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  1. And of anybody could recall about over a decade ago (before the 97 econ turmoil), they planned to build an international airport on a man-made island off Kedah coast a-la Kansai. Kedah with 2 international airports, 1 local, plus PEN in vicinity. Under 'Projek Mega' plan... Pfft! Complete crap!

  2. From avherald with updates


    Accident: Continental B735 at Denver on Dec 20th 2008, veered off departure runway and burst into flames

    By Simon Hradecky, created Sunday, Dec 21st 2008 06:18Z, last updated Monday, Dec 22nd 2008 00:12Z


    A Continental Airlines Boeing 737-500, registration N18611 performing flight CO-1404 from Denver,CO to Houston,TX (USA) with 110 passengers and 5 crew on board, veered off Denver's runway 34R around 2000 feet (approx. 600 meters) into the takeoff run at 6:18pm local (Dec 21st 01:18Z), went down a ravine north of the west fire station and burst into flames. All people got out of the airplane using slides on both sides of the airplane, 58 of the 115 people on board received injuries ranging from broken bones to bruises. Two passengers were reported to be in critical condition, but their status was upgraded to one serious and one fair during Sunday.


    The airplane received damages beyond repair, the gear ripped off, the right wing torn off and the fuselage broken. The airplane's right side caught fire, the fire extended into the interior of the fuselage and passenger cabin, overhead lockers melting onto the seats. Around 100 fire fighters were able to quickly contain and finally extinguish the fire despite a continuing fuel leak.


    The west runways (34L/R) were closed, while the east runways (35L/R) continued to operate. Flights in and out of Denver were delayed Saturday, airlines advised passengers to call ahead during Sunday to confirm the status of their flights. Runway 34L was reopened Sunday morning, while runway 34R remains closed until the NTSB has concluded their on site investigation and collection of evidence. The airport is confident, that there will be no delays.


    The NTSB have dispatched a go team of 15 investigators. In a press conference on Sunday (Dec 21st) the NTSB said, that both flight data and cockpit voice recorders have been recovered and sent to Washington. Runway 34R will remain closed until collection of evidence is finished. The airplane is expected to remain on its current location for a few more days.


    Airport Officials said, the airplane experienced 30 knots cross wind during its takeoff run.


    Continental Airlines revised the initial figure of 107 passengers and 5 crew to 110 passengers and 5 crew in an updated press release.


    Today (Dec 21st) the airport reported 58 people injured[/], two of them in critical condition, later changed the two critical to one severe and one fair condition. 5 people remain in hospital care. Most of the injuries occured during the evacuation over one slide on the left hand side, which did not reach down to the ground, but ended about 6 feet (2 meters) above ground. All fractures resulted from that fall.


    More pic and runway and course of airplane at avherald.




  3. What the heck? If the airline themself can't be bothered to keep it, what are the chances of us ever seeing it again? A big fat zero. I guess they don't want to remember the TR era?

    I definitely don't think MAS did not keep it. It's part if their property and not to mention history. It's just they don't want to easily give/release it to any Tom, Dick and Harry who request it due to copyright and to prevent from some geniuses who would do something with like selling and making money from the commercial.

    I understand when the friend from the MAS Academy said 'No' to DavidC's request. I believe that the person got a 'Sorry, can't.' from the library.

  4. ... Mohamad said the siting of the new terminal near Kampung Gadong Jaya in Labu would boost economic growth in the state....

    Cheh! boost the econ growth of the state or certain people's pocket?


    Whoa man... This is truly outrageous... Definitely and ruthlessly killing the already crawling KLIA. What a crap. And we trust these men to run our country?

    I really really hope this totally stupid plan get a total public whack out and condemnation. Don't they fight this in the Parliament?


    Erm.. Doc Naim, link appears to be broken la..

  5. ARGGHHH!!!!.... NO WAY!!.... Lavender! You are damn lucky Chaity :clapping:

    And that day (Sunday) Lion didn't even come summore.. Where did you spot for the CI? Terminal too?


    Bob, next time AY coming, I'll be there! ahaha.. geram. geram...

    And... when is the next (and next and next. wah so greedy :p ) Hajj flight coming, and leavin'?

  6. I'm gonna miss the AY charter this time.... out of town :(


    Well, spotting with Wilson and Chaity, here are some:


    Aseana Cargo old livery (HL7419)



    Air Hongkong (DHL) (B-LDD)



    Worth the wait... :yahoo: Not the Lavender but this was good enough... CI 738 (B-18609)



    FedEx (N589FE). Count the holes... :p



    See you again, Chaity...




  7. Lumpur Control: 123.75 ?

    Where did you get the enroute maps?


    Interesting. I would like to know too.



    OT: Always, during site visit at TM Gunung Jerai, I listen to Butterworth Approach through Parkair radio. The same at TM Bukit Beruang where I could listen to Lumpur Center/Approach(?).. Very interesting.. like a kid got a candy... :lol:

  8. Hmm.. from my job line, VHF line of sight calc is 4 (sqrt (height transmitter)) + 4 (sqrt (height receiver)) = distance (in meters). We normally use this formula to calculate... This depends on the transmitter shooting power as well as receiver sensitivity, antenna gain and terrain obstacles.


    However, wikipedia gave this: sqrt (17 (Am)) where Am is the height of antenna in meters... :unknw:

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