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  1. 54 minutes ago, Robert said:

    Sort of reminds of the Bangkok airport train to Phaya Thai. You have to lug cases up and down stairs to get to the Skytrain.

    I used to get off at Makkasan. That was no man's land back in the day. No taxis and can't get to the MRT station next to it. But BKK is another one with MRT/BTS/Skytrain naming system 🤣 and they have a different fare system.

  2. 2 hours ago, Robert said:

    That's supposed to be the new TBS but for north/east departures instead 😱

    1 hour ago, Robert said:

    hey use the same tracks with the Express switching left upon arrival and the Transit taking the middle 2 platforms. The Express then pulls forward into a headshunt and then reverses to the departure platform. 

    Yes I find LRT/MRT messy and they should create simple names for them.

    As for the location of the arrival area it's on the right as you exit the KLIA Express barriers into the KL Sentral arrival hall. Not sure that it was ever used or even fitted out and 2 mins on google hasn't found any pics. Now i'm curious I will keep looking.    

    It's the same tracks from KL Sentral and south but yes I haven't taken the Transit in a long time to know where it drops off or picks up. I just see the Transit sign near the Nu Sentral escalators (if you miss the Express, you literally can't just hop on the next Transit, which is dumb).

    Malaysia tries to reinvent the wheel but fails almost all the time, like KUL Terminal 1 and 2 is so much better than KLIA 1 and KLIA 2. Passengers won't care if they are on LRT/MRT, they just know that it's a train. But keep KTM separate because that's suburban rail. And maybe monorail too. A useful line but it's slow with long headways.

    That area above escalators and ticket barriers is tiny. Can't imagine people waiting for their bags there (and if bags aren't there on time, it's not exactly the most pleasant area in KL Sentral to wait).

  3. On 4/9/2024 at 2:14 PM, Robert said:

    Slightly off topic but on a FB group and local land transport group were the lack of planning and forward thinking at an LRT station considering that a new adjacent bus terminal is opening soon. Seems that there is only 1 escalator up, stairs down and a single 5 person lift.
    Good luck with that 

    KL Sentral with the entrances for Transit and Express far apart is confusing for many but not really fixable.

    Which station is that if I may ask? I am curious if this is due to the cost cutting by then unpopular Finance Minster, who of all things, cut the connected paid interchange at Ampang Park between Kajang and Kelana Line. And cut the mostly underground MRT 3 project which was projected to cost less than what the current mostly above ground MRT 3 will cost.

    I am trying to remember if the Express and Transit is actually on the same track but just further up for the Transit at KL Sentral. If only they planned more platforms at KL Sentral instead of a mall next to it! Would be helpful of "ERL" change their name or at least the logo so it has a plane next to it. Non Malaysia residents would have no idea what ERL meant when they are on a public transit in KL, especially when arriving at KL Sentral/Muzium Negara it will just announce "change here for the ERL". And maybe put up signs on the train which terminal to alight for which airline. I have so many things that I'd like to change for KL transit that doesn't cost a lot of money, like getting rid of "MRT/LRT". Just the name of the line will do.

    And where would passengers pick up their bags at KL Sentral 😅 I remember it was built as a check out facility too with the IATA code "XKL" but how do passengers clear customs then?

  4. On 3/30/2024 at 11:54 PM, Riza said:

    If this materialize then AK will be the first international airline to operate to LBJ.

    I would fly AK more if they don't do that dumb weigh your carry-on before security. 7kg is nothing and I don't want to check-in a bag on a short trip. We shall see.I might fly with them to Belitung or LBJ and if they fly there. Much better than a transit at CGK/SUB/DPS (and DPS taxes are paid twice if you do a roundtrip to LBJ via DPS). 

  5. Air Algérie has canceled seasonal KUL flights. Not a huge loss tho - reservations were never opened and if you've ever seen an Air Algérie office, there's always a huge queue outside 😅

    1 hour ago, Adam Lawrence said:

    Juneyao Air also announced the launch of direct flights between the Kunming and Kuala Lumpur, commencing on May 31st, 2024

    What an odd city to start from. It's not Juneyao's focus city and KUL is HO's only international destination from KMG (plus a handful of other Chinese cities that HO can connect to). Flights still haven't appear in the GDS tho.

