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  1. 3x weekly is hard to sustain due to crew cost. But it's not what the EU market has shrunk - AF aren't doing too well financially and they are shrinking globally. Other airlines like CX is growing in EU - new flights to DUS, ZRH and MAN and soon LGW and MAD. Malaysia is very low-yield. Just a few examples of MH OW partners: JL - flies more than once daily to CGK (and with 4-class 77W!), SIN, BKK CX - 7-8 daily flights to SIN (although KUL get most of the long-haul planes whilst SIN is mostly high-density 773/333), even more flights to BKK and about the same amount of flights to CGK BA - 1 77W and 1 380 to SIN AY - 1 daily to BKK and SIN (we get LGK as a consolation ) QR - 3 daily 380 and 1 77W to BKK QF - 1 daily to BKK/CGK and multiple daily flights to SIN You would think if MH is in OW, there'd be more OW flights to KUL since it's considered a "hub to hub" route, but the opposite is true.
  2. MH won't be resuming FRA anytime soon - the A350s are for LHR and if they order more, I think there are higher priority cities for the 350s. That depends on the future of the MH/KL JV. But it also seems likely that's going away. Here are a few reasons why LH failed at KUL: - KUL yields are trash (KUL is a low-yield destination for most airlines) - No onward connections beyond KUL (other than a few handful domestic stations) - Low O&D demand - Wrong aircraft (LH has fuel guzzler albeit "luxurious" A343 whilst BA and KL has high density 787/777 respectively) - MYR sudden depreciation - ME3 + TK
  3. Yes, but it depends on the fare you are purchasing. MH/CX usually require a more expensive fare to an offline city or flying a code-share/partner flight. BA/AA on the other hand is pretty generous. QF is somewhat more limited because QF doesn't fly to KUL and more importantly, they have 3K.
  4. MH doesn't need to code-share with BA to transfer the pax. This is where OW partnership comes in. MH just pay BA the SPA price for that EU sector. A quick search for KUL-FRA routing rules yields: 1. KUL-MH-LON-BA-FRA 2. KUL-MH-AMS-KL-FRA So MH pax can fly KUL-LHR on MH and then transfer onto BA to FRA. Similarly, one of BA's allowed routing for SGN-LHR is: 1. SGN-VN/MH-KUL-LON
  5. Of course it's not going to be a problem filling up the A380, but it's still useless if EK was selling all those 615 tickets at $1 (hyperbole). Malaysia/KL is generally a low yield destination, with relatively low O&D and few onward connection possibilities.
  6. This is surprising. MH has code-share agreement with QR and EY (doesn't mean much but at least they do have some agreement in place) but almost nothing with EK. And AA/EY was supposed to announce a JV soon (so much so that AA was strongly rumored to fly DFW-AUH) and CX will be terminating their extensive code-share agreement with QR soon. Seems like no one wants to partner with QR (even QR's OW sponsor, BA). QR - Don't know if they have an extensive JV or marketing agreement with any OW airlines EY - AA and AB (AC will be the next logical partner if they want to sequential ) EK - QF and now MH?
  7. I don't know your ticket conditions but if you can do EU-LHR-KUL (with layover at London not exceeding 24 hours), you'll save on the £142 APD (a simple turnaround at BGO/SVG/BRU etc. are good, or if you are brave and can run fast, DUB).
  8. Will the new J-cabin occupies the entire space between Door 1 and 2? From the look of EI's seat map, it does (EI has 30 seats at 58" seat pitch per seatguru whilst MH has 27 seats at 43" seat pitch). CX 333 (Cirrus Zodiac) and AA 333 (B/E Super Diamond) with reverse herringbone has 28 seats between Door 1 and 2 - why go for a a J cabin that doesn't have all-aisle access and IMO, not as good as CX/AA 333 J cabin (one big assumption is Thompson Vantage seats cost the same as those reverse herringbone seats).
  9. IME, for such a long flight, the hard product is more important than the soft product. And by all accounts, MH hard product wins hands down in all classes (especially for Y flyers when the BA switches to the B789 from December). As far as soft product goes, I'd still rate MH a notch above BA especially with the chef-on-call option.
  10. I am curious how will MH market its "super economy" - an entire separate cabin with different booking class e.g. CX/SQ/BR/BA/LH premium economy or more in the line of AA MCE or UA E+ (same booking class, but elites get it for free and minimal charge to non-elites).
  11. I don't think MH will install business class seats similar to SQ - MH can't afford those seats and there isn't enough premium branding on MH that passengers will justify paying that much more for MH. If MH gets off-the-shelf Zodiac Cirrus (similar to CX/AA 77W) or B/E Super Diamond (similar to QR/AY A350), I'll be a happy camper. But having that said, it's probably going to be something less premium like Solstys or Vantage seats similar to EI/EY (which are still great products). MH F soft product is very similar to MH J - F comes with an additional main course entrée, caviar and better selection of alcoholic drinks (read that Dom is not served in FCL anymore too - can't confirm), so I don't think most will pay more to fly MH F. Plus, most F passengers are booked in Z/P (on OW) or O (on *A) anyway.
