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  1. Seems like MH finally updated their NS23 TYO schedule. MH 36/37 (KUL-HND). No 1AM arrivals and 3 AM departure ex-HND 😅. 5x to HND and 7x weekly to NRT. MH36 KUL1350 - 2200HND 359 MH37 HND2355 - 0605+1KUL 359 The turnaround time at AKL/PER and some Indian cities are extremely short - it might work on a perfect day with perfect conditions but as you know, nothing is perfect. That's why a lot of PER/AKL/Indian return flights are delayed severely. Doesn't help when MH doesn't really pad their schedules too (i.e. make their flight schedule "longer" so in the event of any delays, it can be absorbed)
  2. Is the current cargo apron still across Subang Airport Road (where the former MASKargo complex was)? IF that's where they plan to build the new terminal, this will be another KLIA T1 to KLIA LCCT (before T2 was built) scenario. How do MH/FY connect from jet to turboprop vv service unless there's a dedicated airside shuttle? And yes, traffic past 4PM is horrendous around there and I'd never buy a ticket that'll arrive past 4PM or depart between 5 and 8PM from SZB. A spur line from either LRT3 or LRT KJ line would work best (topic for another day, drop the LRT/MRT and just name the train lines accordingly, e.g. KJ line instead of LRT KJ line). I don't know why Malaysia need some grand and long public transit line when a spur line will work perfectly well in some cases (also topic for another day/forum: the monorail is a great inner city line but it needs to be underground and operate at a higher frequency). 😬 Maybe he misread 😉 Saw A220 but thought it was a typo and corrected it to A320 🤣
  3. Malaysians just love to complain for the sake of complaining (not amongst members here) but if you read comments (they are the best), people are questioning the need to change the terminology when it worked fine for them. They don't know how confusing it is for non-Malaysians when they refer it as KLIA1 and KLIA2. Some non-Malaysians will think that it's a different airport (and to make matters worse, some Malaysians claim it's a different airport too - without knowing the difference between "airport" and "terminal"). And some Malaysians are claiming they will be confused in the future because they are accustomed to Terminal 1 for international and Terminal 2 for domestic (e.g. SZB days before T3 was built) but now T1 and T2 both serves domestic and international. What has the quality of education in Malaysia gone down to?
  4. I am curious how low the priority is for adding another ">" to our passports to differentiate between our surname and given name. You know to make it easier for any Malaysians to check in or even go through TSA in the US (TSA can't read Malaysian passports because of a name mismatch).
  5. They have to revamp and increase its Subang Airport-KL Sentral train service. The discontinued once an hour train service is just not feasible for most passengers (much better if there's a Subang Jaya station - Subang Airport shuttle plus Subang Airport - KL Sentral train service). Even better if the KJ line had a small spur line to SZB from either Subang Jaya or Lembah Subang station. But I guess it's too late for that now. Maybe MAHB's intent for SZB is to be like TSA or GMP? Limited regional flights with limited operating hours. ATR seems good for smaller secondary cities in Sumatra and peninsula Malaysia. A new terminal will probably take 3-5 years to complete? So realistically we are looking around 2028 for jet operations at SZB.
  6. It appears that EK will resume its 3rd daily flight to KUL for NS23. 2x77W and 1x380 (2-cabin) on EK 346/347. EY will also increase its capacity by flying 77W 5x and 781 2x a week.
  7. Oddly enough, I don't think MH's new safety video is cheap. They seem to have money splurging on it with all the cameos and choreography (unless those cameos are doing it pro bono). Could have made a tourism one like SQ instead of a cringe dance video like AA. The one benefit of refurbished 737s is that you don't have to sit through the safety video 😌
  8. Lok Kawi isn't exactly the jewel of Sabah. They probably had good intentions with the park but from what I read and hear is that it's not well maintained and the animals look kinda depressed in there. Sepilok and Semenggoh on the other hand are great. Kinabatangan is also another shining star (but the oil palm plantations are way too close to the forest reserve). But I also understand that there are more serious issues to deal with in Sabah and animals aren't the top of their list. Hardcore poverty especially in the East Coast is a huge problem.
  9. I think there are very competent local marketing agencies here in Malaysia. It's just odd that both MH and Tourism Malaysia/Sabah can't handle social media marketing at all. They have never changed the orangutan/proboscis monkey picture since 1990s? It's still grainy and very 90s color. And IIRC, KK had more weekly flights to Korea than KL pre-Covid. But they come in groups with everything in Korean (tour guide, restaurants etc.) Western/European tourists visit the islands too plus Sandakan/Kinabatangan. Malaysians (especially urbanites) aren't really that much into seeing animals in the wild.They very much prefer a Singapore Zoo experience.
