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  1. I thought VJ wasn't doing too well financially? It's no Bamboo Airways but that's provisional order is as big as MH's 339 fleet.
  2. Who knew? SAS used to have 1 weekly flight to KUL on DC8 in 1974. Routing was CPH-FRA-DEL-BKK-KUL-SIN.
  3. I always thought there were 3 options during Brahims before Covid or is my memory failing me? Lounge offering has improved a lot compared to 2019 (taste + quality). My only pet peeve are flies and the fly spinner fan around the buffet. It does make it look cheap and kinda gross.
  4. They could be flying 100% Malaysian sustainable oil palm oil or fossil fuel. All I care about is what I am flying on
  5. I said it helps, SQ doesn't depend mostly on domestic market. The huge connection possibility, bank/corporate contracts, JV with a number *A carriers plus other airlines like AF/KL for beyond connections, and a wealthy home base helps. There is substantial traffic to EU between SV, QR, TK, EY, EK (I am curious if these airlines are more successful ex-MY due to its halal offering on board). And then you have other Southeast/East Asian airlines that connects pax between MY and EU too (not too surprising to see CX, CI, BR, and even CN carriers sell those tickets). MH however can only connect pax to/from DOH or LHR, most of which require 2 stops if they go beyond KUL (and MH fares are quite exorbitant once a partner is involved even though it's a metal-neutral joint business/venture like JAL-MH).
  6. To be fair, the current 788s will be 15 years old when the first 789 arrives (according to the article). 9M-MTA is only 12 years old but the A339s are expected to arrive later this year. I am more curious if MH will announce any orders at the SG airshow. They aren't known for announcing orders at an airshow but the narrow body replacement and additionally wide bodies are supposed to be announced Q1 2024.
  7. SQ also has huge bank/corporate contracts in addition to connecting a lot of pax around the world. Also helps when their home base is one of the wealthiest in the world. And it doesn't really help when the Malaysian government doesn't see forests for the trees. Do you think they will want to pay a very capitalist but popular singer RM10 million per show for exclusive rights to host a concert in ASEAN? I don't think ordinary taxpayers will agree to this as well. It's the same for MH. Government and your everyday taxpayers aren't willing to pump in money to buy brand new planes or install lie-flats on the 7M8.
  8. MH will swap its 300 seater A350 (ex-SK) from MEL to DOH for NS24 schedule. That's quite a lot of capacity for DOH-KUL, 2x359 (MH) and 2x77W (QR). And MH 350s seems to have quite a bit of ground time (both KUL and outstation) compared to the 333s.
  9. It's a miracle that people still book Batik Air far out in advance. Batik is probably my third choice of carrier in Malaysia and I only choose that if I am flying within a week of departure. I am curious how long their SAW/Istanbul and Ashgabat flights will last.
  10. Interesting. Thank you. It seems like BA, LH, IB, QF, and AY have been pushed back to 2H 2024 or 2025. UO (HK Express) is not surprising - HKG is still the top non-ASEAN (maybe below DAC, I forgot) pax number for KUL. The one that makes the least sense would be IB. Interesting that KUL is a oneworld hub but only served by 5 OW carriers including MH. Star has 7 and Skyteam has 8. Looking at MAVCOM's approval for JAL-MH joint business application, JAL don't plan to increase capacity on NRT-KUL until 2027 (page 18 of the report). They probably won't do HND-KUL so we have been stuck with 1 daily NRT-KUL since the 00s? There was even a KIX-SIN-KUL back then. There's another lounge that is under construction at T1 Satellite - I am curious if that will host one of the other alliance's lounge.
  11. Anyone knows what's up with MH and HND? MH withdrew from HND September 2023 but MH has re-applied and received the rights to operate 2x weekly KUL-HND for flights beginning March 2024.
  12. AK applied for and received rights for 3x weekly BKI-MDC. Is this a diver/seafood shuttle? 🤣
  13. I highly doubt AF will partner up with MH for AU-EU services. Although I am curious if they partner up with SQ for their Southeast Asia-EU flights. Caveat on the first page 🤣 I highly doubt BA/LH will launch KUL this summer. It's too late to announce any new intercontinental routes for summer now. Most airlines that aren't MH/Chinese carriers usually announces their new longhaul expansion 6+ months ahead of launch with lots of marketing. BA announced their return to KUL in September/October the year before their May launch last time. KUL, unlike BKK, isn't a winter destination, so I guess we can count BA/LH out for Winter 2024 launch as well. So the best we can hope for now is Summer 2025 return AY did announced KUL but I can't recall when. It was canceled and swept under the rug. IB will be a huge surprise. Can't imagine they'd use their 359 to KUL. AI is highly likely given that India's economy is growing and we gave Indian citizens a visa waiver until the end of this year. Maybe get Vistara at it too. A bit more skeptical about Chinese carriers but Chinese carriers are adding more flights to KUL. CZ is 4x daily CAN and FM is 2-3x daily PVG now. GJ (Loong Air) also started flights from HGH. FM will make it 4x daily to PVG and 3U will launch 1x daily TFU-KUL come summer. MAHB incentives of landing fee waiver/ complimentary KUL office rental doesn't seem to be working in the 00s. Not too sure why they think it'd be working now.
