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  1. It's like when you play SimCity. First you would built something (say airport) quite near to your city. Fortunately or unfortunately (depends on how you see it), the city gets bigger and bigger that it's boundary engulfed your entire airport altogether. One way or another, up to a certain point, you may want to keep using it (with updated equipments and utilities and what not) or completely demolish it and build a new one somewhere else.


    But in NYC case, aren't there's enough airports already? :blink:

  2. There has been a confusion with the rego: Aviation Herald link


    Merpati Nusantara confirmed, that their Boeing 737-300 PK-MDF (note MDF not MDE) skidded off the runway and ended up in the adjacent river broken up in two parts. About 20 people were taken to two local hospitals.




    Local TV pictures clearly identify PK-MDE as the accident airplane.


    PK-MDE isn't known by any fleet databases as of current. Merpati Nusantara acquired a Boeing 737-300 MSN 24660 from United Airlines (former registration N385UA) in November 2009, the new tail number of this aircraft never became known, but most likely is PK-MDE.


    Wrongly painted on the a/c? How can this be?

  3. 787 Dreamliner completes wing-bending test


    By Noel McKeegan

    00:11 March 30, 2010



    Flex test - the 787 was subjected to loads 150 percent greater than it can expect to endure during service (Photo: Boeing)


    If you've ever felt a little queasy watching your plane's wings flex under the strain of being at 10,000 feet, rest assured that they can bend a lot further. Just how much pressure modern airliner wings can take is demonstrated by the latest 787 Dreamliner news from Boeing. During a recent "ultimate-load wing up-bending test," the 787 was subjected to loads 150 percent greater than it can expect to endure during service with the wings flexed upward by approximately 25 feet (7.6 meters) over a period of two hours.


    Boeing is positive about the initial results of the test although more extensive analysis is required over coming weeks.


    "We are looking forward to the technical team's report on the details of the test results," said Scott Fancher, vice president and general manager of the 787 program.


    "The test program has been more robust than any conducted on a Boeing commercial jetliner," said Fancher. "It has taken countless hours of hard work by the Boeing team and our partners to work through the static test program."



  4. A word of advise to the staff: at least write in proper Malay with some paragraphs usage, and no sms language (as sms-lingo is prohibited in the forum). It shows your professionalism level.


    [Nasihat bagi staff Silverfly: sekurang-kurangnya tulis/taip dalam bahasa Melayu yang betul sikit dengan penggunaan perenggan dan jangan guna bahasa sms yang dilarang digunakan dalam forum ni. Nampak tak cantik atas 'kertas' dan nampak malas. Ini dapat menggambarkan tahap profesionalisma staff Silverfly.]


    All the best Dienisz and Sya. Make your Silverfly Airlines proud.

  5. Dienisz,


    Welcome aboard Malaysianwings !!!

    Hope you'll love it here, and we appreciate your input...since this forum is also read and input is being made by other people outside Malaysia, may I ask you to use the English language please ?

    It certainly didn't clear the air to those who don't master Bahasa Malaysia...

    Pieter, it goes sumthin' like this:


    Hello everybody... I'm one of silverfly personnel. i would like to correct some confusions among you guys and thanks to on efo the member here that asked me to share information regarding silverfly. silverfly is fully owned by a pair of couple - Mr Hashim Othman and Mrs Ruby. Mr Hasim was borned in Penang or Kedah and mrs ruby is from kelantan. they have nothing to do with Perak's royal family nor Perakians but their intention is develop Perak state through airlines and god's willing, Perak airport will be upgraded soon..


    FYI, Silverfly no longer in partnership with Riau airlines. Silverfly made partnership with Speedjet Sdn Bhd by leasing and aircraft from Berjaya Air and god's willing we'll hav eone on our own soon. so far, we serve Subang-Ipoh, Ipoh-Medan, and new route, Kota Bharu and more in plan.


    On behalf of Silverfly, i would like to extend my apology to all Medan-bound pax on 14th Jan 2010 since the aircraft (sic) was cancelled at the final moment due to certain problem. I'm in no position to reveal what the problem was since it involves other parties and it's okay if the pax blamed Silverfly for that. After we secured our own a/c, we may have fixed a better schedule and probably many more route will be introduced for Ipoh residents and others to commute.


