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  1. I think the steak still is reconstituted steak right now. At least as of 2-3 weeks ago. Steak wasn't great. Which is why I stick to the fish option for now (at least they can't reconstitute fish) 😂. I miss their kaya trifle tho.
  2. I don't remember if the regional and satellite have the same food offering. The buffet area at satellite definitely looks way bigger than regional. If I am not mistaken, they have barista pulled coffee for both. There might be some cheap coffee machine that I think I saw at satellite tho. Speaking of coffee, MH needs to get rid of that "Nescafe Gold Blend" as the one and only choice in their premium cabin.
  3. Let's see where the money goes. New artwork for the lounge or some improvement on board/ground? Or new planes?
  4. How do the plan to crew this? Is there only 1 set of crew for all 6 legs? That seems....very long!
  5. Was it only RM600? Because I recall even Y tickets were around Rm300-400 and SGD 200-300 the other way.
  6. MH will soon be a virtual airline. Just selling its code on other airlines' metal 😬 Just like how JetBlue "flies" into KL and Bali. All nice but with 3 weekly flights and rather odd arrival/departure time (i.e. long layovers), I am not sure passengers are that keen to take KU-MH combo. MH's 359 shares almost the same total capacity as the 333, just that the 359 is more premium heavy. Pakistan Airlines and MH also signed a SPA - again, nice but rather odd flight schedule. I guess every bit helps.
  7. Any particular reason LCCs aren't given the green light till much later?
  8. The F lounge is quiet as it is for most part of the day. It pretty much only gets slightly busy (other than the dining room) past 6PM. I don't know if there are a lot of emeralds flying on regional MH flights (those G/H gates). I'd rather them renovate the current regional and satellite lounge instead (nothing wrong with the current lounge right now but if they have the money to throw around 🤣).
  9. Qatar Airways will increase its cargo capacity to PEN according to aeroroutes. QR 840/841 will operate 4 times a week using 77W/77L. I wonder if they are short on crew to do this flight with pax.
  10. You have an amazing memory. I remember that's how the KUL-SIN shuttle worked for the most part. Except I also remember flying SQ's A310 and I think it was MH A300s at that time. SQ even flew their 747 (Big and Megatops) along with their 343 into KUL back then. The best part is if you ever flew their "First" class service back then, you are eligible to use the first class lounge and they also serve Dom/Krug on that short 30 minutes flight.
  11. Nope. I don't believe AKL is premium heavy. MH's 359/333 has approximately the same number of total seats but I can see why they are sending the 359s to NRT/HND (but NH/JL aren't exactly sending their premium heavy aircraft here either). The current 359s are probably too premium heavy for destinations like AMS too if they reopen it. Which makes me wonder if MH plans to have 2 different configurations for the 330NEO - one slightly more premium heavy frames for destinations like TYO/MEL/SYD and one slightly less premium version for AKL/PKX etc. for destinations where the 359 range are not required. Thank you. I think MH needs more capacity to LHR, not less.
  12. I remember they have slightly different configurations for different A332s - but yeah, Y seats on the 332s aren't great. Those pax whose plane got swapped to 359/333 got lucky.
  13. I've been looking around but I still can't find an official release that MH firmed up its 339 orders 😅 Or was it just done under the radar? With the additional ~850 nm (1,584 km) range, will this be sufficient for AKL (as in operate with full cargo and pax capacity)?
  14. Thank you for the info. I am surprised they can do so many 737 routes from PEN with only a handful of 737s. No idea who flies it. I'd assume it's Cargolux + maybe MASKargo and QR cargo. It's FTK, so I assume the distance matter a lot more in this case compared to freight from say India/Vietnam/Singapore. Full report here (on page 19). US remained at the #1 spot as a country for both inbound and outbound and I assume Cargolux plus other East Asian carriers (and maybe SQ) are ones ferrying US cargo. I maybe wrong so feel free to correct me.
  15. Interesting. Thank you for the valuable info again. Does MH face the same problem on MH 124/125 (KUL-PER daytime flight on 738)? The distance is even greater than DEL although PER is more of a north-south route compared to DEL. I'd imagine there's quite a bit of cargo from both DEL and PER. With only 25 firm 737-8, am I right that MH will retain some of its 738-NG for regional (<3 hours) operations? And they leave the 737-8 for slightly longer flights and hopefully a better cabin interior? I can't imagine people paying for Safran Z500 from PER to say DEL/BOM. That's a good 9-10 hours in the air plus a redeye either way.
  16. To be fair, Vietnam has more ties with US (especially family) than we do. All Americans have to learn about Vietnam and there are a lot of Vietnamese immigrants living in US (you can even find them in small town USA opening a pho shop). But more importantly, Vietnam flies to more destinations in Europe than MH do! They even fly to Frankfurt and they don't have beyond connections there nor there's a huge Vietnamese population around Frankfurt. VN can make FRA work (can't tell if its profitable of course) but MH doesn't even have a plan to return to AMS/CDG/FRA. FRA-KUL is the largest inbound (13.1% market share) and outbound (10.9% market share) O&D FTK (freight tons kilometers) air cargo for Q3 2022 but yet neither MH/LH cargo nor passenger service operate that route. MH is only getting the 7M8 yeah? Or are they getting the max-10 too? It was 25 7M8 firm orders plus a handful of options?