    On another news, MU will be continuing their KMG-KUL service beyond April until end of October for now and flight leaves both KMG and KUL about an hour earlier from May (still early morning arrival into KMG at 01:00).

  6. 55 minutes ago, Riza said:

    Why does AKL schedule always zigzag zigzag like that?

    MH133 connects from India but not most of Asia.
    Return MH 132 connects to most of Asia but doesn't really connect to India (other than MAA, BLR, BOM, DEL on certain days)

    MH 145 connects from Asia and some cities in India
    Return MH 144 connects to some cities in India but doesn't really connect to Asia other than JP/KR

    But the oddest thing is AKL has double frequency on Tuesday ex-KUL of all days. Not exactly the busiest travel day. 

    AKL is in this weird time zone and distance where it's either a very long layover or a very short turnaround but still can't fulfill connections on both sides. I think they tried it once with a daily flight with similar timing to MH 145 on the outbound (departing much alter around midnight) and the plane sits around for 9 hours at AKL and do the return with similar schedule as MH 132 (earlier return to arrive around 7AM).

  7. AKL will be the second 339 route for MH (for now) beginning 30 March 2025 (a bit late? I thought AKL was primed for 339 as soon as they have 3-4 339s?). Flight schedule for NS25:

    MH133 KUL0835 – 2250AKL 339 x357
    MH145 KUL2110 – 1125+1AKL 339 x146

    MH132 AKL0025 – 0750KUL 339 x146
    MH144 AKL1300 – 2025KUL 339 x257

    Very rare to see MH updating their schedule this far in advance 😅

  8. 19 minutes ago, Riza said:

    Last time when 359 arrived, if im not mistaken it was deployed to both BKI & KCH for a couple of weeks for crew familiarization

    PEN too. I flew MAB or MAC to PEN :) And then they flew it to SIN and IIRC, maybe BKK as well.

  9. 9 hours ago, Kee Hooi Yen said:

    I always don’t understand why the rush to demolish the old Subang international terminal. It is a waste to demolish such an architectural beautiful building with no proper plan in place yet.

    Ps: really missed the spiral ramp !

    I guess they didn't have any plans to reopen SZB T1 24 years ago and T1 is sitting on very valuable real estate. But yes T1 was also an ageless architecture and I think they should have build something that reminisce that but more modern. I am quite surprised they are doing the new terminal where T2/T3 is. It's a bad location because they have a bottleneck at the taxiway which I remember only allows 2 lanes both ways. T1 has a much larger space and the whole infrastructure was already there last time. Parking, hotel, ATC, huge terminal, easy access.

  10. 3 hours ago, JuliusWong said:

    With how WCT handles Paradigm Mall in PJ and KLIA Terminal 2, I am not holding my breathe. Please have very very low expectation. :P

    I don't mind if it's functional. No one ever says "Let's take a drive down Subang Airport Road for fun" or "You know, we don't have enough malls in Klang Valley". That mall will probably only cater to air travelers. I don't know why the government chose WCT again even after such a shoddy job for T2. Everyone complains about it other than WCT.

    3 hours ago, flee said:

    MAHB has come to the realisation that turboprop ops are dying and are now in panic stations. That is why they so hastily introduced jet operations this year, even without any serious major infrastructure work being done.

    That is fine. They have to plan this out for the future with the new terminal. Make it classic and ageless. KUL T1 is ageless (architecturally speaking). I am not expecting KUL T1 quality (e.g. high ceilings, granite tiles etc.) but something functional. Attaching a mall is not functional.

  11. 2 hours ago, Pall said:

    TRV, AMD and ATQ are slightly unique. Loads are extremely good despite having a short launch period. 

    I don't know about other cities, but ex-KUL, MH's fares are very competitive to these 3 cities. 

    2 hours ago, Riza said:

    I guess MH bet to reduce nite stop at local stations outside KUL & instead deploy those 73 to do nite filghts to new & various Indian sectors really pays off. 

    Asean-wise, i saw quite many times that MH850/851 has been swapped to 332. Maybe many people of Indian subcontinent from these newly launched destinations are heading to DPS?

