 or approx S$870 Malaysia Airlines KUL-IST on 28/9, IST-KUL-SIN on 5/10 or 7/10 £415 or approx S$830 Both looks pretty insteresting as you get fly with more than 1 airlines (IST-AUH and IST-KUL are operated by Turkish). The MAS booking only has 1 seat left though... You'll obviously need to book a separate ticket to travel from SIN to KUL one way... thats probably another S$150-250?! I've used Ebookers before and they're quite well known over here in the UK. Happy planning!
  7. Thanks Suzanne May I know which airlines that have deals ex-Indo china regularly? Just curious... not for my sis though, I don't think she like hopping around like I do. I did have a quick look and I found some interesting J fare by an European carrier at just over RM5k. Can this be considered a deal?
  8. Thanks all for the response re ex-Aus fares. Looks like my sis is likely to go with the most straightforward way - i.e. BNE-LHR on SQ Although these fares aren't cheap, they're booked into W/H class which come with a more flexible condition/higher mileage accrual. Suzanne, I did try your suggestion by breaking the journey in half, hmm doesn't seem to work though. Hmm...am I missing something?
  9. I was trying to look for some fares ex-Australia to UK/Europe for my sis. Wow they're expensive! The fare in economy is at least 50% more than the other way round. Can anyone here shed some lights on how to get bargain fares ex-Australia, particularly from Brisbane?
  10. One 'good' news is that Royal Brunei is now code sharing with MASwings on KCH-BWN. Online booking ex-KCH is doable to a handful of destinations (e.g. Shanghai, Melbourne). I would love to give them a try once they have the 787's up and running
  11. I think they are already reducing some evening flights before the start of winter schedule... My parents were due to take MH647 in early September and they have already received notification a while ago that the flight has been "rescheduled" to the morning departure... Also Silkair is reducing its frequency from 3x to 2x weekly in September. The 'good' news is they'll be back to 3x from October.
  12. "We are bringing in this new aircraft some time in September. Sabah and Sarawak will be among the first to be included in our introductory programme" Sarawak?! I wonder which city would that be? As far as I know BI currently does not fly to any destination in Sarawak... Please tell me that one of those code share flights between BWN-KCH operated by Maswings will be replaced by BI's 787 on certain days?
  13. It would be great to see RBA operating the Embraer! Perhaps with the smaller planes they can afford to resume some of the Asean/BIMP-EAGA destinations!
  14. BTW it looks like Silkair has reduced the Kuching service from 3x to 2x weekly.... the Friday flight has gone! Now left with just Tue and Sun.
  15. Thanks for all the feedback... much appreciated. Kenneth, its interesting to know that one could stay in the transit hotel and pick up the bags from the lost counter!
  16. Thanks chaps. I thought I'd ask here first before I speak to someone in MAS. Flee, I agree with you that KCH-KUL-LHR is making much more sense. But doing this will involve a charge for rerouting / repricing of fare from ex-SIN to ex-KCH and unfortunately there is a huge difference in price between the two! Must be due to the high disposable income of Sarawakians
  17. I was having my lunch when I read your comments! lol. Almost every flight I've been on got a bit bumpy when flying over the Bay of Bengal... very strange! And that is always the time the crew serve the meal and hot drinks to the passengers.
  18. Hi all Need some advice here. A friend of mine who lives in Kuching recently bought a SIN-KUL-LHR return with MAS. His original plan was to book the KCH-SIN flight separately, spend a few days in Singapore before flying off to London. Due to work committment he is now thinking about skipping Singapore and do KCH-SIN-KUL-LHR in one go. The SIN-KUL flight leaves at 0645hrs, connecting into MH4 to LHR which leaves KUL around 10am. My questions are: 1) Can he book a one-way KCH-SIN separately with either MAS or Silkair, arriving SIN roughly 10pm the night before the KUL flight and have the luggage checked through all the way from KCH to LHR? 2) If he chooses to fly MAS on the KCH-SIN sector, can he receive boarding passes for all his flights when checking in at KCH (since all flights are operated by the same airline)? 3) If he can't check through the luggage to LHR, what is the possiblity of checking in at a MAS counter at SIN T2 the night before the SIN-KUL-LHR flight so that he can use the transit hotel located at the airside? I remember MAS used to offer early check in at SIN - they may have gotten rid of this sometime ago? Many Thanks in advance of your help
  19. Oh dear, I feel sorry for those stranded passengers! This is one bad publicity for BA. To be honest I personally have experienced more delays on BA flights compared to the LCC's such as Easyjet and Ryanair. When you read news like this it does make you wonder why bother choosing a legacy airline over a LCC, especially on a short hop...
  20. Thomson, the UK based charter airline operates a mixed boeing fleet of 737/757/767's but they mainly fly to popular holiday destinations in South Europe/North Africa.
  21. Not sure if this is the appropriate thread but I don't want to create a new one just to ask a question... I see that Tiger Airways is not selling any seats on SIN-KCH-SIN from 01 July 2013. Does this mean they are pulling out of KCH?
  22. I noticed on some days KUL-KCH-KUL is reduced to only 2 flights per day on each direction. Could this be due to low load? Good news for folks in SBW, MYY and TWU!
  23. Thanks for the info. RM2.2k is incredibly cheap, especially for a non-stop flight!
  24. Wow how did you manage that? Does the routing involve London, or just purely EU destinations?
  25. I just read the small print. Apparently taxes and surcharges are excluded - for a return trip that stands at RM446. Makes you wonder what 'free' means these days A friend of mine just booked a return trip to Phuket with MH and it was around RM460.
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