  17. Thank you for all your valuable info as usual. Correct me if I am wrong, does MH and FY share the same refurbished cabin in Y other than the seat colour? (i.e. same seat from 1 manufacturer). If AK has issues with the 320NEO, wouldn't MH face the same problem? I was under the impression (correct me if I am wrong again) that the 320NEO and 737 MAX 8 are almost similar? The reconfigured 737 has 12 J seats and IIRC, India (BOM, DEL) has relatively high demand for J pax - will this be a problem for MH or are they planning to have 2 configurations for both 339 and 7M8? And I never thought CBR will ever see the light of day 😅 I flew to/from AU recently on MH and I noticed that most pax are to/from London and India with a few around Malaysia/SE Asia. But it is very odd that the daily SYD/MEL-KUL afternoon flight (MH122/148) doesn't connect to the daily evening DEL and MH148 doesn't connect to MH194 (KUL-BOM).
  18. Speaking of Thai entry fee - I am curious how they'll implement it. It's easy for airlines to do a blanket 300THB fee on their tickets to Thailand, but what about those who aren't liable for the fee (Thai citizens, long term permit holders etc.)? Are they going to do a refund upon proof of visa/Thai passport or in the case of Mexico a few years ago where their entrance fee is "waived" if you buy your ticket from a Mexico point of sale or a RT ticket from Mexico 😂
  19. Looking at TG/MH availability for the next week or so, it seems like BKK-KUL is doing better than KUL-BKK but KUL-BKK isn't doing bad either (morning/early afternoon flights ex-KUL are sold out). But this is probably not the best time to judge since we are in the middle of Malaysia's school holidays now. Interesting. Can you give me an example of MH consolidating flights within the last month or so (canceling one or two of their 4-5 daily flights) to BKK? I can't seem to find any or maybe I am looking in the wrong place. Almost the same as everyone is rushing to EU/UK before they implement their ETIAS/ETA. At least this is included in the air ticket prices and no one really pays attention to the breakdown of their ticket cost.
  20. The 737 probably can do the job if they are empty or if they plan to replace one new aircraft for every 7M8 that suffers fuel exhaustion somewhere over the Middle East.
  21. AFAIK, the current reconfigured frames are: 9M-MXN/L/V, -MSA/F, -MLN/O. It's uncomfortable and I wouldn't sit on it for more than 2-3 hours.
  22. Current BKK does. But if you have a short connection and you are running from end of C to E/F/G gates, good luck. D concourse is very long. HKG original Y design doesn't require the use of a train if you don't want to. I think the intention of the train was to minimize walking for passengers - take the train from main concourse to satellite and passengers do not have to walk very far to the gates (furthest gate would be C27). The original KLIA plan calls for 2 satellite (which I assume D gates) and Terminal 2 is going to be a mirror image of Terminal 1 but obviously this didn't pan out as it was design before AK/D7/other LCC. My sister flew in from HKG and was wondering why she couldn't access the international baggage belt 😂. Still much better than BKI/KCH where anyone can just enter Sabah/Sarawak using their "domestic" arrivals.
  23. MH has a home market advantage. MH is cheaper from BKK and TG is cheaper from KUL (try booking 2 oneways if you want to save money, TG ex-KUL and MH ex-BKK). And If you really want to save money on MH long-haul, MH is cheap ex-BKK/HKT (again, because you have to do a transit in KUL), so is SQ. People here who supposedly understand aviation aren't generally supportive of the idea of pumping more money into MH because they don't see it as necessary and it's a waste money. You want the general public to be supportive of MH by pumping more money in and make them understand why MH is crucial? 😂 Why pump more money into something I won't use (for now) when they think all these funds will be used for some sort of altruistic measures.
  24. I was recently on a KUL-Australia redeye and I was told that it's their policy to not turn the cabin lights off (even in J cabin)? It was only dimmed to the lowest setting because of rampant theft in cabin (according to the cabin crew, they are now in "code red"). I can't imagine I am the only passenger unhappy that I can't sleep on a flight that's only 8 hours long with cabin lights not fully turn off? More importantly, are they going to use that capacity to a different AU port. The AU seat allocation is almost exhausted. With greater China re-opening, I am curious if they have enough planes for a 1x 330 to HKG, PVG, PKX. HKG (MH 72/73) atm is a mix 330/738 once a day where as CX is doing it 2x with 330 (regional).
  25. You know why EK, TK, QR etc. is cheaper from KUL to beyond destinations? It requires a connection. Try finding EK, TK, QR to DXB, IST, DOH respectively and you'd be shock how expensive it is. Companies pay more for nonstop travel KUL-LHR for RM20k RT in J - yes go for that instead of RM12k via IST/DOH. The 8k saving is not worth your time. A KUL-DXB standalone ticket is almost always more expensive than say a KUL-DXB-Europe ticket. Secondly, MH has a captive market from KUL. Most Malaysians are familiar with MH and some wouldn't mind paying a bit more to be on MH. Wanna fly nonstop on a full service carrier to Australia, NZ, or UK? MH is your only option. What about if you are traveling with kids? Do you want a 2h layover in the Middle East before continuing your journey? We need MH to have a large network so they can connect passengers. Right now, there's no where passengers can connect to/from at KUL. QR flies more frequently and more destinations to Australia than MH. QF flies to more destinations in Europe than MH. So if you want KUL to be a hub, we need MH to be huge and we need to spend money on it. How can we improve KUL/MH when our locals disapprove spending money on it? What's the point of QF code-share/JV with MH when there's not much to offer to QF in terms of network, vis-a-vis other airlines flying into KUL. And MH is the only carrier that do beyond connections for other carriers (in a very limited way, OD can too). AK/D7? Forget about it. I think you are talking to a wall here why MH is needed. Some are still calling for MH to be shut down or thinking/suggesting that MH closes its narrow body operations. I am very surprised about TG - their tickets aren't the cheapest but yet they manage to attract people to fly their premium cabins. SQ is marketing and they have a huge network (being a financial center and a relatively wealthy home base helps too). MH neither has a great premium cabin nor a high yield home market.
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