    Bali is basically a mass tourism island now. If MH 851 is slightly late or EK 368 / QR 962 is slightly early, good luck with immigration 😅 But MH served up to 4x daily DPS before with 2 of that on the 777 (I remember flying on MH 852 and that was a A333/332 as well).

    There aren't really that many nigh stops domestically/regionally now. Most of the night stops are to cities where there is a demand for the 9AM KUL departure connection bank or the 5-8PM KUL arrival bank and most cities make sense. HKG has one of the most expensive parking rates in the world but MH still overnight their 737s there.

  12. The landside terminal/mall looks a side view of a wing. There seems to be a ramp for cars but where will passengers be dropped off? From the looks of it, train passengers will have to walk through a mall again (hopefully not as complicated as KUL T2 but rather a straight path). If the check in is at the landside terminal, I am curious if immigration/security will be at the bottle neck (would be a bit dumb). How about making the mall separate instead of integrated like this? It's awful for passengers. It's a city airport, people who want to get in and out quickly.

  13. Flights to MLE (7x weekly), DAD (7x weekly), CNX (5x weekly) are now open for sale. 

    Malé, Maldives to begin 01AUG2024 (a rather odd morning departure ex-KUL instead of an evening departure, but great for pax who doesn't want to stay a night in Malé itself before hopping to an island next day). Return flights in Y starts from MYR 839 and J from MYR 2,195.
    MH485 KUL1010 – 1125MLE 73H D
    MH484 MLE1230 – 2010KUL 73H D

    Chiang Mai, Thailand to begin 15AUG2024.
    MH772 KUL0950 - 1140CNX 73H 157
    MH772 KUL1150 - 1340CNX 73H 46
    MH773 CNX1235 – 1635KUL 73H 157
    MH773 CNX1440 – 1840KUL 73H 46

    Da Nang, Vietnam to being 24SEP2024
    MH748 KUL0845 - 1025DAD 73H 246
    MH748 KUL1200 - 1340DAD 73H Dx246
    MH749 DAD1125 – 1520KUL 73H 246
    MH749 DAD1440– 1835KUL 73H Dx246

    Now this is a bit surprising for MH in a good way. They are announcing these new/resumption flights months in advance to build awareness and marketing; unlike TRV, ATQ, AMD, KTJ etc. which goes along the lines of "oh hey, btw, we are laughing flights to these cities tomorrow". And starting off with daily flights right off the bat (except CNX but still a decent 5x flight). Those KTJ, PKU, TRV etc. all started with 2-3 weekly.

  14. It's not Chelsea, but it's Manchester United that MH has signed a global partnership with. A bit odd considering MH doesn't even fly to MAN.


    Manchester United and Malaysia Airlines have announced a multi-year partnership which will see the award-winning airline become the club’s official commercial airline. As an established and respected name in global aviation, Malaysia Airlines prides itself on representing Malaysia and providing best-in-class customised experiences for its passengers, reflecting the Malaysian culture of a welcoming and hospitable service.


  15. The business cabin looks fantastic. I am really looking forward to it. Thank you Jahur for the sneak peek :)

    MH also teased (is their social media team finally waking up :p) about 3 new destinations that will be announced soon.

    Goa, Trichy, Vizag, Guwahati, and Kolkata (a bit tricky for CCU as there aren't sufficient unallocated seats left) are among the few Indian destinations MH have set their sights on in the medium term

    15 minutes ago, KK Lee said:

    Mas has a record of over promised and under delivered.

    Whether could sustain is another matter.

    You sound fun at parties.

  16. I am curious why the international security/immigration gates are gates 28-32-ish whilst the jets (assume it's for international, unless props are used for international) are using gates 32-37. Shouldn't they be swapped around (the security/immigration area)? Or are they planning for jets to fly to Borneo and props remain to XSP and maybe BTH.

    The current KTM Skypark terminal is across the parking lot. Assuming they won't re-align the rail, it looks like the landside terminal will be built at the current T3 and also where the parking lot is? And the airside terminal is where former T2 is?