  10. Thank you for your insight and info. Is FY's medical pax/cargo certification obtained fro CAAM or some international body (since they also operate international flights). Does MH want FY to be sort of TR of SQ (e.g. both MH and FY serving popular destinations e.g. HKT, SIN, BKK, DPS from KUL) so there's a slightly cheaper but less frill option than MH or is it more of a complement carrier, serving destinations that doesn't have business demand and more price sensitive travelers.
  11. Interesting. But yet some Malaysians want MAG to fold because it's useless and wants AK to be our national carrier. Are there any plans for FY to be an affiliate member of OW (e.g. what KA used to be) or more of what 3K is to some carriers at SIN. Since FY doesn't operate out of KUL (yet), I guess there'll be limited OW interline/connection but are they able to interline with OW carriers (e.g. DOH-KUL(QR)-BTU(FY)) in the future?
  12. Social media? Try website 🤣 They don't even have a functional website. Malaysia seems to only know how to attract one type of visitor at the expense of others instead of attracting multiple types of visitors. e.g. you don't have to ban alcohol (or at least talk about it publicly) in Langkawi when you want to attract Muslim tourists. Alcohol didn't stop Muslims from visiting London, Bangkok, Tokyo etc. Is attracting Chinese and European/Middle Eastern visitors at the same time a tough act to balance? Let's not even go that far - closer to home - how about attracting ANZ visitors?
  13. Our tourism campaign is pretty much "Visit Malaysia Year xxxx" and then slap an orangutan or an indigenous people's face on a double decker bus in London and then pat yourself on the back for a job well done. But when you hear tourists coming to Malaysia, they are usually often surprised with what Malaysia has to offer and often call it as an underrated destination. They do not know what to expect (because our marketing sucks) and are usually fondly surprised by our food, culture, and nature. I often forget that TG doesn't have any narrow body. So they are indeed stretching their fleet and they are sacrificing frequencies over higher capacity plane for their regional flights (e.g. KUL/SGN with 2 daily flights). Never knew Australia is a strong market for TG/Thailand so I am not surprised that they are reducing their focus on Australia.
  14. IIRC, "daytime slots" at HND are 06:00-21:59 for arrival and 06:00-22:59 for departure. MH already has the current schedule set up since April/August this year so I'd be very surprised they can't get the same slot for next summer. It's not exactly a busy time at HND past midnight for arrivals but who knows why they ended up with this schedule. They could even do what QF or VA did before they received their daytime slot. Arrive just before 06:00 and leave at midnight but that means MH will have a plane sitting on the ground for 18 hours. Well yes - defense is another area which funds are severely lacking. But again, these aren't tangible to the normal Malaysian until the next incursion. I remember reading about the LCS fiasco where the Navy recommended a certain type of ship from a different manufacturer but we got a totally different ship instead. Again, still amazed at TG's bailouts. But then again, tourism contributes about 18-20% of their GDP whilst I think it's 10-12% for us. Don't they have 359s sitting on the ground at BKK? BKK is like an aircraft storage yard for TG (at least as of June). The whole satellite terminal is parked with TG planes and along the taxiways as well where as it's not so obvious at KUL (I still see AK/D7 parked at the old LCC / Satellite concourse and a few OD/MH plane parked near the main concourse).
  15. It's hard to achieve a daily (as in everyday of the week) for EU-KUL JV when either one is operating 3/4 weekly due to time difference. There'll be days with multiple frequencies and days without. AF seems quite happy at SIN - 10 weekly now and up to 14 weekly for NS23.
  16. Maybe it's time to let him or TnG go. Much better to have a debit/credit contactless system like they do in London. TnG is creating nothing but jams at toll booths. And that 10% surcharge is BS when Visa/MC only charges 2-4%.
  17. What's going on with MH's HND flights? Seems like it has been zeroed out (NRT flights are still sold on MH 70/71). More importantly, (tentative?) HND schedule has been pushed back back by a few hours. New (not for sale yet) HND schedule: 1705KUL - 0130+1HND MH36 0255HND - 0845KUL MH37 Are they trying to make HND a failure? Seems like there won't be any public transportation available at those hours other than cost prohibitive taxis. Or are they waiting for a turnaround for the 359s (which still doesn't make sense if they are only service MH 1-4/88/89). MH37 arrival into KUL also seems to miss majority of MH's 0900 departure bank. To be fair, we do not have a lot of emigrants other than a handful of countries compared to China, Vietnam, and Thailand. Our emigrants are usually white collar professionals (and some fruit pickers) but not so much restaurateur. It's easy to spend few billions on fuel subsidy, MRT, building a new skyscraper etc. because these are tangible and can be seen by voters. A premium airline? Nah. MH with good network? Nah. They rather fly with ME3/TK to Europe/US. They don't see other benefits that brings to the country when we have a well run airline and and airport that will connect the world. I guess most are happy that AK/Z9 is flying KUL-KBR/LGK.