    SIlverfly would like to thank the Sultan of Perak, Malaysia and Perak govt, and people of Perak for their support. Our intention is to develop perak state and help the people by making Perak state as a Hub for our a/c, as Firefly is to Subang. I admit to one of the forumner saying that Silverfly wasn't being professional and this is becase all the staff here, as well as mr hasim and mrs ruby, have no experience in this field of business and we would like to learn from persisten mr Tony Fernandez who leads Air Asia. don't redicule Ipoh state (sic) and god's willing, one day Ipoh Airport will be upgraded to the same level as Airport in Penang and other places. Thank you for your concern..

    more or less.... :)


    And the second one goes sum' like this:


    Peace be upon you... my name's sya. forgive me if i entered the forum without any greetings.. i also have no experience in airline business and i ask for the good will of members of the forum to share your experience with me and allow me to use my mothertongue here since i'm not fluent in english..i would like to explain further about silverfly..actually this a/c is from subang since we chartered berjaya air's a/c..it is in the intention of the company to make ipoh as a hub but at this time we do not have our own a/c, if we do have, god's willing, we will fulfill the intention..i was moved to share the information with all of you because raf asked me to join the forum..i know that many forum members here have experience with airlines.. i have no experience whatsoever..Silverfly is also not an airlines since we only chartered a/c only and we are not operating our own aircraft..right? i dont know where does the word Airlines came from, while we never declared as airlines yet like air asia and firefly..if you have any opinion or comment, please share with me ok..regards..

    wah.... asked my self: too much free time is it? :p

  6. I couldn't help myself not to giggle... :)


    At the beginning of the thread, all replies are of speculations and accusations and what not...

    Then one reply from a staff of the airline clears the air... and almost all replies following after that are of encouragements and good wishes... :D


    Thus, Silverfly could at least learn a thing or two here. Speaking from a non-advertising/marketing educated mouth (me), make yourself known, advertise, media 'havoc' (in a good way), etc., before presenting yourself. Bagi salam sebelum masuk [greet before you enter]. Get people/media attention then you could get their money... :p


    To Silverfly, good luck and all the best!

  7. From CNN:


    FAA: Child in air traffic tower talking to pilots 'not acceptable'


    Washington (CNN) -- The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating after an air traffic controller at New York's John F. Kennedy Airport brought his young child to work and allowed the child to communicate with planes, a source with knowledge of the investigation told CNN.


    "Pending the outcome of our investigation, the employees involved in this incident are not controlling air traffic," the FAA said in a statement. "This behavior is not acceptable and does not demonstrate the kind of professionalism expected from all FAA employees."


    However, Dave Pascoe, owner of liveatc.net, a Web site where the recording of the air traffic communications is posted, told CNN he believes the incident is "ridiculous" and has been "blown out of proportion."


    In the recording, a child can be heard saying "Jet Blue 171, cleared for takeoff."


    A man is then heard telling the plane, "Here's what you get, guys, when the kids are out of school."

    The pilot chuckles and says, "Wish I could bring my kid to work." The same pilot later tells the child he did an "awesome job."


    During the recording, which is dated February 17, the child also speaks to an apparent Air Mexico flight.

    The source confirmed the incident to CNN. A second controller who was supposed to be in charge at the time "should be making sure that things like this don't happen," the source said.


    The controller who brought the child to work later reported that he had done so, the source said. The controllers involved have been assigned to other duties pending the outcome of the investigation.


    But Pascoe said, "Nobody in the aviation community felt like this was anything more than a noble thing, that a father would take his kid to work.


    "And when you listen to any of the recordings, the situation in the tower is very controlled. There is no hint ... that anyone was too busy or anyone was interrupting the planes. The kid cleared two airplanes. It was very controlled and I don't think safety was compromised, nor should anyone be disciplined for this," said Pascoe, who is also a pilot.


    The recording was from a network of receivers, he said, but couldn't reveal the source. The site, he said, exists for pilot education and sometimes other curious parties listen in. There was "absolutely no security threat" posed by the incident, he said.


    "I have every belief that they'd make sure there were additional eyes there," Pascoe said. "Only the best of the best work at JFK tower and they are the best at what they do."


    "It was one incident where a kid was up in the control tower," he said. "If you know anything about aviation, you know that the air traffic control towers are highly supervised. JFK is highly supervised. It's not just one controller controlling the runway. Supervisors are there and multiple people are there making sure by looking through binoculars and at radar ... a father was taking a child to work and let the kid clear planes for take off and now the world thinks it's an unsafe place."


    The National Air Traffic Controllers Association, the union representing controllers, said in a statement, "We do not condone this type of behavior in any way.


    "It is not indicative of the highest professional standards that controllers set for themselves and exceed each and every day in the advancement of aviation safety," association spokesman Doug Church said in the statement.

    But "this is a ridiculous story," Pascoe said. "... It was blown out of proportion. Considering how skittish the public is, maybe it shouldn't be done, but I think there should be a procedure to allow visitors in the control tower."


    Follow the link and you can hear the the pilots are OK with it.


    I'd go with one of the comments,

    "Maybe a poor call in judgement, but it's definitely getting overblown. A stern warning is all that's needed. It's not like the child was yelling out random commands."

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