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  1. Official announcement will be done at 9:30am this friday, 26 june at LCCT
  2. see you all there, sudah lama tak tangkap gambar nih
  3. missed gloomy london weather.. sigh
  4. yeah, wednesday is public holiday for selangor... can go spotting this mother of all planes...
  5. dont cancel laaa the a380... how to compete with our neighbor? cant wait for the arrival of MAS' A380 to KLIA
  6. is Singapore Airlines confirmed doing a380 flight test to KLIA?
  7. do we need permit if we use paramotor/paragliding or remote control heli (with camera attached)? i know the altitude will not be sufficient for professional aerial photography but just would like to know
  8. hello to our members from singapore, i have been, for the past few months, going to JB every alternate week for business trips, each time spending 5-7 days. with the arrival of the a380, would like to for a spotting session to changi. i have never been to changi. is there any guide on locations for spotting as has been done for KLIA/SZB etc. if drove into singapore during weekend, do i need to use ERP? or is it better to take the bus? TQ in advance for any reply
  9. Quoted from a380.singaporeair.com: "The aircraft will enter commercial service on Thursday 25 October 2007, with a special return flight between Singapore and Sydney. The majority of seats on this flight were sold at auction on eBay, the global online marketplace, and all of the proceeds from the auction are being split among charities in Singapore, Sydney and a global humanitarian organisation. Then, on Sunday 28 October 2007, the A380 will commence scheduled service between Singapore and Sydney on one of the three daily flights in each direction." maybe not this thursday, though i'll be in jb from wed to fri. probably during weekend since its daily flight and no need to take leave.
  10. maybe MW members can organise a spotting trip to Changi just for a380 spotting
  11. can anybody please confirm the time of take-off for the 1st a380 flight to sydney this coming 25th. TQ
  12. welcome to MW, fauzibaie. hope u'll get what u needed here
  13. razlan

    AirAsia X

    thats good news, for me, cause need to go outstation tomorrow till tuesday.
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