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  1. SQ will reduce SIN-KUL from 68 weekly to 47 weekly beginning NW23/24 schedules (only SQ 126 will remain on 359 plus 106 on weekdays and 108 on weekends). As for PEN, SQ will fly 5 daily on 738 instead of 738/7M8 mix and Scoot will increase from 18 to 21 weekly flights. And lastly, MYY will be increased to 3x weekly. I am shocked that SQ Group has 8 daily flights to PEN!
  2. MH will resume MH78/79 to HKG gradually beginning August. Day 3,5,7 beginning 02AUG23 and Day 2,3,5,7 beginning 01OCT23 and daily from 29Oct2023 (HKG-KUL departs next day). I am curious how high yield HKG is for MH to resume MH78/79 first instead of the afternoon departure ex-KUL (RON + airport known for very expensive parking fees).
  3. Saw on social media that MH is actively recruiting foreign crew (Jakarta, Bangkok, Manila, Tokyo, Seoul, Mumbai, HCMC). I am curious if they are planning to set up foreign crew base or will they be based in KL and work on those respective language flights. It will be nice to hear "In addition to Malay and English, our multilingual crew are also able to communicate in xxx language on this flight" like some airlines do.
  4. Nothing is stopping you from walking down the "Sabah arrivals" exit if you do not have bags checked and off you go 😛 Leaving Sabah tho will be a different matter.
  5. I've been to Sabah a few times and often I am shocked how expensive it is over there for something that isn't found locally. Logistics cost of shipping a lot of things either from Peninsula or outside Malaysia coupled with low wages means local have very low spending power. I can't imagine it will be cheap other than labour cost for corporation to set up a HQ or manufacturing facility in Sabah. Sarawak on the other hand is actually very affordable. Weren't there some rumours back in 2019 that Qatar wants to fly to BKI (and they realize that there are a lot of connections to BKI on their flights?). Do the Middle Eastern visitors enjoy outdoors (i.e. national park, scuba diving, hiking etc.) activities tho? I don't think Arabs should be Sabah's target. Europe, ANZ, US/Canada etc. are better target markets for Sabah. And US State Department has updated east coast Sabah (Sipadan, Sandakan, etc.) to Level 2 (exercise increased level of caution) instead of Level 3 avoid all non-essential travel. I think QR's Cebu flight is mainly to cater to migrant workers where as Koreans have invested a lot in Cebu as well. I was surprised to see so many Koreans in Cebu and surrounding islands. I am curious - where is the second runway supposed to be? Directly parallel and adjacent to the current one?
  6. Pesky Airbnbs or vacant apartments aren't just limited to Kota Kinabalu / Malaysia alone. A lot of big cities (e.g. London, UK, Vancouver, BC) suffer from this problem too. A lot of these homes are sold to overseas investors to park their cash and they rather just let it sit empty rather than renting it out. And Malaysia is one of the few countries where we build "Airbnb/homestay specialized condos" and stupidly enough, people buy it not knowing that hotel rates in Malaysia is one of the cheapest in the region. You know, I know, and most likely the blind even know why a new airport is the preferred option. But Kimanis? That's a good 50km from KK city center (almost as far as KLIA from KL CBD). Like you say, it's an hour drive from KK without traffic and Sabah roads aren't exactly potholes and traffic free either. I guess CAAM still want foreign carriers into BKI and thus are still kissing the airline's asses for now. Speaking of Australia, who remembers Australian Airlines twice weekly MEL-BKI B767 in the early 2000s? Now we don't even get Jetstar (JQ), let alone Qantas. 😂😂😂
  7. Always thought they already code-share / have some sort of partnership on MY-CN routes. CZ is back to pre-covid capacity for CAN-KUL and CAN-PEN.
  8. Malaysia Airlines will receive its first B737-8 beginning August. From MH's press release: Now that I look at the wau the second time on a larger picture, it does look odd with the songket motif. I prefer it plain like the 737NGs/330. And less "enhancements" will be nice. I am curious if airlines ever use other terms for implementing cost-saving unpopular measures. I hope they are at least equipped with WiFi (not an internal one but rather one where pax can actually connect to the outside world).