  12. Only 5 frames are active right now. 9M-MNC has been on the ground for quite some time now.
  13. LH Group (along with TK) is still flying over the Caspian Sea despite new warnings from ICAO and EASA. Flight route image from SCMP: Here's a quote from LH: But we all know what happened to MH 17 (and LH group was flying over Ukraine then too).
  14. LH once again updated its schedule for S2016. LH 782/783 will now be 5 weekly instead of the planned 7 weekly. Flight schedules: LH782 2200FRA - KUL1620+1 x37 343 LH783 2250KUL - FRA0545+1 x14 343
  15. Am I the only one confused whether a new livery/name change is involved in the rebranding? Just a few weeks back Mueller said it was just going to be a soft rebrand, keeping the same livery and name.
  16. I believe they shot this commercial at LAX. I saw them shooting something with the 380 a few months back.
  17. There are no connections beyond KUL for LH and KUL is not a huge O&D destination for LH. And also, BA/ME3 has very *reasonable* DE-MY premium cabin fares from time to time (especially during BA's weekly Thursday specials - suspended until further notice though). That's what I hear, but if I am not mistaken, the first few A350s are going to be MUC based.
  18. Lufthansa will reduce its KUL frequency between 9JAN16 and 25MAR16 from 5 to 3 weekly flights. LH782 FRA 2210 - 1725+1 KUL 343 246 LH783 KUL 2315 - 0545 +1 FRA 343 357 Let's see how long LH will remain in KUL. I'd be surprised if they are still around by the end of 2016.
  19. Meh. When BA had its weekly Thursday specials it was about one third of the price. But sadly their weekly Thursday specials have been canceled due to overwhelming response
  20. Yes! There are quite a few high value flyers that left UA (I am not a high value flyer, but I left UA for AA too!). They pretty much copied followed DL's lead in MP "enhancements" (revenue based accrual and highly inflated award charts) without DL's operations performance with far too many delays and cancellations. Not to mention TODs (ten of dollars upgrade) and worst of all, choosing SHARES instead of Apollo (which was supposed to migrate to Amadeus later down the road to align with most *A carriers). You have to babysit reservations with SHARES - any schedule changes will mean that you need to call and reconfirm your flight, partner flights dropping off itineraries, mis-pricing partner flights, over aggressive protection (which leads to downline flight auto-cancelation if computer didn't see that you took a different flight) and "DOS-based" UI for agents (that's not for me, but during IRROPS, it's horrible when it takes a few minutes to rebook one passenger onto OAL). I believe access to E+ for *G was during Tilton's era. But yes, UA's transcon product is the worst amongst the US3, bad IFE resolution and most importantly, who says "let's fly premium to New Jersey!"
  21. NH flew KIX-KUL last time and it wasn't successful. NH 815/816 is timed for US connections, but having that said, US-MY traffic is not huge and there are CX (which offer multiple flights a day to US and KUL compared to once daily with NH), BR, and CI. And I don't believe NH has any KIX-US flights (excluding HNL), the only one is JL's KIX-LAX and I don't believe that's doing great either.
  22. Maybe it's time for MH to relocate to T1 in SIN and join most OW partners. The new soon-to-be-opened BA lounge looks spiffy and the QF lounge is fantastic as usual. CDG T1 OW lounges are abysmal. Even QR uses the same lounge as MH in CDG. There isn't a need for a lounge in CDG when MH only flies there once a day. The ideal situation would be to move to T2 to share the lounge with CX/AA (CX has a decent lounge in CDG). Why would MH need a lounge in HKG when there are so many excellent CX choices to choose from? For a J/OWS, there's the QF lounge (great food!), CX Wing/Cabin/Bridge/G16 and for OWE, there's the lovely CX Pier/Wing. Same goes for SYD/MEL, the QF lounge is amazing! If that's true, that's quite a hefty charge considering a day pass cost roughly the same. MH can give you an invitation to Plaza Premium Lounge, but flyers can visit the CX lounges both in BKK and HKG and both are lovely! What if I lounge hop - is it $60 USD per lounge? (AA would be paying a lot for me if that's the case )
  23. That's rather shocking. Hope this is just for domestic! It shouldn't matter how you got into J (op-up, upgraded with miles, MHUpgrade, kawan-kawan with check-in agent etc.), meals and service must be the same for all passengers.
  24. Just minor equipment changes for CX KUL flights for NW 2015/2016 CX 722/723 - remained as usual 3-cabin A333 CX 724/725 - changed from 3-cabin to 2-cabin A333 (seatmap still shows 3-cabin but PE is zeroed out) CX 720/729/790/791 - 90% operated by either 3-cabin A333/343 and 10% 2-cabin A333 (major improvement especially for CX 720/729!) As usual with CX regional operations, you don't know what aircraft you'll be on until you show up at the gate, but this is based on GDS.
  25. I flew both and I think both are decent and better than MH, AA etc. Probably because EY has more modern interiors.
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