  18. Oppppps. multiple submission. Sorry
  19. I don't think KLM has any animosity towards KUL. They have strong corporate contracts plus there's always beyond connections for KLM at KUL (although most of ANZ traffic has moved to SIN due to AF-QF relationship). But passengers still have a choice of flying KLM all the way AMS-SIN-DPS/CGK or change at KUL to MH for AMS-KUL-DPS/CGK and it comes up to about the same price for either. They can even choose a transfer at SIN with 3K/SQ. I remember flying MH 852 (DPS-KUL) pre-covid and there were a lot of KL AMS bound pax on my flight. KLM's beyond KUL connection is not only limited to MY/ID but Southeast Asia as a whole. BKK, KUL, SIN are their main transfer points in Southeast Asia.
  20. Malaysians are also enjoying government subsidized air travel from Gulf and (maybe) Turkish carriers whilst praising their services at the same time 🤣 But any Malaysian tax dollars going to rejuvenate our carrier is always shot down. Better other country's tax payers money than mine 🤣 So now we get subsidized fuel subsidy for all, cost of rice that's higher than our neighbors, very cheap (when functioning) public transport, and some third rate integrated payment system that requires people to tap their card from a car when going through a toll! You haven't poked into the religious department budget yet 🤭 So basically MAB was proposing 359/787 for MH with maybe same cabin layout as Qatar or JAL, but we get 339 and Ryanair/American Airlines layout instead? 🤣 You don't say. I know where the place to hire a few!
  21. ET will resume KUL and SIN 4 weekly beginning NS23 schedules per Aeroroutes. Flight schedule: ET638 ADD2320 – 1450+1SIN1550+1 – 1710+1KUL 787 x257 ET639 KUL2315 – 0035+1SIN0200+1 – 0550+1ADD 787 x135 And it appears that like KL NS23 schedule will involve 5x weekly tag to MNL and 2x weekly tag to HKG from KUL. KL has fifth freedom from Malaysia to any points in Asia; KUL-MNL/HKG have not opened for reservations yet. I don't know if PR/HK gave KL intermediate point rights tho. KL will switch TPE to AMS-ICN-TPE instead.
  22. It seems like KLM will revert back to 7 weekly KUL service for NS23. CGK tag will be via SIN instead (2 weekly CGK and 5 weekly DPS from SIN). KLM will serve KUL-MNL tag 5 weekly whilst the other 2 remain unknown for now. AMS bound KL flight will depart KUL at 01:00 instead of a few minutes before midnight (and earlier departure from AMS) with the MNL tag. It has been ages since KLM served KUL-MNL (and bringing back KL805)! 😅 Seems like quite a few European/American carriers are switching capacity from TATL to Asia/TPAC for NS23. Guess CGK is the one bringing down KUL (for KLM) instead of the other way around.
  23. There maybe a parallel forum in Thailand where people are bitching about TG and where their tax money has gone 🤣 And are all the 10+ billion USD all accounted for or are there leakages somewhere 🤭? It's the same everywhere no? No one wants the government spend their tax money on things they don't use. Personally speaking, I would rather have the government spend money on MH. It doesn't need to be a luxury carrier but decent. On time, clean cabin, decent network and decent seats. I am more curious where the Thai government get their money from whilst we are beggars here (when comparing TG to MH). Like you said, TG has a huge presence in Europe but their fares aren't cheap either; so they aren't attracting backpackers. Even their fares ex-KUL aren't cheap where as MH ex-HKT/BKK can be reasonable.
  24. That's the problem 😂 We have too much flights to AU. QF needs to compete with the likes of OD, MH, and D7/AK. They need a strong outbound traffic from Australia to sustain KUL flights because outbound from KUL will most likely be flying MY based carriers. Or MH needs to provide feed to QF (should they ever come into an agreement) for beyond KUL traffic once passengers arrive at KUL. KUL is an easy enough airport for connection. To be fair, AUD:MYR has always hovered between 2.90 and 3.10 90% of the time. Both MY/AU is dependent on commodities and China (more so for AU). They probably reduced flights around Feb./March 2020 like all airlines did but they never really plan to suspend KUL. The pandemic killed it. BA nixed BKK and ICN as well (you can see what happens when there are no beyond connections available at a destination for airlines). KUL on the other hand has beyond connections for BA. But with EU-US traffic being so strong, it's probably more profitable to use the limited planes/crew that they have over there instead of over here. Most US destinations can be done with a simple turnaround for aircraft and 1 night rest for crew. Far East requires longer crew and aircraft sitting on the ground for longer hours.
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