  17. It appears that MU will be resuming PKX-KUL beginning late April. 

    MU795 PKX1700 – 2350KUL 332 Dx246
    MU796 KUL0055 – 0710PKX 332 Dx357

    And CZ will up gauge CZ 8301/8302 (mid day departure ex-CAN and 1800 departure ex-KUL) to 789, making 2x daily 789 to KUL.

  18. 3 hours ago, KK Lee said:

    PRC airlines often use redeye flight to test the market/route. If load is justified, they may move to day time.

    New flights from PRC were launched at decent hours. MU's and GJ's HGH-KUL, MF's CKG-KUL as well as CA's TFU-KUL came to mind. 3U's TFU-KUL is decent but KUL-TFU is a red-eye that's blocked at 5:30 even though CA, OD, and D7 blocks it around 4:30-4:45. Anyway, this is only scheduled to run for a month. We shall see.

  19. 1 hour ago, jahur said:

    I agree with you they need to settle the road asap. The road along Cita mall during evening is madness lol and i got caught up in it twice that i personally avoid it like a plague.

    The problem with that is a lot of traffic are bound for Ara Damansara and they all get stuck at the Sime Darby flyover/traffic light. And there's a huge bottleneck near the Glenmarie LRT station. It's concrete beams all over making the road there as good as it gets. If they can get a spur line running through Ara Damansara to SZB, I think that'll alleviate a bit of traffic.

  20. 5 hours ago, JuliusWong said:

    The whole NST article doesn't give any confidence any Malaysia-based airlines are interested in commencing jet service in SZB. 

    I am pretty sure MH wants to use SZB. AK was begging to stay at SZB last time and I'd be very surprised if they don't want to begin operations there again. This is not only limited to domestic but regional as well. And if neither airlines apply for slots, they will lose the ability to apply when demand grows because it will be a slot restricted airport.

    5 hours ago, jahur said:

    Supposed land acquisition.

    That looks like former T2 along with (former?) Airod, DCA and Met Office area? What happened to the former T1 area? IIRC, it was meant to be some hangar or engineering building but I don't recall seeing anything there. Isn't ex-T1 land better? It's larger (and IIRC, it has at least 14 gates back then) and a huge parking facility and it's closer to the roundabout. 

    Subang Airport Road isn't the best right now and getting in there between 5 and 7:30 is a huge pain. Can't imagine catching a 6-8 PM flight there.I hope there are plans to either have a spur LRT line from the Kelana Line or the KTM Subang Skypark link running at least every 30 minutes for people to take it (not too sure if heavy rail is the best answer either). A spur link will be the best since it can effectively decrease headways for the busier part of the Kelana line.

    2 hours ago, Robert said:

    SKS and perhaps Singapore's Scoot will. Wouldn't be surprised if AK wants to return as well.

    I don't think it's a Scoot destination. It's more likely a SQ mainline destination. I can imagine it'd be a premium flight. The most affluent neighborhoods around Klang Valley are within 20-25 minutes drive (without traffic) of SZB.

    2 hours ago, jahur said:

    Heard this new terminal for phase 3 will include a mall LOL i just hope its not one of those gotta walk through the shopping mall before check in like KLIA 2.

    Hopefully it's not WCT/Pavilion Group developing this project 😅. They aren't the best (and I am being very polite) but from their last press release, it seems like it's WCT 😓. Hopefully they will include some sort of rail link or at worst, pedestrian friendly walk to the current KTM station. They aren't known for designing anything with pedestrians in mind to maximize parking charges (e.g. Pavilion Damansara Heights).

  21. Just now, Robert said:

    is it cheaper for airlines? 
    I've seen similar with flights between the Philippines and Singapore

    Don't know. Maybe due to aircraft/slot availability. But usually it's usually the lower yield flights that have these operating hours. KMG-KUL is fine, but KUL-KMG is not. A 2AM arrival means a 3AM back home or to your hotel if you are traveling to KMG. I think you are right that Cebu Pacific/PAL offers these sort of flights between MNL and SIN/KUL as well.

    The new Shenzhen Airlines second daily flight arrives KUL around 3AM and departs KUL around 4AM. Not ideal for most pax.

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