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  1. Airlines: Northwest (2sectors ) Malaysia Airlines (cant remember ) Indian Airlines ( 2 sectors ) Emirates ( 6 sectors ) Air Asia ( 2 sectors ) Jet Airways ( 2 sectors ) Singapore Airlines ( 1 sector) thats about it i think
  2. on tuesday if im not mistaken. i saw an AK A320 landing at subang for maintanance
  3. how come all of this problems are suddenly happening to the MAS aircrafts. weird.
  4. well they should appoint us MWingers on their board, haha
  5. y dont we meet up at some place n go in a convoy, hehe, sure fun punya
  6. anybody staying near PJ area. victor, where do u stay?, i might need a lift. hehe
  7. i wana come. but my cam is not that gd just a normal digital cam. so not sure.what time will you guys go on deepa day
  8. i agree with all of u bout MAS, actually even though u hv all the ideas, its not as easy as u think to enforce it. its hard. trust me
  9. but EK's services are also damn gd, LOL rm 1400 just to feel at home
  10. u hv to fly alot on MAS even on business before u can redeem, but SQ, u fly on economy to dublin 1 person. u can get 2 tickets to BALI, how cool, LOL, MAS is being redecules
  11. but then i thing CX has more flights from HKG to KUL compared to MH
  12. they think arabic speaking passengers or muslim passengers are terrorists, how do they know that maybe they hv locals who are terrorists. haih
  13. if u want to hv a long haul domestic flight, try flying KEWR/KJFK to KLAX.
  14. they should allow AK to operate at WMSA also then syok skit
  15. kingfisher became partners with AirDecan?, i dont think so, when did this happenhey capt. Mani yr from the ESB flying club rite?
  16. no map Nizam, sry. mayb u could like park at block c den exit. n c wether u pass any rwy. ill get the map the next time i go there. but the best is still at the weather station after u pass the kompleks bunga raya
  17. this yrs lima shud be gd. it shud be coz kan visit msia 07
  18. i think there is a new spotting area. that day i went to klia around midnight and parked at block C. when i was going back, after exiting block C, i passed through 1 of the rwy's. the rwy was on my left. so mayb some of u could just like chek it out or sumthin, hehe
  19. rauf

    AirAsia X

    gd quality pics. thx but then i thought A330s hv tv's, how come dis wan doesnt hv
  20. i thought the curry was caused by a passenger and not a stewardess. i heard bout this on hitz.fm , lol.
  21. maybe for safety you would want to sit near the emergency exit. but if ur sitting beside the emergency exit with ur children they wont allow you. because they dont allow children to sit on the emergency exit row. but if u want a comfortable journey u should sit right infront of the economy class. behind the bussiness class. so you will have more leg space.
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