  9. Air China has quietly launched a new TFU-KUL (TFU = Chengdu Tianfu Airport) today. CA483 CFU1320 - 1735KUL 1356 32N CA484 KUL1850 - 2325CFU 1356 32N And separately, Sky Angkor will add KUL beginning 18 August 2023. ZA666 PNH1855 - 2200KUL 320 D (Interesting flight number, might be the first 666 flight number at KUL) ZA667 KUL2300 - 2350PNH 320 D
  10. NTL pax pays Mono Circle Sdn Bhd to handle their flight tickets out of Malaysia which of course incurs an agent "fee". That has always been the case (for a very long time). It's the airline's responsibilities to check whether a pax is allowed to enter the country. Airlines just can't fly passenger without a valid visa to a destination. There maybe some exceptions - but in general, they are required to check at a minimum, visa/VOA/ETA etc. and if required by destination country, an exit ticket. The exit ticket was rigorously enforced just after the borders opened up after covid. Even to neighboring countries like Indonesia and Thailand.
  11. Seems like Malaysia will follow ICAO NTL pax convention by making inbound airlines responsible for NTL pax instead of outsourcing it to a third party.
  12. Well nobody is talking about it now as long as a former PM keeps blabbing about a multiracial Malaysia is against the constitution These news are how do they call it....warm warm chicken poop? 😂 I think once the NTL is issued (according to the immigration officer, only the director can remove it) it doesn't matter if she shows proof of an exit ticket to the officer then. But I am curious about the "travel agent" - most countries just fine the airline that brought the NTL pax in and let that airline send pax back to wherever they came from. I am just curious if someone can just buy their own ticket (if they can afford it) bypassing the hefty "agent fees". This is the oddest international destination to check for a return ticket (especially so if pax is Singaporean). It's not like Malaysia is New Zealand where they need to fly somewhere far to leave the country. What if it's a backpacker who intends to fly to KL and then do overland to Thailand (very common) and they all do not have a set schedule. I don't even have a fix schedule when I leave a country - all I need to know is that I will not stay beyond my visa/social visit pass validity. My LHR T2 experience was a bit different than yours. I was surprised that immigration was completely empty last month and there was an intern/trainee with her supervisor. So the intern was going through all the questions in her head and asked us a lot of questions so much so that the supervisor was laughing (I entertained the intern/trainee as well but the supervisor was very kind and we were all having a good laugh). I guess they have nothing but time so we were just chatting.
  13. I am curious - can a NTL passenger buy an exit ticket on their own (i.e. book a flight to SIN/BKK or their home country), without going through the "agent"? I always thought it's the responsibility of the airline who brought them into the country to deport NTL passengers if necessary (and airlines are usually slapped with a huge fine depending on situation).
  14. Uzbekistan Airways to increase from 2 to 3 weekly flights for NW23/24.
  15. MH will increase NRT from 7 to 12 weekly flights beginning 17Sep to 28Oct. I assume this is due to slot issues at HND? Seems rather odd for them to move to NRT for 6-7 weeks and then move back to HND at the beginning of NW23/24 schedule (MH's HND winter schedule is not open for sale yet).
  16. This will make crew happy 😂. It's a week trip then. Tuesday to Istanbul, Saturday turnaround in Europe and Tuesday return back to KL. But even with the schedule as it is, I can't imagine crew cost will be cheap for these 2 destinations unless they are deadheading both ways. And 2 weekly FRA-SAW (probably more demand of the two) isn't exactly going to attract much passengers anyway. I think KUL-FRA/PAR has slightly more premium traffic than what OD can offer. And unless they are pricing this in USD/€, good luck with TRY. It's falling 5-10% every few weeks.
