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  1. Corsairfly.com? any link with corsair? brand that sell RAM? :)

    Corsairfly was formerly known as Corsair, the French carrier.

    Corsairfly.com is Corsairfly, as in Fireflyz.com to our Firefly.

    Not related to the US computer memory manufacturer whatsoever... ;) . The RAM manufacturer is Corsair Memory.


    Probably Corsair Memory won the name of 'corsair.com' over Corsairfly... :unknw:


    BTW, 'sex' has left the town.

  2. "You see, since the probability of one bomb being on my plane is 1/1000, the chance that there are two bombs is 1/1000000. If I already bring one, the chance of another bomb being around is actually 1/1000000, and I am much safer..."[/i]

    I knew that I shouldn't submit a reply just like this but for this one, I can't help it:


    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


    My kidneys cramped already :lol:

  3. 4. any airport runway designed for 747 can easily handle a full load A380..believe it or not...for flexible pavement (the asphalt runway)...the A340-500/600 gives more damage to the runway than the A380 ...

    Whoa.. by the writing (propaganda?? :blink: ) of the reporter, as if other 747-capable airports in Malaysia are incapable of handling A380 but KLIA and KCH <_>

    This means that, PEN pun sudah boleh la, looooooooooong ago... [PEN is capable too].... and TGG, recently :p


    dont want to be too technical. but the landing gear is very crucial when it comes to the pavement analysis...so..it turn out that heavy load of the A380 is evenly spread by the massive landing gear compared to the A340-500/600

    So it's 'surface-area-to-weight-displacement/distribution' thingy la... IC.. IC..

  4. Can MAS 734 make it to TPE with a full payload though ? Because that seems like a stretch for 734 ... Leaving almost no room for extra fuel in case there's an emergency, unless the flight was heavily load restricted.

    I can confirm with 738.. CI is plying TPE-PEN with 738. But since Alan was a part of MH, maybe he could give the correct answer... :)


    Please elaborate,whats A330 getting cocooned?

    Just sit there, not using, probably. :unknw:

  5. Pertaining to the vertical stabilizer recovered:






    Waldock — who examined the photos and video of the stabilizer and rudder — said the damage he saw looks like a lateral fracture.


    "That would reinforce the idea that the plane broke up in flight," he said. "If it hits intact, everything shatters in tiny pieces."


    No signs of burn marks on the stabilizer offered scant clues: Any explosion or fire in the fuselage would likely not make its way back to the tail section, according to Waldock. Examining the fracture surfaces will also be key, Waldock said, since it will indicate from what direction the force came that snapped the piece.


    Investigators are also looking at the possibility that external speed monitors — called Pitot tubes — iced over and gave dangerously false readings to cockpit computers in a thunderstorm.


    Peter Goelz, a former managing director of the National Transportation Safety Board, said the faulty airspeed readings and the fact the vertical stabilizer was sheared from the jet could be related.

    The Airbus A330-200 has a "rudder limiter" which constricts how much the rudder — which is attached to the vertical stabilizer — can move at high speeds. If it were to move too far while traveling fast, it could shear off and take the vertical stabilizer with it.


    "If you had a wrong speed being fed to the computer by the Pitot tube, it might allow the rudder to over travel," Goelz said. "The limiter limits the travel of the rudder at high speeds and prevents it from being torn off."

    Asked if the rudder or stabilizer being sheared off could have brought the jet down, Goelz said: "Absolutely. You need a rudder. And you need the (rudder) limiter on there to make sure the rudder doesn't get torn off or cause havoc with the plane's aerodynamics."



  6. Lame excuse. MAB tried to fool Ali Rustam that all new airports or new runway extensions, comes with grazing field, with no single tree. Therefore, when suddenly there were trees obstructing, that's a super-huge problem already and take many more months to chop them down. Funny is, if the MB bought it, how about those trees in Lojing? Does the people there took many months to chop down 1 tree too?

  7. this blog so cool i read it on every single words said....


    the way he explain even a single tiny button make me put all my works on hold...


    i like this monday...haha!

    OT: On the contrary, this is my worst Monday of 2009.. :(


    Nice blog BTW...

  8. So where will they use the new aircraft?

    USM (Koh Samui) with 4724ft rwy length. Do they still fly to USM?


    edit: Yes they do..


    Probably with spanking new aircraft, Berjaya is thinking of network expansion. Could be Phuket... Could be Batam ( :rofl: ) ... Who knows...

  9. Darn, if I know a ramp boy can get up to 10K, I should not have been doing the job I am doing now and lose hair every second! LOL

    Heh... welcome to the club... :drinks:


    10k is exaggeration for sure :) the figure should be around 3-6 :good: :good:

    Average 3-6 for SPM so darn good compared to 2 with a degree or diploma...

    Some just got so lucky... natural selection? not of Darwin's though :rofl:

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