  14. It's not as bad as 2022. Much better now. Still not 10s approval like it used to be but if further documents are required, it's down to about a week now. And I hope that they will keep a record of your ETA application since it's done on the app now. So they should know who previously applied from the same e-mail/biometric and that should make things much quicker. AF for some reason, like QF, can't make KUL work. Maybe with their 789s it might work. They lack of a suitable aircraft for KUL last time (343/346/744 for LH and 772 for AF). AF has 10x flights to BKK and SIN (IIRC, AF pulled out of BKK not too long ago too but has since returned). One of the big problems with East Asia flights is aircraft usage and crew rotation. Crew gets 2 days off here and most flights require an extended ground time. The much higher yield TATL market requires 1 night for crew and immediate turnaround for most flights. Cenang will be the new Kuta. What's there not to like 🤣
  15. QF flies to CGK, DPS, MNL, SIN, BKK where as JQ flies to DPS, BKK, HKT, SIN. Malaysia join the ranks of Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, and Brunei of not having an airlink under the Qantas Group Maybe Mrs./Ms. Hudson (new QF CEO) will warm things up with MH.
  16. Chennai. QF maybe with their A220 PER-KUL 😂
  17. Aeroroutes is reporting that JAI and AMD will be served by AK and not D7. I'd be quite surprised if D7 serves JAI - it's not particularly a big/wealthy city but it's mostly tourists who go there. And what's going on in COK? TG is adding new flights to BKK, MH added it last year, AK flying 17x, SQ flying 14x. I've been there before and it's a relatively wealthy/clean city but I don't remember seeing a huge industry there.
  18. Am I the only one who like the current BKI? It's close to town and an easy 10-15 minute cab ride to the city center (maybe a bit more with traffic). You can always see plane land or take off from the city center (not the best for noise pollution tho). Kimanis is easily 60 minutes away from KK, if not more? Can we not emulate Indonesia by building airport that's least 1+ hour away from the city (KNO, KJT, YIA comes to mind).
  19. I am curious if they are under financial duress. Not only they are reducing KUL, but they are suspending a lot of destinations and reducing flights to a lot of destinations too. Doesn't really bode well for their entry into Oneworld this year.
  20. Not exactly KUL only, but most of it is KUL centric. Some interesting highlights from latest MAVCOM's latest Waypoint Bulletin (for Jan-Sep 2023): Top domestic pax routes (in descending order, bold if 2023>2019): KUL-BKI, KUL-KCH, KUL-LGK, KUL-PEN, KUL-KBR Top ASEAN pax routes: KUL-SIN, KUL-CGK, PEN-SIN, KUL-DMK, KUL-DPS (KUL-BKK+DMK combined is probably the second highest pax route) Top non-ASEAN pax routes: KUL-DAC, KUL-TPE, KUL-JED, KUL-DXB, KUL-HKG International seat capacity breakdown from Malaysia: ASEAN - 55.3% East Asia - 18.7% South Asia - 11.6% West Asia - 7.1% South Pacific - 5.2% Europe - 1.8% (paltry compared to 8.1% and 9.5% for SG/TH respectively) I am curious what region does ET's service to ADD and MK to MRU falls under. Top transit pax routes for Malaysia (the #8-10 spots are rather surprising): India-KUL-Indonesia India-KUL-Australia Indonesia-KUL-Thailand Vietnam-KUL-Indonesia Thailand-KUL-Australia Indonesia-KUL-China Nepal-KUL-Australia India-KUL-New Zealand Turkiye-KUL-Australia Singapore-KUL-Indonesia Top transit pax routes for Singapore India-SIN-Australia Australia-SIN-UK Thailand-SIN-Australia Japan-SIN-Indonesia Indonesia-SIN-India Indonesia-SIN-South Korea Indonesia-SIN-Thailand Australia-SIN-Germany Australia-SIN-Japan Vietname-SIN-Australia Now I know why SIN has so many flights to Australia/Germany/UK.
  21. When was this? I thought they haven't changed their cabin crew uniform in ages? Chicken and egg. MH knows their yields are low (and maybe Malaysian consumers are counting down to the last sen as well) so they wouldn't refurbish it with a more padded seat or take away a row in Y and increase price. Or higher yield passengers (especially non-MY O&D pax) won't pay for a subpar product and would rather pay more for say SQ/QR.
  22. Think of Chinese airlines as subsidized Middle East airlines. They want to connect China to the world and they are launching routes left and right without regards to profitability right now. Some routes are head scratcher, e.g. China Southern to Luxembourg (pax, not cargo) and another to Marseille etc. connecting some secondary/tertiary cities in China to secondary cities in Europe/Asia.
  23. Haven't flown a Max and probably will avoid it as much as I can in the future. This and the news of 737 Max 7 certification lobbying doesn't really install confidence that I'll be in a safe tube.
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