  17. Corruption aside, I am curious - Chinese speakers are a dime a dozen in Malaysia - do we not have any official or otherwise translators at our main gateway (and also other languages e.g. Arabic/Hindi)? I find the exit air ticket a bit pointless now. It's easy for someone to buy a $5USD bus ticket to SG/TH/BN/ID (or a refundable ticket out of Malaysia) to show the officer you will leave Malaysia, whether you will take that said bus/plane journey is another matter. Some countries e.g. AUKUS 😛 don't require proof of onward journey since we can stay 6 months in UK/US and 3 in AU. Now that you mention it (since I don't usually patronize airport F&B), there is very limited F&B at the G/H gates. I am really curious if people are still buying chocolates/parfum from duty free stores. And yes very cluttered and cramped retail at C Gates. I don't like those small shops setup in the middle of a path. Please no underground aero train. That would mean escalators/lifts up and down (adding more time). Current setup is nice because it's step free from immigration to gate. And what do you mean by wasted space at the end of old KLIA transit station? I thought it was all the same platform at KUL T1/T2? It's only at KL Sentral that involves a long trek from one to the other. Most likely communications issue. But getting a visa is not a guarantee for entry. Visitors will still have to be screened upon arrival by an officer and the officer has the final say whether to admit the visitor. IF at that time the officer is not satisfied with the potential visitor, they are sent to secondary and if secondary doesn't approve, it's off to NTL list. And I read above that the lady (maybe communication issues again?) is planning to stay for 3 months in Malaysia. Chinese citizens are only allowed to stay 30 days per entry in Malaysia (for an ordinary tourist visa). If she said 3 months, then the officer is right to deny her entry as she is planning to overstay her visa.
  18. That I can attest. Bags were waiting for me when I cleared arrivals passport control from a C gate recently. It's even faster if you are parked in G/H - bags are usually waiting for me there too. Hehe. First day in Malaysia? 😂 We can now showcase our MRT shuttle busses to the world. KUL didn't build something new recently other than T2 and that was meant for LCC. Malaysia is good at adding a mall to a place however inconvenient it is. So we have that at T2, constructed/designed? by a company that has a history of confusing layouts and poor workmanship. And well SG has plenty of money to throw around. We don't. And I don't need a waterfall. I just need faster escalators. Those long escalators connecting passengers before check-in are slow. They probably shouldn't have made it accessible for trolleys because those trolleys are awful and it requires a special frame so it can travel on the escalators.
  19. I think the structure is already there. If you look at C gates, there are actually tracks that go straight instead of turning right towards main concourse as you leave the C gates. Trains were stopped a few years ago to facilitate this extension but the D? gates have yet to be constructed yet. To be fair, KLIA was built ~20 years before Jewel was built. The current terminal design (either T1 or T2) doesn't have the structure for this feature. I bet they can't even separate arrivals and departures with the current T1 design. I think even relocating the escalators at C gates will be tough (it's a bit of a hassle to say go to the Golden Lounge when there are no visible escalators once you get off the train)
  20. Targeted operation of first new train is Q4 2024 IIRC, subject to delays of course. And I don't think those blue signs around the airport has been changed since its opening in 1998. I think they only changed a bit when the international A/B gates changed to G/H (very German way of assigning gate numbers btw) and also added Arabic, Chinese, and Japanese stickers at the bottom.
  21. But not the Jalur Gemilang towards the back yeah? It's nice on a few frames but not so much if it's on all the 45 new planes coming in. I like the batik motif on the wau tho.
  22. I expect nothing less from Straits Times with that headline.
  23. Probably because they don't want pax to get more confused and crowded (as they are now) if they mix passengers at C11. The original signage (in blue) was always directing pax to aero train - so i guess if they move it to say C21, everyone will be confused. But signage could be a little clearer and if someone walks the wrong way down to C2/4/6 gates, it's a long trek to C5.
  24. Mavcom finally released their April and May air traffic bulletin. Interesting bits: AK/D7: KUL-BKI-TWU-HKG-KUL and KUL-BKI-HKG-KUL (circle flights) 6x each for cargo?; KUL-JAI 3x; KUL-ALA 4x OD: KUL-TAS 7x FY: PEN-BKK 7x; BKI-TPE 7x; BKI-NRT 4x Z9: KUL-DAD/SGN 7x; KUL-CGK/KBV/DPS 14x
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